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Your Life is what life is about

Religion, God, Secular, Killing, Violence

I feel I need to see if I can help you so that you are not making a mistake.

I have heard people say, “The Church” will look after me.

I have heard people say, “My Father” will look after me.

I have heard people say, “I have done my best”

I have heard people say, “Who cares” What happens, happens.

It is not a mistake to think about, each person is important.

To God it is also true God thinks about you as an individual. Your hopes, dreams, desires. 

There is a lot on this page and I know most people skim so that is life.

Help here for your Bible study a few hints

Who is in charge, God, Chance, Mankind, People, No one.
The Article further below  is outstanding and covers a connection with Religion and Violence and the idea of separating the State from Religious activities have a read it needs no comments from me.

When you read think about what this page is saying all that matters in the world is you, not others, not they, not we, but you. When you die it is you who go. It is you and God
As a servant of the living God I will discuss the situation concerning the living God, Jesus, Holy  Spirit, Bible Old and New Testament. Also it was Martin Luther (Born November 10 1483) who discovered a truth (By Faith not Works, the individual a personal Faith) that was lost by organized Religions such as the Roman Catholic Church. So I will show you where the Jewish History has a place where God himself before the Israelites went into exile to Babylon  (587 BC Approx)
organised so that each person was to present themselves before God. If they sin they will suffer the consequences and if they do that which is right they will be treated as right before God. Individualistic is what God expect not the group, Churches, Religions are not carrying the light about God. 7 billion plus people on the earth will give a personal account to the living God when they die.

So do not be conned by your Organization.
That is your Church,

So the Article shows the journey of the Religious organizations in history so it is labeled as Secular and Religion but really they are the same thing in different names where the Religious has tried to evoke the God I serve through history but they do not know the living God because God is all about  Traits such as Pure, Peaceable, Gentle, Kind, Mercy, Open to Reason, Goodness, Compassion, Cares about you, No uncertainty, No Insincerity,  Kindness and the list can go on.  So that is God and any other traits do not belong to God. The living God abhors killing. God wants people to turn from their actions and follow him. If people have been doing the wrong things they can come to God, have their actions forgiven and they have a fresh start. Note, the turning is not from the mouth, but where the heart turns from doing evil actions that is what God accepts, from you and me and others

Ezekiel chapter 18

  1. Before 587 BC Jewish leaders came to Ezekiel for insights from God,  and the Jews taught  a Father’s sin affected the children’s life. So when the Parent, father sinned the children teeth were on edge. God said know that Proverb will not be repeated because

  2. If a father sins he will give an account to God and if the son does not consent with the father’s action the son will not suffer.

  3. If a son sins and his father does not participate the father will not be held to account

  4. If a father sins and changes his way and does what is right the sin he did in the past will not be held account to him.  The same for the son.

  5. If a father does what is right and then he starts to do what is wrong his right action will not save him from the result of his sin the latter actions.

  6. God highlights this point by using three famous people in God’s Kingdom. Noah, Daniel and Job. Even if they were in your land their righteous will not save the people around them. The people will give an account themselves, the right or the wrong.

 So here is God himself 587 BC laid down the rules it is not the group, it is the individual which is how it is today.

How about another example in Ezekial.

So also we can look at the beginning Ezekiel chapter 3 (The entire Chapter 3 at bottom of page ) where Ezekiel was appointed as a watchman and his job was to say what God wanted said and one message was to tell people if they do the wrong thing they will die for their sin and if they give up the wrong they will not die for that error. A call to people.

Even now 2014 the Religious world is an organization claiming to be an agent to the living God and yet through Jesus Christ and the Gospel being preached from the Gentile nations we see that all countries, peoples, languages, cultures, organization are all one. But all organizations are busy perpetuated themselves to claim they are the one. Religious, Churches, Denominations, Organizations. Nations such as Israel. Jerusalem a special place on the earth are equal. If you like the world system is Babylon and the Harlot are all the organizations trying to capture minds of people on the earth. But unfortunately they are peddled a false hope.

Have a look at my   

All that matters in the World is for all Nations, Languages, People, Cultures,  Organizations, Secular or Religious to listen to God and recognize Jesus Christ, the Messiah chosen by God. Therefore we are to preach the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person on the planet so each person has the opportunity to accept the invite from Jesus or not. I think that is all that matters.

True religion before God does not cause conflict or war. Mankind their Religion and Secular cause war and is killing people in the millions and putting millions of people in misery which is extremely sad.


Therefore what you read about on this page I think is worth thinking about. All that really means is you, not me, others, they, it is you.

God has made it clear that no other person who can help you, is yourself.

Therefore, that means it is worthwhile for you to do a bit of research about the purpose of life.

Is your life nothing, you live and die?

Is your life an identity and you can make a difference?

To God you are important and he wants you to fulfill your destiny.

There is a fair bit to read below.

Have a good read




Religion, God, Secular, Killing, Violence

The myth of religious violence

The popular belief that religion is the cause of the world’s bloodiest conflicts is central to our modern conviction that faith and politics should never mix. But the messy history of their separation suggests it was never so simple

Bullet candles

Illustration by Sam Hofman and Kyle Bean


As we watch the fighters of the Islamic State (Isis) rampaging through the Middle East, tearing apart the modern nation-states of Syria and Iraq created by departing European colonialists, it may be difficult to believe we are living in the 21st century. The sight of throngs of terrified refugees and the savage and indiscriminate violence is all too reminiscent of barbarian tribes sweeping away the Roman empire, or the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan cutting a swath through China, Anatolia, Russia and eastern Europe, devastating entire cities and massacring their inhabitants. Only the wearily familiar pictures of bombs falling yet again on Middle Eastern cities and towns – this time dropped by the United States and a few Arab allies – and the gloomy predictions that this may become another Vietnam, remind us that this is indeed a very modern war.

The ferocious cruelty of these jihadist fighters, quoting the Qur’an as they behead their hapless victims, raises another distinctly modern concern: the connection between religion and violence. The atrocities of Isis would seem to prove that Sam Harris, one of the loudest voices of the “New Atheism”, was right to claim that “most Muslims are utterly deranged by their religious faith”, and to conclude that “religion itself produces a perverse solidarity that we must find some way to undercut”. Many will agree with Richard Dawkins, who wrote in The God Delusion that “only religious faith is a strong enough force to motivate such utter madness in otherwise sane and decent people”. Even those who find these statements too extreme may still believe, instinctively, that there is a violent essence inherent in religion, which inevitably radicalises any conflict – because once combatants are convinced that God is on their side, compromise becomes impossible and cruelty knows no bounds.

Despite the valiant attempts by Barack Obama and David Cameron to insist that the lawless violence of Isis has nothing to do with Islam, many will disagree. They may also feel exasperated. In the west, we learned from bitter experience that the fanatical bigotry which religion seems always to unleash can only be contained by the creation of a liberal state that separates politics and religion. Never again, we believed, would these intolerant passions be allowed to intrude on political life. But why, oh why, have Muslims found it impossible to arrive at this logical solution to their current problems? Why do they cling with perverse obstinacy to the obviously bad idea of theocracy? Why, in short, have they been unable to enter the modern world? The answer must surely lie in their primitive and atavistic religion

A rosary hangs from a Ukrainian soldier's machine gun near the eastern Ukrainian town of Pervomaysk.

A Ukrainian soldier near the eastern Ukrainian town of Pervomaysk. Photograph: Photograph: Gleb Garanich/Reuters

But perhaps we should ask, instead, how it came about that we in the west developed our view of religion as a purely private pursuit, essentially separate from all other human activities, and especially distinct from politics. After all, warfare and violence have always been a feature of political life, and yet we alone drew the conclusion that separating the church from the state was a prerequisite for peace. Secularism has become so natural to us that we assume it emerged organically, as a necessary condition of any society’s progress into modernity. Yet it was in fact a distinct creation, which arose as a result of a peculiar concatenation of historical circumstances; we may be mistaken to assume that it would evolve in the same fashion in every culture in every part of the world.

We now take the secular state so much for granted that it is hard for us to appreciate its novelty, since before the modern period, there were no “secular” institutions and no “secular” states in our sense of the word. Their creation required the development of an entirely different understanding of religion, one that was unique to the modern west. No other culture has had anything remotely like it, and before the 18th century, it would have been incomprehensible even to European Catholics. The words in other languages that we translate as “religion” invariably refer to something vaguer, larger and more inclusive. The Arabic word din signifies an entire way of life, and the Sanskrit dharma covers law, politics, and social institutions as well as piety. The Hebrew Bible has no abstract concept of “religion”; and the Talmudic rabbis would have found it impossible to define faith in a single word or formula, because the Talmud was expressly designed to bring the whole of human life into the ambit of the sacred. The Oxford Classical Dictionary firmly states: “No word in either Greek or Latin corresponds to the English ‘religion’ or ‘religious’.” In fact, the only tradition that satisfies the modern western criterion of religion as a purely private pursuit is Protestant Christianity, which, like our western view of “religion”, was also a creation of the early modern period.

Traditional spirituality did not urge people to retreat from political activity. The prophets of Israel had harsh words for those who assiduously observed the temple rituals but neglected the plight of the poor and oppressed. Jesus’s famous maxim to “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” was not a plea for the separation of religion and politics. Nearly all the uprisings against Rome in first-century Palestine were inspired by the conviction that the Land of Israel and its produce belonged to God, so that there was, therefore, precious little to “give back” to Caesar. When Jesus overturned the money-changers’ tables in the temple, he was not demanding a more spiritualised religion. For 500 years, the temple had been an instrument of imperial control and the tribute for Rome was stored there. Hence for Jesus it was a “den of thieves”. The bedrock message of the Qur’an is that it is wrong to build a private fortune but good to share your wealth in order to create a just, egalitarian and decent society. Gandhi would have agreed that these were matters of sacred import: “Those who say that religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means.”

The myth of religious violence

Before the modern period, religion was not a separate activity, hermetically sealed off from all others; rather, it permeated all human undertakings, including economics, state-building, politics and warfare. Before 1700, it would have been impossible for people to say where, for example, “politics” ended and “religion” began. The Crusades were certainly inspired by religious passion but they were also deeply political: Pope Urban II let the knights of Christendom loose on the Muslim world to extend the power of the church eastwards and create a papal monarchy that would control Christian Europe. The Spanish inquisition was a deeply flawed attempt to secure the internal order of Spain after a divisive civil war, at a time when the nation feared an imminent attack by the Ottoman empire. Similarly, the European wars of religion and the thirty years war were certainly exacerbated by the sectarian quarrels of Protestants and Catholics, but their violence reflected the birth pangs of the modern nation-state.

It was these European wars, in the 16th and 17th centuries, that helped create what has been called “the myth of religious violence”. It was said that Protestants and Catholics were so inflamed by the theological passions of the Reformation that they butchered one another in senseless battles that killed 35% of the population of central Europe. Yet while there is no doubt that the participants certainly experienced these wars as a life-and-death religious struggle, this was also a conflict between two sets of state-builders: the princes of Germany and the other kings of Europe were battling against the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, and his ambition to establish a trans-European hegemony modelled after the Ottoman empire.

If the wars of religion had been solely motivated by sectarian bigotry, we should not expect to have found Protestants and Catholics fighting on the same side, yet in fact they often did so. Thus Catholic France repeatedly fought the Catholic Habsburgs, who were regularly supported by some of the Protestant princes. In the French wars of religion (1562–98) and the thirty years war, combatants crossed confessional lines so often that it was impossible to talk about solidly “Catholic” or “Protestant” populations. These wars were neither “all about religion” nor “all about politics”. Nor was it a question of the state simply “using” religion for political ends. There was as yet no coherent way to divide religious causes from social causes. People were fighting for different visions of society, but they would not, and could not, have distinguished between religious and temporal factors in these conflicts. Until the 18th century, dissociating the two would have been like trying to take the gin out of a cocktail.

By the end of the thirty years war, Europeans had fought off the danger of imperial rule. Henceforth Europe would be divided into smaller states, each claiming sovereign power in its own territory, each supported by a professional army and governed by a prince who aspired to absolute rule – a recipe, perhaps, for chronic interstate warfare. New configurations of political power were beginning to force the church into a subordinate role, a process that involved a fundamental reallocation of authority and resources from the ecclesiastical establishment to the monarch. When the new word “secularisation” was coined in the late 16th century, it originally referred to “the transfer of goods from the possession of the church into that of the world”. This was a wholly new experiment. It was not a question of the west discovering a natural law; rather, secularisation was a contingent development. It took root in Europe in large part because it mirrored the new structures of power that were pushing the churches out of government.

