You Must Repent.
Evangelist from God

You must repent. You say, "Do I?" At last a man chosen by God not man. Make up your own mind and to help you read my story at..
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Hendrik a real Evangelist.
Jesus wants you to accept the invite.
Do not allow you to be tricked.

Welcome from I, Hendrik..

I have written a Novel available in Amazon Kindle or a paperback.
If you are in a church somewhere you will identify the concepts in your Bible. If you are a non-church person I guess you can treat this Armageddon Houston as a Science Fiction novel. If you wish the read immediately you can by using the Kindle. If you like it you can purchase a paperback for your family or friends.

Welcome to my E-Book "Armageddon Houston."

What a journey you will experience

Setting: Home Information.

"Armageddon Houston." was published November 2016 .

This page simple shows where Armageddon came from. The Novel Armageddon Houston is finished and has been edited for you to enjoy this novel.

Click image to look at my novel Armageddon Houston. newcover The completed novel is over 213 pages and can be purchased here in Amazon Kindle Books. Kindle $6.61. Paperback $6.99. You may be a Christian or not. Maybe in a church. Hey, megachurch. Revelation, Armageddon a novel for you to enjoy. The book for yourself or friends.

To be purchased here in Amazon Kindle Books. $6.61.
Click red text below to go into Amazon Kindle books. 213 pages.

Kindle. Armageddon, Houston, Aspiration. $6.61.

Click red text below to go into Amazon Paperback. 194 pages. Different cover to the Kindle also a new cover when you order, that can be seen before you confirm order.

Paperback. Armageddon, Houston, Aspiration. $6.99.

Aspiration church is a fiction story a few miles from Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas.

"Armageddon Houston." It will appear as an E-Book such as Kindle. See Kindle Books .

The Goal for "Armageddon Houston." is to be a good read and in the process for you to thirst for a closer walk with Jesus Christ. If you are not in the Kingdom of God come. Jesus invites you to come. Come!

My name is Hendrik de Jong and I live in Deepwater Australia. Houston America which is where the action is about 13000 kilometres away. I am the Writer and started the work on the novel, 2014

"Armageddon, Houston can be "Your Life" This novel came out of my personal walk with Jesus Christ a living God active in my life and your life. "Your Life" is "My Life." "My life" can be "Your Life," or it might be now.

Aspiration is a 50,000 seat Church and being the largest Church in America is the core of "Armageddon, church called Aspiration." Players are trying to take over Aspiration from Hope Israel who is Senior Pastor.

Each Player is a complete journey or life for that person. A favorite you can see their life. Hopes and disasters.

"Armageddon Houston, a megachurch." is based in the Bible. The Player's concepts and action find their home in the Bible. Revelation is at the bottom on the left here

Enjoy the journey and if you want to help me you can. I am an Evangelist chosen by God not Man

For people who are interested in knowing how the world is going to be destroyed in the future have a look here. Last book in the Christian Bible, Revelation. Revelation unscrambled
Click red text below to go into Amazon Kindle. 115 pages.

Kindle. Revelation Unscrambled. $5.18.

Setting. I started to demystify Revelation 2009 after cancer arrived and during my recovery after surgery I put up a manuscript Revelation You Can Understand, the link is above and seeing I am still alive 2017 I think I have untangled the entire book so you can see it on Amazon Kindle Books and you can read it in your kindle or paper back. There is a small price so that I can keep doing Jesus work. As you read below you will discover I have a wonderful walk with my wonderful saviour.

Revelation is unique because of the way the message was transmitted. God gave information to his son Jesus Christ and the reason he did this was so that you, me and others would know what is happening in the future. The angel then gave it to John who was on the Isle of Patmos and in the vision he witnessed, he was to write it down, which he did. So we have it.

This means, Revelation is the only book in the Bible that is from Jesus Christ. His message is in the 1st person. Not as other writers who wrote down about things, history, God's word a mixture. No! Revelation is one hundred percent words from Jesus directly to us and that is why Revelation deserves special attention. I have, and want to share with you what I have discovered.


This spot will be the last Video I have done. When I do another Video this one will be replaced and placed in the Menu Videos. If you want to make any comments as you know you can go into Youtube. Full manuscript for this video the button beside or under the video

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Archive information still relevant today 2016

You must repent is well known in the religious world, churches, denominations.
Repenting is simply listening to Jesus Christ, you think about what he says and then you either accept what he says or ignore, take no interest. Freedom in the Kingdom of God is such God has indicated you make the choice. You say yes, or no to Jesus that is your right.
Should you repent?
Can you repent?
I will repent later. Will you?
Jesus call to you. Will you repent as he asks?
Maybe I will repent. Will you?
Probably you say, I will never repent. Will you never?
I hope you do repent when Jesus asks you. If he asks will you?
The time accept the invite from Jesus is now. Do not put it off the opportunity to repent, the call may not come your way again
If you do not understand who Jesus is, you will be lost in your sins.
What then?
God will do what is right and he has said when you die and leave this world, earth you will give an account as to what you did while alive on the earth.