A US army soldier shhots at Taliban fighters
A US army soldier shoots at Taliban fighters on the outskirts of Jellawar in the Arghandab Valley, Afghanistan. Photograph: Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images

These developments required a new understanding of religion. It was provided by Martin Luther, who was the first European to propose the separation of church and state. Medieval Catholicism had been an essentially communal faith; most people experienced the sacred by living in community. But for Luther, the Christian stood alone before his God, relying only upon his Bible. Luther’s acute sense of human sinfulness led him, in the early 16th century, to advocate the absolute states that would not become a political reality for another hundred years. For Luther, the state’s prime duty was to restrain its wicked subjects by force, “in the same way as a savage wild beast is bound with chains and ropes”. The sovereign, independent state reflected this vision of the independent and sovereign individual. Luther’s view of religion, as an essentially subjective and private quest over which the state had no jurisdiction, would be the foundation of the modern secular ideal.

But Luther’s response to the peasants’ war in Germany in 1525, during the early stages of the wars of religion, suggested that a secularised political theory would not necessarily be a force for peace or democracy. The peasants, who were resisting the centralising policies of the German princes – which deprived them of their traditional rights – were mercilessly slaughtered by the state. Luther believed that they had committed the cardinal sin of mixing religion and politics: suffering was their lot, and they should have turned the other cheek, and accepted the loss of their lives and property. “A worldly kingdom,” he insisted, “cannot exist without an inequality of persons, some being free, some imprisoned, some lords, some subjects.” So, Luther commanded the princes, “Let everyone who can, smite, slay and stab, secretly or openly, remembering that nothing can be more poisoned, hurtful, or devilish than a rebel.”

Dawn of the liberal state

By the late 17th century, philosophers had devised a more urbane version of the secular ideal. For John Locke it had become self-evident that “the church itself is a thing absolutely separate and distinct from the commonwealth. The boundaries on both sides are fixed and immovable.” The separation of religion and politics – “perfectly and infinitely different from each other” – was, for Locke, written into the very nature of things. But the liberal state was a radical innovation, just as revolutionary as the market economy that was developing in the west and would shortly transform the world. Because of the violent passions it aroused, Locke insisted that the segregation of “religion” from government was “above all things necessary” for the creation of a peaceful society.

Hence Locke was adamant that the liberal state could tolerate neither Catholics nor Muslims, condemning their confusion of politics and religion as dangerously perverse. Locke was a major advocate of the theory of natural human rights, originally pioneered by the Renaissance humanists and given definition in the first draft of the American Declaration of Independence as life, liberty and property. But secularisation emerged at a time when Europe was beginning to colonise the New World, and it would come to exert considerable influence on the way the west viewed those it had colonised – much as in our own time, the prevailing secular ideology perceives Muslim societies that seem incapable of separating faith from politics to be irredeemably flawed.

This introduced an inconsistency, since for the Renaissance humanists there could be no question of extending these natural rights to the indigenous inhabitants of the New World. Indeed, these peoples could justly be penalised for failing to conform to European norms. In the 16th century, Alberico Gentili, a professor of civil law at Oxford, argued that land that had not been exploited agriculturally, as it was in Europe, was “empty” and that “the seizure of [such] vacant places” should be “regarded as law of nature”. Locke agreed that the native peoples had no right to life, liberty or property. The “kings” of America, he decreed, had no legal right of ownership to their territory. He also endorsed a master’s “Absolute, arbitrary, despotical power” over a slave, which included “the power to kill him at any time”. The pioneers of secularism seemed to be falling into the same old habits as their religious predecessors. Secularism was designed to create a peaceful world order, but the church was so intricately involved in the economic, political and cultural structures of society that the secular order could only be established with a measure of violence. In North America, where there was no entrenched aristocratic government, the disestablishment of the various churches could be accomplished with relative ease. But in France, the church could be dismantled only by an outright assault; far from being experienced as a natural and essentially normative arrangement, the separation of religion and politics could be experienced as traumatic and terrifying.

During the French revolution, one of the first acts of the new national assembly on November 2, 1789, was to confiscate all church property to pay off the national debt: secularisation involved dispossession, humiliation and marginalisation. This segued into outright violence during the September massacres of 1792, when the mob fell upon the jails of Paris and slaughtered between two and three thousand prisoners, many of them priests. Early in 1794, four revolutionary armies were dispatched from Paris to quell an uprising in the Vendée against the anti-Catholic policies of the regime. Their instructions were to spare no one. At the end of the campaign, General François-Joseph Westermann reportedly wrote to his superiors: “The Vendée no longer exists. I have crushed children beneath the hooves of our horses, and massacred the women … The roads are littered with corpses.”

Ironically, no sooner had the revolutionaries rid themselves of one religion, than they invented another. Their new gods were liberty, nature and the French nation, which they worshipped in elaborate festivals choreographed by the artist Jacques Louis David. The same year that the goddess of reason was enthroned on the high altar of Notre Dame cathedral, the reign of terror plunged the new nation into an irrational bloodbath, in which some 17,000 men, women and children were executed by the state.

To die for one’s country

When Napoleon’s armies invaded Prussia in 1807, the philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte similarly urged his countrymen to lay down their lives for the Fatherland – a manifestation of the divine and the repository of the spiritual essence of the Volk. If we define the sacred as that for which we are prepared to die, what Benedict Anderson called the “imagined community” of the nation had come to replace God. It is now considered admirable to die for your country, but not for your religion.

As the nation-state came into its own in the 19th century along with the industrial revolution, its citizens had to be bound tightly together and mobilised for industry. Modern communications enabled governments to create and propagate a national ethos, and allowed states to intrude into the lives of their citizens more than had ever been possible. Even if they spoke a different language from their rulers, subjects now belonged to the “nation,” whether they liked it or not. John Stuart Mill regarded this forcible integration as progress; it was surely better for a Breton, “the half-savage remnant of past times”, to become a French citizen than “sulk on his own rocks”. But in the late 19th century, the British historian Lord Acton feared that the adulation of the national spirit that laid such emphasis on ethnicity, culture and language, would penalise those who did not fit the national norm: “According, therefore, to the degree of humanity and civilisation in that dominant body which claims all the rights of the community, the inferior races are exterminated or reduced to servitude, or put in a condition of dependence.”

The Enlightenment philosophers had tried to counter the intolerance and bigotry that they associated with “religion” by promoting the equality of all human beings, together with democracy, human rights, and intellectual and political liberty, modern secular versions of ideals which had been promoted in a religious idiom in the past. The structural injustice of the agrarian state, however, had made it impossible to implement these ideals fully. The nation-state made these noble aspirations practical necessities. More and more people had to be drawn into the productive process and needed at least a modicum of education. Eventually they would demand the right to participate in the decisions of government. It was found by trial and error that those nations that democratised forged ahead economically, while those that confined the benefits of modernity to an elite fell behind. Innovation was essential to progress, so people had to be allowed to think freely, unconstrained by the constraints of their class, guild or church. Governments needed to exploit all their human resources, so outsiders, such as Jews in Europe and Catholics in England and America, were brought into the mainstream.

A candlelight vigil in 2007 at the Arlington West Memorial in Santa Barbara, California, to honour American soldiers killed in the Iraq war.

A candlelight vigil in 2007 at the Arlington West Memorial in Santa Barbara, California, to honour American soldiers killed in the Iraq war. Photograph: Sipa Press/REX

Yet this toleration was only skin-deep, and as Lord Acton had predicted, an intolerance of ethnic and cultural minorities would become the achilles heel of the nation-state. Indeed, the ethnic minority would replace the heretic (who had usually been protesting against the social order) as the object of resentment in the new nation-state. Thomas Jefferson, one of the leading proponents of the Enlightenment in the United States, instructed his secretary of war in 1807 that Native Americans were “backward peoples” who must either be “exterminated” or driven “beyond our reach” to the other side of the Mississippi “with the beasts of the forest”. The following year, Napoleon issued the “infamous decrees”, ordering the Jews of France to take French names, privatise their faith, and ensure that at least one in three marriages per family was with a gentile. Increasingly, as national feeling became a supreme value, Jews would come to be seen as rootless and cosmopolitan. In the late 19th century, there was an explosion of antisemitism in Europe, which undoubtedly drew upon centuries of Christian prejudice, but gave it a scientific rationale, claiming that Jews did not fit the biological and genetic profile of the Volk, and should be eliminated from the body politic as modern medicine cut out a cancer.

When secularisation was implemented in the developing world, it was experienced as a profound disruption – just as it had originally been in Europe. Because it usually came with colonial rule, it was seen as a foreign import and rejected as profoundly unnatural. In almost every region of the world where secular governments have been established with a goal of separating religion and politics, a counter-cultural movement has developed in response, determined to bring religion back into public life. What we call “fundamentalism” has always existed in a symbiotic relationship with a secularisation that is experienced as cruel, violent and invasive. All too often an aggressive secularism has pushed religion into a violent riposte. Every fundamentalist movement that I have studied in Judaism, Christianity and Islam is rooted in a profound fear of annihilation, convinced that the liberal or secular establishment is determined to destroy their way of life. This has been tragically apparent in the Middle East.

Very often modernising rulers have embodied secularism at its very worst and have made it unpalatable to their subjects. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who founded the secular republic of Turkey in 1918, is often admired in the west as an enlightened Muslim leader, but for many in the Middle East he epitomised the cruelty of secular nationalism. He hated Islam, describing it as a “putrefied corpse”, and suppressed it in Turkey by outlawing the Sufi orders and seizing their properties, closing down the madrasas and appropriating their income. He also abolished the beloved institution of the caliphate, which had long been a dead-letter politically but which symbolised a link with the Prophet. For groups such as al-Qaida and Isis, reversing this decision has become a paramount goal.

Ataturk also continued the policy of ethnic cleansing that had been initiated by the last Ottoman sultans; in an attempt to control the rising commercial classes, they systematically deported the Armenian and Greek-speaking Christians, who comprised 90% of the bourgeoisie. The Young Turks, who seized power in 1909, espoused the antireligious positivism associated with August Comte and were also determined to create a purely Turkic state. During the first world war, approximately one million Armenians were slaughtered in the first genocide of the 20th century: men and youths were killed where they stood, while women, children and the elderly were driven into the desert where they were raped, shot, starved, poisoned, suffocated or burned to death. Clearly inspired by the new scientific racism, Mehmet Resid, known as the “execution governor”, regarded the Armenians as “dangerous microbes” in “the bosom of the Fatherland”. Ataturk completed this racial purge. For centuries Muslims and Christians had lived together on both sides of the Aegean; Ataturk partitioned the region, deporting Greek Christians living in what is now Turkey to Greece, while Turkish-speaking Muslims in Greece were sent the other way.

The fundamentalist reaction

Secularising rulers such as Ataturk often wanted their countries to look modern, that is, European. In Iran in 1928, Reza Shah Pahlavi issued the laws of uniformity of dress: his soldiers tore off women’s veils with bayonets and ripped them to pieces in the street. In 1935, the police were ordered to open fire on a crowd who had staged a peaceful demonstration against the dress laws in one of the holiest shrines of Iran, killing hundreds of unarmed civilians. Policies like this made veiling, which has no Qur’anic endorsement, an emblem of Islamic authenticity in many parts of the Muslim world.

Following the example of the French, Egyptian rulers secularised by disempowering and impoverishing the clergy. Modernisation had begun in the Ottoman period under the governor Muhammad Ali, who starved the Islamic clergy financially, taking away their tax-exempt status, confiscating the religiously endowed properties that were their principal source of income, and systematically robbing them of any shred of power. When the reforming army officer Jamal Abdul Nasser came to power in 1952, he changed tack and turned the clergy into state officials. For centuries, they had acted as a protective bulwark between the people and the systemic violence of the state. Now Egyptians came to despise them as government lackeys. This policy would ultimately backfire, because it deprived the general population of learned guidance that was aware of the complexity of the Islamic tradition. Self-appointed freelancers, whose knowledge of Islam was limited, would step into the breach, often to disastrous effect.

If some Muslims today fight shy of secularism, it is not because they have been brainwashed by their faith but because they have often experienced efforts at secularisation in a particularly virulent form. Many regard the west’s devotion to the separation of religion and politics as incompatible with admired western ideals such as democracy and freedom. In 1992, a military coup in Algeria ousted a president who had promised democratic reforms, and imprisoned the leaders of the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), which seemed certain to gain a majority in the forthcoming elections. Had the democratic process been thwarted in such an unconstitutional manner in Iran or Pakistan, there would have been worldwide outrage. But because an Islamic government had been blocked by the coup, there was jubilation in some quarters of the western press – as if this undemocratic action had instead made Algeria safe for democracy. In rather the same way, there was an almost audible sigh of relief in the west when the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted from power in Egypt last year. But there has been less attention to the violence of the secular military dictatorship that has replaced it, which has exceeded the abuses of the Mubarak regime.