This Web Site is a door way to thousands of pages I have developed over a lot of years and as you go down this page you will see and overview in each section and you can decide to research more by clicking away.

Life is extremely clever because you can never imagine you will be gone.
Yet gone you will be and people will only know you.
Oh! He, Her are gone.
The reality is what God has always said. "When you die you will give an account to me.
That is the reality, when you leave this world you will not be gone. Listen! God's Traits. Change your own life.

Below are five small videos each only run for about 4 minutes
The first is the good news your soul is right with God. The next one the call to come to Jesus and the third how to come. Forth why God acts the way he does. Last why me Lord

Church, God, Jesus

Most Christians go to a church somewhere.
You may not but that does not matter. You relationship is with Jesus not the church
If you are in a church be a dynamo to do your work in the church and also build a close walk with Jesus Christ and his father God.

Learn more,Yes! click here

People, Hendrik, Others

I have had a personal Web Site for a lot of years
1000s of pages articles I have run across.
Interest is if you are interested it goes back a number of years these articles.
Enjoy the read

Click for Hendrik's site

Traits of God. Web Site

Traits of God was put up because of the sadness in the world.
So there are a number of articles and I add every week
So have a look.

Articles Traits God click here

Save the world

This Web Site has a few articles to think about
Are there lessons to be made in life?
It appears mistakes of the past are happening today.

Save world click here

Bible Revelation.

Revelation you can understand.
Read my manuscript.
The world in the end destroys itself
God is not the author of the world's destruction

Revelation click here

Novel "Your Life"

So there there is a novel called "Your Life"
Aspiration Church in Houston Texas
Membership 50,000 and a group trying to take over. I am the author.
Bible is the foundation etc.

Read "Your Life" click here

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How Great Our God. Video

This is a great song from Hillsong Castle Hill. How great is our God is a reality
He will look after you. Today, tomorrow and when you die he takes you home.

How Great is our God Click

Old and new here

There are some videos etc on other spots, but a few new videos etc here. I think

Old & new click

Resurrection what is it?

Resurrection has a lot of views, Denominations, Church and others what it is. I have my own voice so this video is 30 minutes
Have a listen and see what you think?

Resurrection is what? click

Predestination. What is it?

Dozens of books are written about Predestination so I have put my voice in place.
Predestination shows God's power. God knows what predestination is.Unfortunately we destroy what God really means about Predestination so I put it on youtube as well.

Predestination is what? click

Leaning on Jesus. Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson songs such as, How Great thou art, The old rugged cross, Are you washed in the blood. Leaning on the everlasting arms, Blessed Assurance, Standing on the promises.
Alan Jackson his songs are great so I put these few in place for you to hear.

Washed in the blood. click

Billy Graham. Just as I am

Billy Graham listen to him as well
When the roll is called, Just as I am
Great songs I like. I hope you do.

Just as I am. click

Hell, Hades.

Hell and Hades are real and I know most people rubbish the idea.
Exactly what Hell and Hades is no one knows only God. Metaphor you see the reality can be different.
Except make sure you do not go there what ever it is.

Hell, Hades. click

Why God acts as he does

This is the original page I put up why God acts the way he does
I wonder if you agree or not?

Why God Acts. click

Jason Crabb. Song Why me?

Jason Crabb. Why me song. You tube but a still photo.
It is a great song.

Jason Crabb. Why me?. click

Is God on your side

Jesus not on your side protesters told. Talking about Rowan Williams his comments who is the Archbishop of Canterbury. and he was referring to the protesters camped outside St Paul's Cathedral.
I am going to comment about each paragraph in the article. Paragraphs numbered 1-10 . Read the article first then look at my comments. Article to read. click below to see.

God on your side click


Statements to make: There is a God. That is a person that is in the Christian Bible. To know about God started with Judaism O/T. Old Testament then we have God's Son and we know about Him in the N/T. New Testament God chose his son and he is the Christ and the call from God is for very person on the world to listen to his son. So go to your Church and read your Christian Bible.

Statements click

A complaint

A Complaint, A Whinge, Making a point.
At 2pm I happen to be listening to a Professor who wrote a book Precarious Movement and it is an academic book for intellectuals or somebody wanted to be noticed for promotion.