After a bumpy beginning, secularism has undoubtedly been valuable to the west, but we would be wrong to regard it as a universal law. It emerged as a particular and unique feature of the historical process in Europe; it was an evolutionary adaptation to a very specific set of circumstances. In a different environment, modernity may well take other forms. Many secular thinkers now regard “religion” as inherently belligerent and intolerant, and an irrational, backward and violent “other” to the peaceable and humane liberal state – an attitude with an unfortunate echo of the colonialist view of indigenous peoples as hopelessly “primitive”, mired in their benighted religious beliefs. There are consequences to our failure to understand that our secularism, and its understanding of the role of religion, is exceptional. When secularisation has been applied by force, it has provoked a fundamentalist reaction – and history shows that fundamentalist movements which come under attack invariably grow even more extreme. The fruits of this error are on display across the Middle East: when we look with horror upon the travesty of Isis, we would be wise to acknowledge that its barbaric violence may be, at least in part, the offspring of policies guided by our disdain.

Karen Armstrong’s Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence is published today by Bodley Head. She will be appearing on 11 October at the London Lit Weekend at Kings Place

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Australia » Northern Territory Northern Territory A Anula Adelaide River Alawa Ali Curung Alice Springs Alyangula Angurugu Areyonga Archer B Bellamack Brinkin Bagot Borroloola Berry Springs Bakewell Barrow Creek Batchelor Berrimah C Coconut Grove Charles Darwin University Casuarina Coonawarra Coolalinga D Daly Waters Dundee Beach Driver Daly River Darwin E Elliott East Point F Finke Farrar Fannie Bay G Gray Galiwinku Gunn Goulburn Island Gove H Haasts Bluff Hermannsburg Humpty Doo Howard Springs J Jabiru Jingili K Kintore Katherine Karama L Larrakeyah Larrimah Ludmilla Lajamanu Lee Point Leanyer M Minjilang Malak Maranboy Maningrida Milingimbi Mataranka Mcminns Lagoon Millner Moil Moulden Mitchell Marlow Lagoon Marrara N Newcastle Waters Nguiu Ngukurr Nakara Nhulunbuy Nightcliff Noonamah O Oenpelli P Pinelands Pularumpi Pine Creek Pine Creek Palmerston Papunya Parap R Rosebery Rapid Creek Ramingining S Sanderson Stuart Park T The Gardens The Narrows Ti Tree Tiwi Tennant Creek V Virginia Victoria River Downs W Wagaman Woolner Wulagi Woodroffe Woodleigh Gardens Winnellie Wanguri Wadeye Y Yulara Yuendumu Yirrkala Yarrawonga NT 
Australia » Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory A Acton Ainslie Amaroo Aranda B Barton Bruce Braddon Bonython Belconnen Banks Black Mountain C City Curtin Cook Conder Civic Square Chisholm Chifley Charnwood Canberra Causeway Calwell Campbell Chapman Canberra Bc D Duntroon Dunlop Duffy Downer Deakin West Deakin Dickson E Evatt Erindale Centre F Fadden Fyshwick Fraser Forrest Flynn Florey Fisher Farrer G Ginninderra Village Gungahlin Griffith Greenway Gowrie Gordon Giralang Garran Gilmore H Hume Hughes Holt Holder Higgins Hawker Hall Hackett I Isaacs Isabella Plains J Jamison Centre Jervis Bay K Kippax Centre Kippax Kaleen Kambah Kingston L Lawson Latham Lyons Lyneham M Manuka Macarthur Mount Stromlo Macquarie Monash Mitchell Melba Mckellar Mawson Macgregor N Narrabundah Nicholls Ngunnawal O Oxley O'Malley O'Connor P Pearce Page Pialligo Palmerston Phillip Parkes R Rivett Red Hill Russell Richardson Reid Rivett S Symonston Scullin Spence Stirling Swinger Hill T Tuggeranong Dc Tharwa Torrens Tuggeranong Tharwa Theodore Turner U Uriarra University Of Canberra W Weston Creek Wanniassa Waramanga Watson Weston Woden Weetangera Y Yarralumla ACT
Tasmania A Arthur River Acton Park Avoca Allens Rivulet Alanvale Austins Ferry Acacia Hills Abbotsham Adventure Bay Abels Bay Akaroa Acacia Hills Alonnah Aberdeen Antill Ponds B Barnes Bay Bridgewater Beaconsfield Brighton Beauty Point Bagdad Barrington Blackwall Barretta Battery Point Beaumaris Binalong Bay Birchs Bay Boat Harbour Beach Bonnet Hill Boyer Bronte Park Bushy Park Bell Bay Bellerive Blue Rocks Breadalbane Blessington Bream Creek Bridgenorth Bridport Broadmarsh Burnie Bradys Lake Blumont Branxholm Brooklyn Bracknell Bothwell Berriedale Beulah Bicheno Birralee Black Hills Blackmans Bay Black River Blackwood Creek Boat Harbour C Christmas Hills Campbell Town Carlton Campania Cambridge Cuprona Cressy Caveside Cape Barren Island Cethana Carrick Cairns Bay Coningham Cooee Copping Calder Corinna Cornwall Cradoc Cranbrook Camena Currie Cygnet Cremorne Collinsvale Clifton Beach Coles Bay Conara Cradle Mountain Chudleigh Claremont Claude Road Castle Forbes Bay Chigwell Clarence Point Cleveland Clarendon Vale Connellys Marsh Colebrook Crabtree D Dover Dromedary Dunalley Dunorlan Dysart Don Dilston Devonport Derwent Bridge Dennes Point Deloraine Deddington Deviot Derby Doctors Rocks Dynnyrne Dulcot Dowsing Point Dodges Ferry Devon Hills Derwent Park Deep Bay Dairy Plains Douglas River Davis E Evandale Elderslie Exeter Electrona Exton Elizabeth Town Ellendale Elliott Emita Eugenana Erriba East Launceston Eaglehawk Neck Egg Lagoon Edith Creek Epping Forest F Falmouth Franklin Frankford Forth Forest Forcett Fentonbury Fitzgerald Flowery Gully Flowerdale Fern Tree Fingal Flowerpot Four Mile Creek G Gormanston Golden Valley Glenorchy Glenora Glenlusk Glen Huon Glengarry Glenfern Gordon Goodwood Goshen Gunns Plains Grove Gretna Greens Beach Gravelly Beach Grassy Granton Gowrie Park Goulds Country Glendevie Glaziers Bay Gladstone Grindelwald Glen Dhu Geilston Bay Gagebrook Great Bay Glebe Grasstree Hill George Town Geeveston Gawler Gardners Bay Garden Island Creek H Henrietta Harford Hermitage Herrick Highclere Highcroft Holwell Huonville Howth Hobart Hillwood Hamilton Hobart CBD Howrah Huntingfield Honeywood Howden Hastings Hawley Beach Heybridge Hadspen Hagley Hampshire Hillcrest Havenview I Invermay Irishtown Ilfraville Inveresk J Jetsonville Jericho Judbury K Kayena Killiecrankie Karanja Kaoota Kings Meadows Kingston Beach Kingston Kindred Kimberley Koonya Kettering Kempton Kelso Kellevie Karoola L Lower Longley Lachlan Lunawanna Lymington Lune River Lulworth Lonnavale Lillico Leslie Vale Lenah Valley Lake Leake Lackrana Lanena Lilydale Lutana Lucaston Low Head Lady Barron Loccota Little Swanport Lindisfarne Lileah Liffey Lewisham Levendale Lemont Leith Legerwood Legana Lefroy Lebrina Launceston Latrobe Lapoinya Lalla Loira Longford Longley Lower Barrington Lottah Lorinna Loorana Lauderdale M Marion Bay Mowbray Mountain River Montagu Bay Moorleah Maydena Mount Stuart Mayfield Merseylea Moorina Memana Midway Point Molesworth Montello Montrose Moriarty Mornington Mount Field Musselroe Bay Mount Hicks Mount Nelson Meunna Mount Rumney Miandetta Miena Moina Meander Middleton Mengha Melton Mowbray Melrose Mella Mayberry Mole Creek Moltema Murdunna Mount Seymour Myalla Mount Direction Moonah Moogara Montana Montagu Mawbanna Mathinna Mangalore Marrawah Margate Montumana Malbina Magra Moorina N Newnham Nile Nietta Nicholls Rivulet New Town New Norfolk Nabageena Neika Nabowla Nook Northdown Needles North Motton National Park Naracoopa Norwood Newstead Nunamara Notley Hills North Hobart Natone Nugent Nubeena O Orielton Opossum Bay Old Beach Oatlands Otago Oyster Cove Ouse Oaks Orford P Police Point Preservation Bay Pipers Brook Pioneer Petcheys Bay Punchbowl Pipers River Poatina Prospect Plenty Preston Primrose Sands Penna Perth Pontville Port Arthur Port Huon Port Sorell Powranna Premaydena Pyengana Penguin Paloona Paradise Parkham Patersonia Pawleena Pelham Prospect Vale Pelverata Q Quoiba Quamby Brook Queenstown R Redpa Risdon Royal George Robigana Rocky Cape Ranga Roger River Rose Bay Rocherlea Ringarooma Ridgeway Richmond Riana Rhyndaston Retreat Renison Bell Ranelagh Railton Rokeby Roland Rosegarland Ridgeway Ridgley Rosny Park Red Hills Risdon Vale Ridgeway Riverside Romaine Roches Beach Rosny Rosetta Randalls Bay Relbia Runnymede Rosevale Rosebery Raminea Rosevears Ravenswood Ross Rossarden Rowella S St Leonards Sorell Creek Savage River Seabrook Shearwater Summerhill South Hobart South Launceston St Marys Stormlea Sunnyside Southport Seven Mile Beach Stieglitz Staverton St Helens Spring Beach Spalford Swan Bay Swansea Snug Somerset Sorell South Arm South Riana Sprent Spreyton Springfield Stanley Stoodley Stowport Strahan Strathblane Sulphur Creek Surges Bay Smithton Sisters Creek Sidmouth Sandy Bay Sisters Beach South Burnie Strathgordon Simpsons Bay Scottsdale Saltwater River Sandfly Sandford Sheffield Seymour Selbourne Scamander Sassafras T Taroona Tarraleah Tayene Tea Tree Tewkesbury Thirlstane Tinderbox Tonganah Tranmere Tunnel Three Hummock Island Tyenna Turners Marsh Tunnack Tunbridge Tullah Triabunna Trenah Targa Trevallyn Taranna Tulendeena Turners Beach Tolmans Hill Togari Travellers Rest Toiberry Table Cape Takone Tomahawk U Upper Castra Underwood Ulverstone Upper Natone Upper Esk University Of Tasmania Upper Woodstock V Verona Sands W Woodstock Waterloo Winkleigh West Devonport Wilmot Whitemore Whitemark White Hills Whitefoord Winnaleah Western Creek Wyena Wynyard Westwood Windermere Woodsdale Woodbury Woodbridge Wivenhoe Waverley Weymouth Warrane Waratah West Launceston Wayatinah Waterhouse West Hobart West Pine Woolnorth Wattle Grove Wattle Hill Weegena Weetah Weldborough Wesley Vale Westbury Western Junction West Kentish Westerway Y York Plains Yolla Yambacoona Youngtown Z Zeehan tasmania
Australia » South Australia South Australia A Avon Australia Plains Auburn Ashville Ashton Ashbourne Arthurton Arno Bay Ardrossan Appila Angle Vale Angas Valley Angaston Angas Plains American River Allendale North Alford Aldinga Aldgate Agery Adelaide Allendale East Alawoona Andamooka Athelstone Aberfoyle Park Adelaide Airport Adelaide Bc Albert Park Aldinga Beach Allenby Gardens Andrews Farm Angle Park Ascot Park Athol Park Auldana Avenue Range Ashford Alberton Adelaide University B Butler Bute Burra Bull Creek Buckleboo Bruce Brownlow Brooker Brinkworth Brinkley Brighton Bridgewater Brentwood Bradbury Bowmans Bower Booleroo Centre Bookabie Booborowie Bonython Bolivar Blyth Blinman Bletchley Blakiston Blackwood Black Springs Black Rock Black Hill Birkenhead Biggs Flat Bethany Belvidere Beltana Belair Bedford Park Beaumont Basket Range Barossa Baroota Barabba Bangor Balhannah Balgowan Bald Hills Balaklava Bakara Borrika Bordertown Bool Lagoon Blackford Binnum Berri Beachport Barmera Blanchetown Blair Athol Banksia Park Bellevue Heights Beulah Park Beverley Black Forest Blakeview Bowden Brahma Lodge Broadview Brompton Brooklyn Park Brukunga Buchfelde Buckland Park Bugle Ranges Burton Birdwood Burnside Burnside Bowhill Brown Hill Creek C Cygnet River Currency Creek Curramulka Cunliffe Cungena Cummins Cudlee Creek Crystal Brook Cromer Craigburn Farm Crafers Cradock Cowirra Cowell Coulta Cortlinye Coromandel Valley Corny Point Copley Copeville Cootra Coorabie Coonalpyn Coomunga Coomandook Cook Coobowie Coober Pedy Concordia Colton Collinsville Cockatoo Valley Clinton Centre Cleve Clements Gap Clarendon Clare Cherryville Cherry Gardens Cheltenham Charra Charleston Chandada Chain of Ponds Ceduna Carrieton Carey Gully Caralue Canowie Belt Campbelltown Cambrai Caltowie Caloote Callington Calca Cadell Clapham Coonawarra Conmurra Compton Cockburn Caroline Cannawigara Caliph Camden Park Carpenter Rocks Carrickalinga Castambul Chandlers Hill Christie Downs Christies Beach Clarence Gardens Clarence Park Clearview Clovelly Park Cobdogla Coffin Bay College Park Collinswood Colonel Light Gardens Cooke Plains Cooltong Coromandel East Cowandilla Craigmore Cumberland Park Cavan Culburra Croydon Clinton Clayton D Dutton Dublin Dowlingville Dingabledinga Denial Bay Delamere Dawson Dawesley Daveyston Darke Peak Davoren Park Daw Park Dernancourt Devon Park Direk Donovans Dover Gardens Dry Creek Dudley Park Dulwich Darlington E Eudunda Encounter Bay Emu Downs Emu Bay Elliston Elizabeth Edithburgh Edillilie Eden Valley Echunga Enfield Eden Hills Edinburgh Elizabeth Downs Elizabeth East Elizabeth Grove Elizabeth North Elizabeth Park Elizabeth South Elizabeth Vale Elizabeth West Enfield Plaza Erindale Ethelton Evandale Evanston Everard Park Export Park Edwardstown Eagle On The Hill Exeter Eastwood Ernabella East Moonta F Freeling Fowlers Bay Forest Range Fords Flaxley Finniss Findon Furner Frances Fairview Park Farrell Flat Felixstow Ferryden Park Firle Fitzroy Flagstaff Hill Flinders Park Frewville Fulham Fulham Gardens Fullarton Flinders University Forestville Fregon G Gumeracha Greenock Grange Goolwa Gomersal Glenelg Gladstone Gilles Plains Gepps Cross Georgetown Gawler River Gawler Galga Glenroy Glencoe West Glencoe Glenburnie Geranium Gawler Belt Gillman Glandore Glanville Glen Osmond Glenalta Glenelg South Glengowrie Glenside Glenunga Globe Derby Park Glossop Glynde Golden Grove Village Goodwood Green Fields Greenacres Greenhill Greenways Greenwith Gulfview Heights Gulnare Golden Grove Gilberton Glencoe H Hoyleton Houghton Hornsdale Hope Valley Hope Forest Honiton Hindmarsh Valley Heathfield Hawker Haslam Hartley Harrogate Happy Valley Hampden Hammond Hamley Bridge Hamilton Hallett Halbury Hahndorf Hackham Hynam Hatherleigh Halidon Hackney Halifax Street Hallett Cove Hampstead Gardens Hawthorn Hawthorndene Hayborough Hazelwood Park Heathpool Hectorville Henley Beach Henley Beach South Hewett Highbury Highgate Hillbank Hillier Hilltown Hilton Holden Hill Hove Huntfield Heights Hutt Street Hendon Hillcrest Hyde Park I Iron Knob Iron Baron Ironbank Inman Valley Inkster Inglewood Ingle Farm Innamincka J Jervois Jamestown Jabuk Joslin Jerusalem K Kyeema Kyancutta Kulpara Kuitpo Colony Kuitpo Korunye Koppio Koonunga Koonibba Koongawa Koolywurtie Koolunga Kongolia Kingston Park Kingscote Kingoonya Kimba Ki Ki Kielpa Keyneton Keswick Kersbrook Karoonda Karkoo Kapunda Kapinnie Kanmantoo Kangaroo Flat Kangarilla Kybybolite Kulkami Kongorong Kongal Kingston Keppoch Keith Keilira Kalangadoo Klemzig Kalbeeba Kensington Gardens Kensington Park Kent Town Kidman Park Kilburn Kilburn North Kilkenny Kingston S.E. Kudla Kurralta Park Kadina Kensington Kings Park Kingswood Kingsford L Lyndoch Lyndhurst Lower Light Louth Bay Longwood Long Plains Lock Lochiel Lobethal Littlehampton Lipson Linwood Lewiston Lenswood Leighton Leigh Creek Laura Largs Bay Langhorne Creek Lake Plains Lyrup Lucindale Loxton Lowbank Loveday Lochaber Lameroo Largs North Leabrook Linden Park Lockleys Lonsdale Lower Hermitage Lower Mitcham Loxton North Lynton Lake View M Myponga Mypolonga Mylor Muston Murray Town Murray Bridge Murbko Mundoora Mudamuckla Mount Torrens Mount Pleasant Mount McKenzie Mount Mary Mount Lofty Mount Hope Mount Drummond Mount Damper Mount Crawford Mount Cooper Mount Compass Mount Benson Mount Barker Junction Mount Barker Mortana Morphett Vale Morgan Morchard Moorlands Moonta Montarra Montacute Monarto South Monarto Modbury Moculta Moana Mitcham Mintaro Minnipa Minlaton Minbrie Miltalie Milang Middleton Merriton Meningie Melrose Meadows McLaren Vale McLaren Flat McHarg Creek Marree Marrabel Marion Bay Marion Marino Marananga Manoora Mannum Mannanarie Mangalo Mambray Creek Mallala Maitland Macclesfield Mundulla Mount Schank Mount McIntyre Mount Gambier Mount Burr Moorook Monash Mingary Mindarie Millicent Mil Lel Meribah Marama Mantung Manna Hill Medindie Macdonald Park Magill Magill North Malvern Manningham Mansfield Park Marden Marla Marleston Marryatville Maslin Beach Mawson Lakes Maylands Mccracken Mile End Millswood Mintabie Mitchell Park Modbury North Moonta Bay Moorak Morphettville Mount Bryan Mount Gambier West Mount Osmond Munno Para Myrtle Bank Melrose Park Mount Gambier East Mitcham Shopping Centre Moonta Mines Matta Flat Mount George Middle Beach N Nuriootpa Nunjikompita Notts Well Norton Summit North Shields Northfield Normanville Noarlunga Nildottie Ngapala New Well Netherton Nelshaby Narrung Narridy Napperby Nantawarra Nangkita Nairne Nackara New Residence Naracoorte Nailsworth Nain Nangwarry Netherby Netley Noarlunga Centre Noarlunga Downs North Adelaide North Plympton Norwood Norwood South Novar Gardens Newton North Haven North Moonta Northgate New Town North Adelaide Melbourne St O Owen Orroroo Oodnadatta Oodla Wirra One Tree Hill O'Halloran Hill Oakbank Overland Corner Olary Oakden Oaklands Park Old Noarlunga Olympic Dam Onkaparinga Hills Osborne O'Sullivan Beach Ottoway Outer Harbor Ovingham P Pygery Purnong Landing Punthari Prospect Hill Prospect Price Port Willunga Port Wakefield Port Vincent Port Victoria Port Rickaby Port Pirie Port Noarlunga Port Neill Port Lincoln Port Kenny Port Hughes Port Germein Port Elliot Port Clinton Port Broughton Port Augusta West Port Augusta Port Adelaide Poonindie Poochera Ponde Pompoota Point Turton Point Pass Point McLeay Plympton Pinery Pine Point Pimba Piccadilly Peterborough Penong Penneshaw Penfield Pekina Peake Paskeville Paris Creek Paratoo Paracombe Parachilna Palmer Pallamana Parham Pyap Port MacDonnell Pinnaroo Penola Peebinga Pata Paruna Parrakie Parilla Paradise Padthaway Panorama Para Hills Para Vista Parafield Parafield Gardens Paralowie Paringa Park Holme Parndana Pasadena Payneham Pennington Peterhead Pinkerton Plains Plympton Park Point Pearce Pooraka Prospect East Parkside Port Gawler Port Pirie South Port Pirie West Port Augusta North Port Flinders Q Quorn Qualco Queenstown R Rudall Rowland Flat Roseworthy Rosedale Rockleigh Rochester Robertstown Robe Riverton Rhynie Reynella Reeves Plains Redhill Rapid Bay Ramco Renmark West Renmark North Renmark Rendelsham Reedy Creek Raukkan Redwood Park Regency Park Renmark South Renown Park Ridgehaven Ridleyton Risdon Park Rose Park Rosewater Rosewater East Rosslyn Park Rostrevor Roxby Downs Royal Park Royston Park Rundle Mall Richmond Risdon Park South S Swan Reach Swanport Sutherlands Summertown Sturt Streaky Bay Strathalbyn Stockyard Creek Stockwell Stockport Stirling Stenhouse Bay Stansbury Springton Spalding Solomontown Snowtown Smoky Bay Smithfield Sherlock Sheringa Shea Oak Log Semaphore Sellicks Hill Sedan Second Valley Seaton Seaford Sceale Bay Sandilands Sanderston Sandergrove Salt Creek Salisbury Saddleworth Seacliff Struan Sandalwood Salisbury Downs Salisbury Heights Salisbury Park Salisbury Plain Salisbury South Sandy Creek Scott Creek Seacliff Park Seacombe Gardens Seacombe Heights Seaford Heights Seaview Downs Sefton Park Sellicks Beach Seppeltsfield Sheidow Park Skye Smithfield Plains Somerton Park South Brighton South Plympton Southend St Agnes St Georges St Morris Station Arcade Stepney Stirling North Stonyfell Surrey Downs Salisbury East Salisbury North St Peters Sandy Creek Seaford Meadows South Kilkerran Stone Well St Marys St Kilda Springfield T Two Wells Tungkillo Tumby Bay Truro Towitta Tothill Creek Tooperang Tooligie Tickera The Range The Point Thebarton Terowie Tepko Templers Telowie Taylorville Tarnma Tarlee Tarcowie Tarcoola Tanunda Talia Tailem Bend Tintinara Tarpeena Taplan Tantanoola Taldra Taperoo Tea Tree Gully Teringie The Levels Thevenard Thorngate Toorak Gardens Torrens Park Torrensville Torrensville Plaza Tranmere Tranmere North Trinity Gardens Trott Park Tusmore Tennyson U Urania Uraidla Upper Sturt Unley Ungarra Undalya Uleybury Underdale Upper Hermitage Urrbrae V Virginia Vine Vale Verdun Venus Bay Veitch Vale Park Valley View Victor Harbor Vista W Wynarka Wudinna Worlds End Creek Woomera Wool Bay Woodville Woodside Woodchester Wongulla Wokurna Wistow Wisanger Wirrulla Wirrabara Winulta Windsor Wilmington Willyaroo Willunga Willowie Williamstown Willaston Wild Horse Plains Whyalla Whitwarta Wharminda Wepowie Wellington East Wellington Welland Weetulta Wayville Wauraltee Waterloo Corner Waterloo Wasleys Warramboo Warrachie Warooka Warburto Wanilla Wangary Wandearah East Waltowa Wall Flat Wallaroo Mines Wallaroo Walker Flat Waitpinga Waikerie Waddikee Wunkar Worrolong Wolseley Wirrega Winkie Wilkawatt Wepar Wandilo Wanbi Walkerville Walkley Heights Warradale Warradale North Waterfall Gully Watervale Wattle Park West Beach West Croydon West Lakes West Lakes Shore West Richmond Westbourne Park Whyalla Jenkins Whyalla Norrie Whyalla Playford Whyalla Stuart Windsor Gardens Wingfield Woodforde Woodville Gardens Woodville North Woodville Park Woodville South Wynn Vale Woodcroft Whyte Yarcowie West Hindmarsh Y Yunta Yundi Yumali Yorketown Yeelanna Yatina Yantanabie Yankalilla Yaninee Yalpara Yallunda Flat Yinkanie Yacka Yahl Yalata Yatala Vale Yongala Yelta sa