A complaint click

Delusion, Evolution

Who is in charge, God, Chance, Mankind, People, No one.
This whole page about delusion is about the choice we have to listen to what God and his Bible the Word of God has to say verses Mankind knowledge, how the Universe came into being and Evolution.
I used Richard Dawson and Charles Darwin. There is no easy way out you can read about both paradigms and then you can decide what you are going to believe.

Delusion Evolution click

Delusion again

So we hear about:
Delusion of God. What delusion!
How about:
Delusion of Mankind through increased knowledge.
Delusion of Individual.
There is a lot on this page and I know most people skim so that is life.

Help here for your Bible study a few hints
Who is in charge, God, Chance, Mankind, People, No one.
This whole page about delusion is about the choice we have to listen to what God and his Bible the Word of God has to say

Delusion more click

Secular Religion

Who is in charge, God, Chance, Mankind, People, No one.

The Article further below is outstanding and covers a connection with Religion and Violence and the idea of separating the State from Religious activities have a read it needs no comments from me.

When you read think about what this page is saying all that matters in the world is you, not others, not they, not we, but you. When you die it is you who go. It is you and God

Secular Religion click

More Kingdom of God

This is the original site Kingdom of God
Religion is a discipline the same as Education, Health, Doctor, and has its own terminology, Religion, Faith, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit needs to be accepted as a discipline as well. Putting all terminology into a basket the World and the Religious..more.

More, more, Kingdom click

God is purely..more

Web Site God's Traits
This Web Site is for Christians. I think if you are not a Christian you may will find your Bible and what I talk about distorted because I am convinced that it is God,
Jesus and his Holy Spirit opens your eyes and open your ears, so it is help from above,
Heaven, so it does not matter how hard you try to see and understand without God, Jesus, Holy Spirit you will be in error.

God is purely..more click

Traits. God

Original site I put up.
This Web Site is for Christians. I think if you are not a Christian you may will find your Bible and what I talk about distorted
because I am convinced that it is God, Jesus and his Holy Spirit opens your eyes and open your ears,
so it is help from above,
Heaven, so it does not matter how hard you try to see and understand without God, Jesus, Holy Spirit you will be in error.

Original God Traits click

Blacksalve, re Cancer

Hendrik de jong. I decided to put up a page about Black Salve. Cancer Treatment without surgery etc and also to put my journey Bowel Cancer. 1999.

Without the General GP and then the Specialist who remove the Cancer Tumor I would have been dead many years ago.
Rehabilitation and what I do is this page about. I have tidied up my life in areas of food etc

Cancer. Black Salve click

Genesis Chapter 1

The Interesting point is that chapter 1 and 2, I believe the true message has been destroyed because of what Theologians are teaching.

Some people say the world is 10 thousand years old approx and people say other teaching and you can go onto Google and you can have a lot of information.

With my thinking I believe what the Scientists teach is correct and the the Universe is billions of years old and the Universes billions of years away is correct

Genesis ch 1 click


A note to introduce this page about "Is the World Close to Armageddon"
I have to say that after listening Asher's Video I put a page up but decided I need to make a few more comments here for the following reasons:
I am truly a Servant of the Living God. Jesus, the Holy Spirit has trained and disciplined me to do his work
If you go into my manuscript in the Introduction my journey with
Jesus Christ is there and it is there for you to decide whether I am a true servant of God or a False Prophet. That is God is speaking through me.

Armageddon click


A time for action

I wonder if you can understand what I have been saying? Maybe, maybe not. I hope you do.

The gallery has a message about repenting or not. You will do what ever you like. You can and have the right to ignore Jesus and his father. To be in the Kingdom of God you need to have God's Spirit. Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is like the wind you cannot see it but you know it lives in you the spirit of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit is working in your heart, mind and propells you to act.

It is real to the recipient, but others cannot know unless they repent are born again. Then you have your flesh and the spirit. Two personalities living in you.

God's Spirit is stronger then the flesh if you feed the Holy Spirit. Conversely if you feed the flesh then it will kill your spirit. To live in the flesh is death. To live in the spirit is life.

Do not make the wrong decisions in this area of your life.

When you die and go there is no second chance.
You have read about it.
You have heard it.
Now act on it.
Act on what!
What you have just read or heard.
Jesus's invite to you is come.

Being wise is the ability to make the right decisions

Bible, God's word . A reality is God, Jesus, Holy Spirit is alive

It is so easy to put things off. The time to act is right now. If you think what I am saying makes sense then reach out to Jesus.
If you hear, read and believe and you have come to Jesus you have eternal life you will never see death

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