Western Australia A Australind Augusta Arthur River Arrino Armadale Ardath Allanson Aldersyde Albany Ajana Attadale Abbey Albany Dc Alexander Heights Alexandra Bridge Alfred Cove Ambergate Amelup Anketell Anniebrook Applecross Ardross Atwell Argyle Argyle Abba River Aubin Grove Ashby Alkimos Adamsvale Ascot Ashfield Allanooka Acton Park Applecross North B Byford Busselton Burracoppin Burekup Burakin Buntine Bunbury Bulyee Bullsbrook Bullfinch Bullaring Buckingham Bruce Rock Broomehill Broome Brookton Bringo Bridgetown Boyup Brook Boyanup Boya Bowgada Bowes Boundain Boulder Boscabel Bornholm Borden Bootenal Boorara Boodarockin Bonnie Rock Bolgart Bokal Boddington Bodallin Binnu Bindi Bindi Bickley Beverley Bentley Benger Bencubbin Bellevue Bejoording Beermullah Beenong Beechina Bedfordale Beacon Bassendean Barberton Bally Bally Ballidu Balkuling Balingup Balbarrup Bakers Hill Badgebup Babakin Baandee Binningup Bicton Burswood Badgin Badgingarra Balcatta Baldivis Balga Balladonia Ballajura Banjup Banksia Grove Barragup Baskerville Bassendean Dc Bateman Bayonet Head Beachlands Beaufort River Beckenham Bedford Beechboro Beeliar Beldon Belhus Bentley Dc Beresford Bertram Bibra Lake Bibra Lake Dc Big Grove Bilbarin Bindoon Bluff Point Bonniefield Bookara Boolading Booragoon Booralaming Boothendarra Bouvard Bovell Bow Bridge Bremer Bay Brigadoon Brookhampton Burns Beach Butler Brookdale Bunbury Brentwood Bull Creek Broadway Nedlands Broadwater Birchmont Bulgarra Brockman Broadwood Boallia Boraning Broomehill West Badgerin Rock Bayswater Bannister Burrup Broomehill Village Binduli Bilingurr Boodarie Boonanarring Belmont Baynton Bobalong Beaconsfield Brunswick Burnside Blythewood Buller Boxwood Hill Brown Range Buckland Bungulla Bindoon Training Area Bandy Creek C Chidlow Cuthbert Cunderdin Culham Cue Cuballing Crossman Cowaramup Cottesloe Cossack Corrigin Cordering Coorow Coomberdale Coolup Cookernup Coogee Collie Burn Collie Collanilling Cleary Clackline Chowerup Chittering Cherry Tree Pool Caversham Cartmeticup Carrolup Carrabin Carnarvon Carnamah Carmel Cardup Capel Cannington Canna Cancanning Calingiri Cadoux Claremont Cervantes Como Clarkson Currambine Cable Beach Caiguna Calista Canning Bridge Applecross Canning Vale Canning Vale Dc Canning Vale South Cape Burney Carabooda Carbunup River Carey Park Carine Carlisle Cascade Castletown Cataby Chadwick Champion Lakes Christmas Island Churchlands City Beach Claremont North Cloisters Square Cloverdale Cocklebiddy College Grove Collingwood Heights Condingup Connolly Coodanup Coolbellup Coolbinia Cooloongup Coomalbidgup Coral Bay Cowalla Crawley Cullacabardee Coolgardie Centennial Park Carramar Craigie Chapman Hill Cramphorne Crooked Brook Charley Creek Cheynes Coblinine Codjatotine Canning Mills Coolcalalaya Casuarina Collingwood Park Crowea Capel River Coonabidgee Cowalellup Cubbine Cundinup Coyrecup Cambridge Gulf D Denham Dwellingup Dwarda Duranillin Dumbleyung Dukin Dudinin Dryandra Dowerin Doodlakine Donnybrook Dongolocking Dongara Dinninup Derby Denmark Deanmill Datatine Darlington Darkan Dardanup Dardadine Dangin Dandaragan Dampier Dalwallinu Daadenning Creek Dalkeith Drummond Cove Daglish Dalyellup Dalyup Darch Darling Downs Dawesville Deepdale Denbarker Dianella Dog Swamp Doubleview Dulyalbin Duncraig Davenport Deepdene Dixvale Djugun Dale Donnelly River Deepdene Dardanup West Dampier Peninsula Dingup Daliak Drome De Grey Dampier Archipelago Dumberning Dumbarton Dudley Park Dartmoor E Eucla Esperance Elleker East Wickepin Eastbrook Eaton East Fremantle Exmouth Emu Point Eagle Bay East Bunbury East Perth East Rockingham East Victoria Park Eden Hill Edgewater Elgin Ellenbrook Embleton Eneabba Eradu Erskine East Lyons River East Carnarvon East Nannup East Pingelly East Chapman East Newdegate Eighty Mile Beach Exmouth Gulf Ellenbrook East East Murchison F Fremantle Frankland Fitzroy Crossing Falcon Ferguson Fitzgerald Floreat Forrestdale Forrestfield Frenchman Bay Furnissdale Forest Grove Fremantle Ferndale Forest Grove Forrest Beach G Gwambygine Gutha Guildford Greenough Greenmount Greenhills Greenbushes Grass Valley Grass Patch Gosnells Gorge Rock Gooseberry Hill Goomarin Goomalling Goldsworthy Gnowangerup Glenlynn Gingin Gillingarra Gibson Ghooli Geraldton Gascoyne Junction Gabbin Gabalong Guilderton Green Head Glen Iris Gairdner Gelorup Geographe Gidgegannup Girrawheen Gledhow Glen Forrest Glendalough Gnangara Gnowellen Golden Bay Goodlands Gracetown Green Range Greenfields Greenwood Gwelup Gwindinup Glenfield Garden Island Gnarabup Ginginup Gregory Grey Gap Ridge Gascoyne River Georgina Glenoran Goode Beach Gabbadah Greys Plain Gingerah Glencoe Granville Green Valley H Hyden Howatharra Hovea Hopetoun Holt Rock Holleton Hines Hill Highbury Hester Herne Hill Harvey Harrismith Hamersley Hamel Halls Creek Horrocks Hillarys Heathridge Hacketts Gully Halls Head Hamelin Pool Hammond Park Hannans Hazelmere Helena Valley Henderson Henley Brook Herdsman Herron High Wycombe Hillman Hithergreen Hocking Hopeland Howick Hamilton Hill Hilton Huntingdale Hoddys Well Home Island Cocos (Keeling) Islands Highgate Hazelvale Hope Valley Hindmarsh Henty Hastings Hulongine I Isseka Irwin Iluka Innaloo Inglewood Indee Ikewa Irishtown J Jitarning Jingalup Jennapullin Jennacubbine Jarrahwood Jarrahdale Jardee Jaloran Jacup Joondalup Jandabup Jandakot Jane Brook Jelcobine Jerdacuttup Jerramungup Jibberding Jindong Joondalup Dc Joondanna Jurien Bay Jolimont Julimar Jalbarragup Jackitup Jindalee K Kwinana Kweda Kurrenkutten Kununurra Kumarina Kulja Kulin Kulikup Kukerin Kuender Kudardup Kronkup Korrelocking Korbel Koorda Koomberkine Koolanooka Kookynie Koojan Konnongorring Kondut Kondinin Kojonup Kojarena Kirup King River Keysbrook Kenwick Kentdale Kendenup Kelmscott Kellerberrin Kebaringup Katanning Karridale Karranadgin Karragullen Karnup Karlgarin Kambalda Kalgoorlie Kalgan Kalbarri Kalannie Karratha Kinross Kalamunda Kallaroo Kaloorup Karawara Kardinya Karloning Karrakatta Karrinyup Kewdale Kiara Kingsley Kingsway Koondoola Koongamia Kulin West Kununoppin Kwinana Beach Karloo Kwinana Town Centre Karratha Industrial Estate Kadathinni Kalumburu Kalgup Kauring Karijini Kordabup Kojaneerup South Kensington Kings Park Kingsford Kokeby Karakin Karlkurla Karroun Hill Katrine Kingston Karrakup L Lumeah Ludlow Lower Chittering Lowden Leonora Lawlers Laverton Latham Lake King Lake Grace Lake Camm Lake Biddy Lancelin Leeman Learmonth Lower King Lake Clifton Lake Toolbrunup Lamington Landsdale Lange Langford Lathlain Leda Ledge Point Leederville Leeming Leinster Leschenault Lesmurdie Lexia Little Grove Lockridge Lol Gray Lynwood Lockyer Lowlands Lakelands Leeuwin Lake Argyle Lyalls Mill Lagrange Little Italy Lake Hinds Lake Deborah M Maida Vale Muradup Muntadgin Mundijong Mundaring Mullewa Mullalyup Mukinbudin Muchea Mount Magnet Mount Madden Mount Helena Mount Barker Moulyinning Mosman Park Morawa Moorine Rock Moora Moonyoonooka Moonies Hill Mooliabeenee Monkey Mia Mogumber Mobrup Minnivale Mingenew Millendon Miling Midland Middle Swan Metricup Merredin Menzies Meelon Meekatharra Medina Meckering Maylands Mayanup Maya Marvel Loch Marrinup Margaret River Mardella Marchagee Marble Bar Manning Manmanning Manjimup Mandurah Malyalling Mahogany Creek Maddington Manypeaks Mullaloo Mindarie Mt Lawley Madeley Madora Bay Madura Magitup Malaga Malaga Dc Mandogalup Mandurah East Mandurah North Marangaroo Mariginiup Marmion Martin Marybrook Mcalinden Meadow Springs Menora Merkanooka Meru Middlesex Middleton Beach Midvale Mills Lake Millstream Milpara Mindarabin Minilya Mira Mar Moodiarrup Morangup Morley Mount Claremont Mount Clarence Mount Hawthorn Mount Lawley Mount Nasura Mount Tarcoola Mullingar Munglinup Munster Murdoch Myalup Myaree Myaree Bc Melville Mount Pleasant Mirrabooka Mount Sheila Mount Richon Millbrook Mahomets Flats Mckail Mumballup Minyirr Magenta Mount Melville Mount Horner Marbelup Morgantown Merriwa Millars Well Muluckine Millbridge Mindarra Myrup Mcbeath Mimegarra Mount Walker Moondah Mitchell Plateau Minigin Mount Elphinstone Mardie Monjingup Mumberkine Midland Dc Moresby Murchison Merivale Mount Burges Moondyne Mount Holland Mount Hampton Mulga Downs Monjebup Muckenburra Mornington Mount Stirling Mount Caroline Mount Observation Muja Mount Erin Mount Lindesay Melaleuca Molloy Island N Nyabing Nungarin Nullagine Nukarni North Lake Grace North Kellerberrin North Fremantle Northern Gully North Dandalup Northcliffe North Beach Northampton Northam Norseman Nornalup Nomans Lake Nokaning Noggerup Nippering New Norcia Newman Newlands Newdegate Neendaling Needilup Narrogin Narrikup Narra Tarra Narngulu Narembeen Naraling Napier Nanson Nannup Namban Nabawa Nairibin Nalyerlup Naval Base Neerabup Neridup Nickol Nollamara Noranda North Lake North Perth North Yunderup Nowergup Nunile Nambeelup Neergabby Nyamup North Boyanup Nambung Narrogin Valley Narrakine Nalkain Naturaliste Northbridge North Kununoppin Northlands Nanutarra North Jindong Nulsen North Wialki Nirimba Nanarup North Plantations North Kukerin North Baandee Nilgen North Walpole North Cascade Nillup Nangetty North West Cape North Greenbushes Neale Newcarlbeon O Ora Banda Onslow Ongerup Ogilvie O'Connor Osborne Park Oakford Ocean Reef Oldbury Orana Orange Grove Orchid Valley Orelia Osborne Park Osborne Park Dc Ocean Beach Ord River Orange Springs Osmington Old Plains P Port Hedland Porongurup Popanyinning Point Samson Pithara Pintharuka Pinjarra Pingrup Pingelly Pingaring Pindar Pickering Brook Piawaning Perth Perenjori Pemberton Pearce Peak Hill Paynes Find Parryville Parkerville Palgarup Port Denison Peppermint Grove Padbury Pallinup Palmyra Dc Pannawonica Pantapin Paraburdoo Parkeston Parkfield Parmelia Paulls Valley Peaceful Bay Pearsall Pegs Creek Pelican Point Perillup Perth Airport Piesse Brook Pinjar Port Albany Port Kennedy Preston Beach Prevelly Palmyra Parklands Perth St Georges Tce Piccadilly Parklands Preston Settlement Purnululu Peppermint Grove Beach Petrudor Parkwood Pink Lake Peron Parklands Pumphreys Bridge Picton East Parklands Paynedale Picton Perth Bc Paynesville Q Quindanning Quindalup Qualeup Quairading Quinns Rocks Quinninup Quedjinup Queens Park Quelagetting R Rothsay Rosa Brook Roleystone Roelands Roebourne Rockwell Rockingham Redmond Rawlinna Ravensthorpe Ranford Reinscourt Rangeway Red Gully Regans Ford Rivervale Rockingham Beach Rocky Gully Roebuck Rosa Glen Rossmoyne Rottnest Island Ruabon Ridgewood Riverton Ravenswood Ryansbrook Remlap Robinson Ridgewood Royal Australian Navy Warships Redcliffe Redbank Red Hill Rockingham Dc Redgate Reservoir Rudds Gully Rossmore Redmond West Rocklea S Swan View Swanbourne Subiaco Spencers Brook Spearwood South Tammin South Kumminin Southern Cross Southern Brook South Burracoppin Shackleton Serpentine Scarborough Scaddan Sawyers Valley Sandstone Salmon Gums Safety Bay Seabird Shenton Park Salter Point Samson Scott River Secret Harbour Seville Grove Shoalwater Siesta Park Silver Sands South Bunbury South Fremantle South Guildford South Hedland South Kalgoorlie South Lake South Perth South Yunderup Southern River Spencer Park Stake Hill Stirling Range National Park Stratham Stratton Success Sunset Beach Shelley St James Spalding South Boulder Sinagra Southampton Schroeder South Glencoe South Kukerin South Bodallin South Greenough San Remo Sorrento Stirling Estate Sabina River Silver Sands South Carnarvon Sinclair South Quairading St Ronans South Murchison South Stirling Scotsdale Singleton Stirling Strathalbyn Somerville Smith Brook Sherlock Springs South Newdegate South Datatine Shadforth Sunnyside South Plantations South Lake Grace Seppings Sturt Creek Sir Samuel South Kununoppin Stove Hill T Trigg Trayning Torbay Toompup Toodyay Three Springs Tenterden Tarin Rock Tardun Tammin Tambellup Two Rocks Tom Price Takalarup Tapping Tarcoola Beach Tenindewa The Lakes The Vines Thornlie Tincurrin Tingledale Tonebridge Torndirrup Townsendale Treeton Tuart Hill Tutunup Tandegin Tarwonga Talbot West Tamala Park Telfer Tanami Talbot Thomson Brook Trigwell Teesdale The Plains Talgomine U Utakarra Upper Swan Usher Ucarty West Upper Capel Ucarty Ularring V Vasse Varley Viveash Victoria Park Victory Heights Vittoria Victory Heights W Wyndham Wyening Wyalkatchem Wuraming Wundowie Wubin Worsley Wooroloo Woogenellup Woodanilling Wonnerup Wongan Hills Wongamine Wokalup Witchcliffe Winchester Wiluna Williamstown Williams Wilga Widgiemooltha Wickepin Wialki Whim Creek West Toodyay Westonia Wembley Wellard Welbungin Wattening Watheroo Warralakin Waroona Warburton Wansbrough Wanneroo Wannamal Wandering Wamenusking Walpole Walliston Walkaway Walgoolan Walebing Wagin Waggrakine Wagerup Windy Harbour Warnbro Wattleup Wadderin Waikiki Walyurin Wandi Wandina Wangara Wangara Dc Wannanup Warmun Warradarge Warrenup Watermans Bay Webberton Wedgefield Wellesley Wellstead Welshpool Dc Wembley Downs West Busselton West Kalgoorlie West Leederville West Perth West River West Swan Westminster Whitby White Gum Valley Whiteman Wilbinga Wilgoyne Willagee Willetton Wilson Wilyabrup Winnejup Winthrop Withers Wittenoom Wonthella Woorree Wungong Westfield Woodvale Waterford Welshpool Woodbridge West Island Cocos (Keeling) Islands West Lyons River Westdale Woolgorong Whittaker Wellington Mill Woolocutty West Pingelly Wittenoom Hills Windabout West Pinjarra Waddy Forest Weld Range Wellesley William Bay Wogolin West Fitzgerald Wedgecarrup Willyung Woodlands Wandana Walmsley Wedge Island Wanerie West Ballidu West Binnu West Lamington Warwick Wattle Grove West End West Beach Walsall White Peak Wickham Willagee Central West Cape Howe Waterloo Woodridge Waterbank West Coolup Wongoondy Womarden Warawarrup Wallareenya Wilgarrup Wooramel Warner Glen West Popanyinning Warding East Wallaroo Walyormouring Woottating Waeel X Xantippe Y Yuna Youndegin Yoting Yornup Yornaning Yorkrakine York Yilliminning Yetna Yelverton Yellowdine Yelbeni Yealering Yarloop Yanmah Yandanooka Yanchep Yalgoo Yallingup Siding Yakamia Yalyalup Yangebup Yerecoin Yokine Yoongarillup Youngs Siding Yandoo Creek Yilkari Yathroo Yeal Yarragadee Yardarino Yallabatharra Yabberup Yourdamung Lake Yoganup Yarawindah Yannarie Z Zuytdorp New South Wales A Aylmerton Awaba Avoca Beach Avalon Austral Eden Austinmer Auburn Vale Auburn Attunga Atholwood Asquith Ashley Ashford Ashfield Ashby Arthurville Artarmon Armidale Armatree Ariah Park Argents Hill Argalong Ardlethan Arding Ardglen Araluen Arakoon Arable Apsley Apple Tree Flat Appleby Appin Annandale Anna Bay Angledale Ando Amaroo Alumy Creek Alstonville Alpine Allworth Alleena Allandale Alice Alectown Aldavilla Albury Albion Park Albert Adjungbilly Adelong Adaminaby Acacia Creek Abernethy Abermain Aberglasslyn Aberfoyle Aberdeen Aberdare Abercrombie Abbotsford Arncliffe Abbotsbury Acacia Gardens Adamstown Adamstown Heights Airds Albion Park Rail Alexandria Alfords Point Allambie Allambie Heights Allawah Ambarvale Annangrove Arcadia Vale Argenton Arrawarra Headland Ashbury Ashcroft Ashmont Ashtonfield Austral Australia Square Avalon Beach Avoca Audley Avalon Allandale Allynbrook B Bywong Byron Bay Byrock Bylong Byangum Byabarra Buxton Busbys Flat Burwood Burrumbuttock Burrinjuck Burringbar Burrier Burren Junction Burrell Creek Burrawang Burragate Burraga Burradoo Burnt Yards Burnt Bridge Burcher Bunyah Bunnan Bunnaloo Bungwahl Bungulla Bungowannah Bungonia Bungendore Bungawalbin Bundure Bundook Bundella Bundarra Bundanoon Bulliac Bulli Bulgary Bulga Bulahdelah Bukkulla Bugaldie Budgewoi Budgee Budgee Buckaroo Buckajo Brushgrove Brunswick Heads Brungle Brundee Bruie Plains Brucedale Brownsville Brownlow Hill Broulee Broughton Vale Brooman Brooklyn Brooklet Brookfield Brombin Broken Hill Broke Brogo Brockley Brocklesby Brocklehurst Broadwater Bringelly Brindabella Brierfield Bridgman Bribbaree Brewongle Brewarrina Breeza Bredbo Breadalbane Brays Creek Braunstone Brassi Branxton Braidwood Braemar Bowraville Bowral Bowning Bowmans Creek Bowling Alley Point Bowenfels Bourke Botany Boro Borenore Boree Creek Borambola Booyong Boorowa Booroorban Boorolong Booral Boona Mount Boomi Boomanoomana Booligal Boolaroo Boolambayte Bookham Booker Bay Bonville Bonshaw Bonalbo Bomen Bombala Bomaderry Bolwarra Bolivia Bohnock Boggabri Boggabilla Bogan Gate Bodangora Bodalla Bobundara Bobs Farm Bobin Boat Harbour Boambee Blue Knob Blowering Blighty Blayney Blaxland Blandford Blakebrook Blair Athol Blackwall Blackville Blacktown Black Swamp Black Springs Black Mountain Blackmans Point Blackheath Birriwa Binya Binnaway Binna Burra Biniguy Bingara Binda Binalong Bimbi Bilpin Billinudgel Billimari Bilambil Bigga Biddon Bibbenluke Biala Bexley Bexhill Bevendale Bethungra Beryl Berry Park Berry Berrima Berrilee Berrigan Berridale Berremangra Berowra Bermagui Berkeley Vale Berkeley Bergalia Beresfield Bentley Bensville Ben Lomond Beni Bendolba Bendick Murrell Bendemeer Ben Bullen Benandarah Bemboka Belrose Belmont Belltrees Bellingen Bellimbopinni Bellbrook Bellbird Bellawongarah Bellata Bellangry Bellambi Bell Belgravia Belford Belbora Bega Beelbangera Beechwood Bedgerebong Bective Beckom Beaumont Beaconsfield Baulkham Hills Batlow Bathurst Batemans Bay Bass Hill Baryulgil Barringun Barrington Barrengarry Barraganyatti Barraba Barooga Barnsley Barmedman Barkers Vale Barham Bargo Barellan Baradine Bannister Bannaby Bankstown Bangalow Balranald Balmain Ballina Ballimore Ballengarra Balldale Balladoran Balgownie Balgowlah Baldry Bald Hills Baldersleigh Bakers Swamp Bagotville Bagnoo Baerami Creek Baerami Backmede Baan Baa Burraneer Bundeena Bangor Bonnet Bay Banksmeadow Brighton-Le-Sands Blakehurst Boydtown Bellevue Hill Balgowlah Heights Brookvale Blue Mountains Batesmans Bay Badgerys Creek Ballalaba Ballyroe Balmoral Village Bandon Grove Bangalee Banksia Bankstown Square Banora Point Bar Beach Barden Ridge Bardwell Park Bardwell Valley Barrack Heights Barrack Point Basin View Bateau Bay Batehaven Bawley Point Bay Village Bayview Beacon Hill Beaumont Hills Beauty Point Beecroft Belfield Bella Vista Belmore Belrose West Bendalong Benerembah Bennetts Green Berala Berkshire Park Berowra Heights Berowra Waters Berrara Beverley Park Beverly Hills Bexley North Bexley South Bidwill Bilbul Bilgola Bimbimbie Bingie Birchgrove Birmingham Gardens Birrong Bishops Bridge Black Hill Blackalls Park Blackbutt Blackett Blacksmiths Blairmount Blaxcell Bligh Park Blue Bay Blue Haven Bogangar Bolton Point Bombo Bondi Beach Bondi Junction Bonnells Bay Bonny Hills Bonnyrigg Bonnyrigg Heights Booragul Bossley Park Bostobrick Botobolar Bournda Bow Bowing Bowen Bowen Mountain Bowna Box Hill Bradbury Bray Park Brightwaters Broadmeadow Broadway Broken Head Brooms Head Brunkerville Budderoo Buff Point Bullaburra Bundabah Bunyan Buronga Burra Burrill Lake Burwood Heights Busby Buttaba Bungendore Bayview Blacktown Westpoint Blaxlands Ridge Browns Creek Bidwill Brandy Hill Bayview Berringer Lake Black Mountain Bidwill Barragga Bay Boree Balickera Bonshaw Bogan Bamarang Bald Ridge Bretti C Currawarna Currawang Currarong Currabubula Curlewis Curban Cundletown Cundle Flat Cumnock Cumborah Cumbalum Cullerin Cullen Bullen Culcairn Cudgera Creek Cudgen Cudgegong Cudal Crystal Creek Cryon Crudine Croydon Crowther Croppa Creek Crookwell Crooble Cronulla Croki Cringila Crescent Head Crawford River Craven Craigie Crabbes Creek Cowra Cowper Coutts Crossing Couridjah Courabyra Cougal Corrimal Corowa Corndale Coreen Coree Corang Coramba Coraki Copmanhurst Copeton Copeland Cooyal Cootralantra Cootamundra Cooranbong Coopers Shoot Coopernook Cooperabung Coonamble Coonabarabran Cooma Coolringdon Coolongolook Coolatai Coolangatta Coolamon Coolah Coolac Coolabah Cookardinia Cookamidgera Coogee Coocooboonah Conjola Coniston Condong Condobolin Concord Conargo Como Comboyne Combara Combaning Colo Vale Colo Collingullie Collie Collector Collaroy Collarenebri Colinton Colinroobie Coledale Coila Coffs Harbour Coffee Camp Codrington Cobbora Cobbitty Cobbadah Cobark Cobargo Cobar Coaldale Coalcliff Clyde Clybucca Clunes Clovass Clothiers Creek Clergate Clearfield Clareville Clarence Town Clandulla Chullora Chittaway Point Chipping Norton Chippendale Chinderah Chichester Cherry Tree Hill Chatswood Chatsbury Chatham Charlotte Bay Charlestown Charbon Chambigne Chakola Cessnock Central Tilba Cedar Point Cawongla Cawdor Catherine Hill Bay Cathcart Castle Hill Castle Doyle Castlecrag Cassilis Casino Carrs Creek Carroll Carrington Carrick Carrathool Caroona Carool Caroda Carlingford Caringbah Carinda Cargo Cardiff Carcoar Caragabal Carabost Captains Flat Capertee Canowindra Canoelands Canobolas Candelo Canbelego Camperdown Campbelltown Camberwell Caloola Caldwell Calarie Cadia Cadgee Crows Nest Cammeray Clontarf Cremorne Clovelly Curl Curl Cams Wharf Cabarita Beach Corlette Canada Bay Canterbury Crackenback Cabarita Cabramatta Calala Calga Callaghan Callala Bay Callala Beach Cambewarra Cambridge Park Camden Head Camellia Campsie Campvale Canley Heights Canley Vale Caparra Careel Bay Carey Bay Carlingford Court Carlton Carramar Carss Park Cartwright Castle Cove Castlereagh Casula Casula Mall Catalina Catherine Field Cattai Caves Beach Cecil Hills Cecil Park Centennial Park Cessnock West Chain Valley Bay Charmhaven Chatswood West Cheltenham Cherrybrook Chester Hill Chillingham Chiswick Chittaway Bay Church Point Clarence Clarendon Claymore Clemton Park Coal Point Coffs Harbour Jetty Coffs Harbour Plaza Coleambally Collaroy Beach Collombatti Colyton Concord West Condell Park Congewai Congo Cooks Hill Copacabana Corbie Hill Cordeaux Heights Corindi Beach Corobimilla Cowan Cranebrook Cremorne Junction Cromer Crooked Corner Crossmaglen Croudace Bay Crowdy Head Croydon Park Cudmirrah Culburra Beach Cunjurong Point Curlwaa Currans Hill Cuttagee Captains Flat Croydon Park Come By Chance Conjola Park Charlottes Pass Cabramurra Chifley Cornwallis Central Macdonald Chatsworth Cabbage Tree Island Carrowbrook Cuttabri Camden Park Clovelly West Concord Repatriation Hospital D Dyers Crossing Durren Durren Duri Duranbah Dural Dunoon Dunmore Dunkeld Dungowan Dungog Dungay Dungarubba Dunedoo Dundurrabin Dundee Dunbogan Dumaresq Duckenfield Dubbo Dry Plain Dripstone Drake Downside Douglas Park Doubtful Creek Dorroughby Dorrigo Dora Creek Dooralong Doonside Doon Doon Dobies Bight Dilkoon Dignams Creek Denman Deniliquin Delungra Delegate Deer Vale Deepwater Daysdale Davistown Davidson Daroobalgie Darlington Point Darlinghurst Dareton Darbalara Darawank Dapto Dangarsleigh Dalton Dalgety Dairyville Daceyville Dolans Bay Drummoyne Darling Point Dover Heights Dee Why Darling Harbour Daleys Point Dalmeny Dalwood Dangar Dangar Island Darbys Falls Dargan Darkes Forest Darlington Dartbrook Dawes Point Dean Park Denham Court Denhams Beach Denistone Denistone East Dharruk Diamond Beach Double Bay Doyalson Duckmaloi Dudley Duffys Forest Dulwich Hill Dunbible Dundas Duramana Durras North Dyraaba Dyraaba Central Davis Creek Denistone West Deua River Valley E Exeter Ewingsdale Evans Head Euston Eurongilly Eurobodalla Eureka Eungella Eungai Creek Eumungerie Eugowra Euchareena Euberta Euabalong West Euabalong Ettrick Ettalong Beach Ettalong Essington Erina Erigolia Eraring Epping Enngonia Enmore Engadine Emu Plains Empire Vale Empire Bay Emmaville Emerald Hill Eltham Elsmore Elong Elong Ellerston Ellenborough Ellangowan Elderslie Elcombe Eglinton Edith Edgeroi Eden Eccleston Ebor Eatonsville Eastwood East Maitland East Hills East Gosford East Ballina Earlwood East Lismore Eagle Vale Eagleton East Albury East Gresford East Lindfield East Lynne East Ryde East Seaham Eastern Creek Eastern Suburbs Mc Eastgardens Eastlakes Ebenezer Edensor Park Edgecliff Edgeworth Edmondson Park Elands Elanora Heights Eleebana Elermore Vale Elizabeth Bay Ellalong Elrington Elvina Bay Emerald Beach Emerton Enfield Enfield South Erina Fair Erina Heights Ermington Erowal Bay Erskine Park Erskineville Eschol Park Eungai Rail Eveleigh Eucumbene Ellis Lane Englorie Park F Furracabad Fullerton Frogmore French Park Frederickton Foxground Four Mile Creek Fosterton Forster Forest Hill Fords Bridge Forbes Flemington Fitzroy Falls Finley Fine Flower Fifield Fiddletown Ferodale Fernside Fernmount Fernleigh Federal Faulconbridge Fassifern Farley Falls Creek Fairy Hill Fairholme Failford Fairy Meadow Figtree Forestville Freshwater Forresters Beach Fairfield East Fairfield Heights Fairfield West Fairlight Farmborough Heights Fennell Bay Fern Bay Fingal Bay Fingal Head Firefly Fishing Point Five Dock Fletcher Flinders Floraville Flynns Beach Forest Reefs Freemans Reach Freemans Waterhole Frenchs Forest Fullerton Cove Freemantle G Gwabegar Guyra Gurrundah Gurley Gunningbland Gunning Gunnedah Gungal Gundy Gundurimba Gunderman Gundary Gundaroo Gundagai Gunbar Gum Scrub Gumly Gumly Gumble Gulpa Gulgong Gubbata Grong Grong Griffith Grevillia Greta Gresford Grenfell Gregadoo Greenwood Greenwich Park Greenwell Point Green Pigeon Greenhills Greenhill Greenethorpe Gravesend Grattai Granville Graman Grafton Grabben Gullen Gowrie Goulburn Gosforth Gosford Gorokan Goonumbla Goonoo Goonoo Goonengerry Goonellabah Gooloogong Goolmangar Goolma Goolgowi Goodooga Good Hope Gongolgon Gollan Gol Gol Gogeldrie Godfreys Creek Gocup Gloucester Glenworth Valley Glenreagh Glenquarry Glenorie Glennies Creek Glen Innes Gleniffer Glenhaven Glenfield Glen Elgin Glendon Brook Glen Davis Glencoe Glenbrook Glen Alice Glanmire Gladstone Girvan Girral Giro Girilambone Gingkin Gilmore Gilgandra Gilgai Gidginbung Gibberagee Ghinni Ghinni Geurie Gerringong Gerogery Georgica Georges Plains Georges Creek Gemalla Garra Garland Garema Garah Ganmain Gangat Galston Galore Galong Galba Gymea Gymea Bay Grays Point Gwynneville Greenwich Gore Hill Gladesville Girraween Garden Suburb Gateshead Geneva Georges Hall Georgetown Gerroa Gillieston Heights Glebe Glen Alpine Glen William Glendale Glendenning Glenfield Park Glenmore Park Glenning Valley Glenwood Glossodia Golspie Goodnight Green Hills Green Point Green Valley Greenacre Greendale Greenfield Park Greystanes Grose Vale Grose Wold Grosvenor Place Guerilla Bay Guildford Guildford West Gulargambone Gum Flat Gundillion Gwandalan Gundaroo Grasmere Grassy Head Greenlands Gilead Garthowen H Huskisson Hurstville Grove Huonbrook Huntley Huntingdon Humula Howlong Howes Valley Hoskinstown Horseshoe Creek Hornsby Hopefield Home Rule Homeleigh Homebush Holts Flat Holsworthy Holroyd Holmwood Holgate Holbrook Hinton Hill Top Hillston Hillgrove Hill End Hilldale Hickeys Creek Hexham Herons Creek Hernani Hermidale Henty Helensburgh Heddon Greta Hebden Heathcote Hazelgrove Hazelbrook Haymarket Hay Hawks Nest Havilah Hat Head Hartley Vale Hartley Harrington Hargraves Harefield Hanwood Hanging Rock Hampton Halfway Creek Haberfield Hunters Hill Halekulani Hallidays Point Halloran Hamilton Hamilton East Hamilton South Hamlyn Terrace Hammondville Hannam Vale Harbord Harden Hardys Bay Harrington Park Harris Park Harwood Hassall Grove Hastings Point Hawkesbury Heights Heatherbrae Hebersham Heckenberg Henley Highfields Hillsborough Hillsdale Hinchinbrook Hmas Albatross Hobartville Hobbys Yards Hollydeen Homebush Bay Horningsea Park Hornsby Westfield Horsley Horsley Park Hoxton Park Huntleys Cove Huntleys Point Hurlstone Park Hurstville Hurstville Bc Hurstville Westfield Hyams Beach Hunter Region Mc I Ivanhoe Isabella Inverell Ingleburn Ingebyra Iluka Illabo Ilford Ilarwill Illawong Ingleside Invergowrie Islington Irvington J Junee Reefs Junee Jugiong Johns River Jingellic Jindera Jindabyne Jilliby Jiggi Jerseyville Jerrys Plains Jerrawangala Jerrawa Jerilderie Jerangle Jeogla Jenolan Caves Jellat Jellat Jaspers Brush Jannali Jamberoo Jacks Creek Jackadgery Jesmond Jewells Junction Hill Jerrabomberra Jeremadra K Kywong Kyogle Kyeamba Kyalite Kurri Kurri Kurrajong Kurnell Kunghur Kungala Kundibakh Kundabung Kunama Krawarree Krambach Kotara Kootingal Koorawatha Koorainghat Koonorigan Koolewong Kookabookra Komungla Kolodong Kogarah Knorrit Flat Knockrow Kitchener Kirribilli Kioloa Kingswood Kingsvale Kingstown Kings Cross Kingscliff Kincumber South Kincumber Killingworth Killawarra Killcare Kikoira Kickabil Kianga Kiama Kialla Kiah Khancoban Kew Kerrs Creek Kerrabee Kentucky South Kentucky Kenthurst Kensington Kenmore Kenebri Kendall Kempsey Kelvin Kelso Kellys Plains Keith Hall Keiraville Keepit Kayuga Katoomba Karuah Kars Springs Karangi Kanwal Kangiara Kangaroo Valley Kangaroo Flat Kangaroo Creek Kangaloon Kandos Kamarah Kalkite Kahibah Kirrawee Kareela Kyeemagh Kemblawarra Kingsford Kalang Kanahooka Kangaroo Point Kangy Angy Kapooka Kariong Kearns Kearsley Kellyville Kellyville Ridge Kembla Grange Kemps Creek Kentlyn Kilaben Bay Killabakh Killara Killarney Heights Killarney Vale Kimbriki Kings Creek Kings Langley Kings Park Kingsdene Kingsgrove Kingsway West Kogarah Bay Koonawarra Kooragang Kooringal Koraleigh Korora Kotara East Kotara Fair Kulnura Kurmond Kyle Bay Karabar Killingworth Killingworth L Lue Luddenham Lucknow Lowther Lowesdale Lower Southgate Lower Portland Lower Mangrove Lower Bucca Lowanna Louth Lostock Lorne Lorn Loomberah Long Point Long Jetty Long Flat Locksley Lockhart Lochinvar Lochiel Llangothlin Liverpool Little Plain Little Billabong Lithgow Liston Lismore Lisarow Lionsville Lindfield Linden Linburn Limpinwood Limeburners Creek Limbri Lillian Rock Lightning Ridge Lidster Lidsdale Liddell Lidcombe Leycester Lewis Ponds Leura Leumeah Leigh Leichhardt Legume Leeville Leeton Leadville Lawson Lawrence Lavington Laurieton Laurel Hill Larras Lee Larnook Largs La Perouse Lansdale Langley Vale Lane Cove Landervale Lakesland Lakemba Lake Illawarra Lake Cargelligo Lake Bathurst Lake Albert Laguna Laggan Ladysmith Lacmalac Lambton Loftus Lilli Pilli Little Bay Lugarno Lake Heights Lilyfield Longueville Lovedale Lord Howe Island Lake Cathie Lake Conjola Lake Haven Lake Munmorah Lake Wyangan Lakelands Lalor Park Lane Cove West Lansvale Lapstone Lavender Bay Lemon Tree Passage Lennox Head Leonay Leppington Lethbridge Park Lewisham Limerick Lindfield West Linley Point Little Hartley Liverpool South Llandilo Londonderry Long Beach Loxford Lucas Heights Lurnea Lane Cove North Lake Tabourie Lovett Bay Lemon Tree Lenaghan Lavington Dc M Myrtleville Mylestom Myall Creek Muttama Muswellbrook Murwillumbah Murrurundi Murrumburrah Murrumbateman Murringo Murrami Murrah Murga Mundarlo Mummulgum Mumbil Mulwala Mullumbimby Mullion Creek Mullengudgery Mullengandra Mullaley Mulgoa Mulbring Mudgee Mount Wilson Mount White Mount View Mount Victoria Mount Russell Mount Pleasant Mount Knowles Mount Hunter Mount George Mount Fairy Mount Druitt Mount David Mount Darragh Mount Colah Mount Burrell Moulamein Moss Vale Mossgiel Mosman Morven Moruya Heads Moruya Morundah Morton Mortlake Mortdale Mororo Morisset Moree Morans Crossing Morago Moorland Moore Creek Mooney Mooney Moonee Beach Mooneba Moonbi Moonbah Moonan Flat Mooball Montefiores Monteagle Monkerai Mongarlowe Mona Vale Molong Moira Mogriguy Mogo Mogilla Mogendoura Mittagong Mitchells Island Mitchells Flat Mitchell Missabotti Mirrool Miranda Minto Minore Minnamurra Minmi Minimbah Mimosa Milvale Milton Milparinka Millthorpe Millingandi Millie Millfield Millers Forest Milbrulong Mila Midginbil Middlingbank Michelago Miandetta Methul Merrylands Merrygoen Merriwagga Merriwa Menindee Mendooran Menangle Menai Melbergen Megan Megalong Meerschaum Vale Medowie Medlow Bath Meadow Flat McLeans Ridges McKees Hill Mayers Flat Maude Matraville Matong Mathoura Matheson Matcham Mascot Maryvale Maryland Marulan Martinsville Martins Creek Marrickville Marrar Marrangaroo Maroubra Maroota Marom Creek Marlow Marlee Markwell Mannus Manly Manilla Manildra Mangrove Mountain Mangrove Creek Mangoplah Mandurama Mandalong Mandagery Manar Mallanganee Maldon Malabar Majors Creek Maitland Mairjimmy Maimuru Maclean Macksville Morpeth Monterey Mount Ousley Mount Keira Mangerton Mount Saint Thomas Maianbar Motto Farm Magenta Macmasters Beach Macquarie Centre Macquarie Fields Macquarie Links Macquarie Park Macquarie University Maitland North Mallabula Maloneys Beach Malua Bay Manahan Manly Vale Mannering Park Manning Point Manyana Maraylya Marayong Mardi Marks Point Marmong Point Marrickville Metro Marrickville South Marsden Park Marsfield Marshdale Maryville Mayfield Mayfield East Mayfield West Mayrung Mays Hill Mccullys Gap Mcgraths Hill Mcmahons Point Meadowbank Melrose Park Menai Central Menangle Park Merewether Merewether Heights Merimbula Meringo Meroo Meadow Merrylands West Metford Middle Cove Millbank Miller Millers Point Milperra Milsons Point Minchinbury Mirrabooka Missenden Road Moama Mollymook Monak Monash Park Mooral Creek Moore Park Moorebank Mossy Point Mount Annan Mount Austin Mount Hope Mount Hutton Mount Kembla Mount Kuring-Gai Mount Lewis Mount Olive Mount Pritchard Mount Riverview Mount Vernon Mount Vincent Mount Warrigal Mourquong Mulgrave Mungindi Myola Murrumbateman Mabins Well March Mirannie Muscle Creek Milsons Passage Murray Region Mc Mayfield North Mogareeka Mid North Coast Msc N Nyrang Creek Nyngan Nymboida Nymagee Nundle Numulgi Numinbah Numeralla Numbugga Numbla Vale Number One Nullamanna Nubingerie Nowra Nowendoc Norwood Norway North Turramurra North Tumbulgum Northmead North Lismore North Haven North Dorrigo Normanhurst Nords Wharf Noonbinna Nobbys Creek Nimmitabel Nimbin Niangala Newtown Newton Boyd Newrybar Newport Newnes New Italy Newcastle New Brighton Newbridge Neville Nevertire Nethercote Nerrigundah Nerriga Nemingha Nelungaloo Nelsons Plains Nelson Bay Nelligen Neilrex Neath Nea Naughtons Gap Nashua Nashdale Narromine Narrawa Narrandera Narraburra Narrabri West Narrabri Narrabeen Narrabarba Narooma Narellan Narara Naradhan Nangus Nana Glen Nambucca Heads Nabiac New Lambton Northwood Neutral Bay North Narrabeen Narellan Dc Narellan Vale Naremburn Narraweena Narwee Nelson Nerong Neurea Neutral Bay Junction New Lambton Heights Newcastle East Newcastle West Newington Newport Beach Niagara Park Norah Head Noraville North Albury North Arm Cove North Avoca North Curl Curl North Manly North Parramatta North Richmond North Rocks North Rothbury North Ryde North Ryde Bc North Star North Strathfield Northbridge Nulkaba Numbaa North Lambton New Berrima New Mollyan North Batemans Bay North Narooma Narrambla Nattai Norfolk Island Newcastle University North Sydney Shoppingworld New England Mc Nowra Dc O Oxley Island Oxley Owens Gap Ourimbah Oura Otford Orton Park Orange Ophir Ootha Old Koreelah Old Junee Old Bonalbo Old Bar O'Connell Obley Oberon Oberne Oban Oatley Oakwood Oaklands Oakhampton Oakdale Oyster Bay Oak Flats Oakhurst Oakville Oatlands Ocean Shores Old Erowal Bay Old Guildford Old Toongabbie Orangeville Orchard Hills Orient Point Osterley Oxford Falls Oxley Park Oxley Vale Oyster Cove Oak Flats Dc P Port Stephens Pyree Pyramul Pymble Putty Pullabooka Pucawan Pretty Pine Pretty Beach Premer Possum Brush Port Macquarie Portland Port Kembla Port Hacking Porters Retreat Pooncarie Pomeroy Pokolbin Point Clare Pleasant Hills Pitt Town Piora Piney Range Pindimar Pimlico Pilliga Pillar Valley Piggabeen Picton Piambong Piallaway Piallamore Phillip Perthville Pericoe Penshurst Penrose Penrith Pennant Hills Peelwood Peel Peats Ridge Pearl Beach Peak Hill Paxton Paupong Patonga Paterson Parramatta Parkville Parkes Pappinbarra Pampoolah Pambula Palm Grove Palm Beach Pallamallawa Port Botany Phillip Bay Peakhurst Padstow Paddington Point Piper Pacific Palms Pagewood Palinyewah Panania Parklea Peakhurst Heights Pelaw Main Pelton Pendle Hill Perisher Valley Petersham Pheasants Nest Phegans Bay Picnic Point Pipers Flat Pleasure Point Plumpton Pomona Potts Hill Pottsville Prairiewood Prestons Primbee Prospect Punchbowl Purfleet Putney Pemulwuy Purlewaugh Paynes Crossing Paringi Port Macquarie Bc Peak View Q Quirindi Quipolly Queanbeyan Quandialla Quambone Quakers Hill Quaama Queanbeyan East Queen Victoria Building Queens Park Queenscliff Quorrobolong Queanbeyan R Rylstone Rye Park Ryde Rydalmere Rydal Ryan Ruthven Rutherford Running Stream Rugby Royalla Rowena Rowan Rous Mill Round Swamp Round Mountain Roto Rothbury Rossi Rossglen Rosewood Roseville Rose Valley Rosehill Rosedale Rosebrook Rosebery Rosebank Rooty Hill Rookhurst Rollands Plains Rocky River Rocky Hall Rocky Glen Rock Valley Rockley Rock Flat Rockdale Rob Roy Robertson Riverstone Riverside Ringwood Rileys Hill Richmond Richlands Rhodes Rhine Falls Revesby Repton Rennie Reidtown Reidsdale Regents Park Red Rock Red Range Redhead Redfern Rawsonville Raworth Rawdon Vale Rawdon Island Ravensworth Rathmines Rappville Rannock Rankins Springs Rand Raleigh Rainbow Flat Raglan Ramsgate Riverwood Rose Bay Rozelle Randwick Raby Ramsgate Beach Rankin Park Ravensdale Razorback Regentville Reids Flat Revesby North Richmond Hill Riverview Rodd Point Rose Bay North Roselands Rosemeadow Roslyn Rossmore Rouchel Round Corner Rous Rouse Hill Royal Exchange Ruse Rushcutters Bay Russell Lea Russell Vale Rydalmere Bc Royalla Rye Park Raymond Terrace East Rufus River Royal North Shore Hospital Richmond Raaf Rukenvale Reefton Reedy Creek S Sydney Swan Vale Swan Bay Sutton Forest Sutton Sunnyside Sunny Corner Stuart Town Stuarts Point Stroud Road Stroud Strathfield Stratford Stotts Creek Stony Crossing Stony Creek Stonehenge Stokers Siding Stockton Stockinbingal Stewarts River Stephens Creek Stanwell Park Stannum Stannifer Stanmore Stanbridge Springwood Spring Terrace Spring Hill Springfield Springdale Spencer South Gundagai South Grafton Southgate Somerton Somersby Soldiers Point Sofala Sodwalls Smithtown Smiths Creek Skillion Flat Singleton Silverton Sherwood Shannon Vale Shannon Brook Shadforth Seven Hills Segenhoe Seelands Sedgefield Sebastopol Seaham Scone Schofields Scarborough Sawtell Savernake Saumarez Sapphire Sandy Hollow Sandy Flat Sandigo Sandgate Sancrox Salt Ash Salisbury Plains Salisbury Sylvania Sylvania Waters Sans Souci Seaforth Shoal Bay Salamander Bay Sadleir Safety Beach San Remo Sanctuary Point Sandringham Sandy Beach Sandy Point Saratoga Satur Scheyville Scotland Island Scotts Head Seal Rocks Sefton Seven Hills West Shalvey Shanes Park Shell Cove Shellharbour Shelly Beach Shoalhaven Heads Shortland Silverdale Silverwater Smiggin Holes Smithfield West Smiths Lake South Golden Beach South Hurstville South Kempsey South Turramurra South West Rocks Speers Point Spit Junction Spring Grove St Albans St Andrews St Clair St Georges Basin St Helens Park St Huberts Island St Ives St Johns Park St Leonards St Marys St Pauls St Peters Stanford Merthyr Stanhope Stanhope Gardens Stanwell Tops Stratheden Strathfield South Strawberry Hills Suffolk Park Summer Hill Summerland Point Sunshine Sunshine Bay Surf Beach Surfside Sussex Inlet Sydenham Sydney Domestic Airport Sydney Markets Sydney South Sylvania Southgate Sutton Shellharbour Square South Albury Sydney International Airport Spicers Creek Swanhaven South Durras South Pambula Surf Beach Surf Beach South Coast Mc Swan Bay South Arm T Tyringham Tyndale Tyalgum Tyagarah Two Mile Flat Twelve Mile Tweed Heads Turrawan Turramurra Turondale Turners Flat Turlinjah Tuppal Tuncurry Tuncester Tumut Tumorrama Tumbulgum Tumblong Tumbarumba Tullimbar Tullibigeal Tullera Tullamore Tuggerah Tuena Tuckurimba Tucabia Tubbul Tubbamurra Trunkey Creek Trungley Hall Trundle Trida Triangle Flat Trewilga Tregeagle Trangie Towrang Towamba Toukley Tottenham Torryburn Torrington Toronto Topi Topi Tootool Toothdale Tooraweenah Toongi Toongabbie Tooma Tooloom Tooleybuc Toogong Tongarra Tomingley Tomewin Tomerong Tombong Tomalla Tomakin Tomago Tocumwal Tirrannaville Tintinhull Tintenbar Tinonee Tingha Timor Tilpa Tilbuster Tilba Tilba Tichborne Tibooburra Tianjara Thyra Thuddungra Thredbo Village Thornton Thornleigh Thora Thirroul Thirlmere The Vale The Rocks The Rock The Risk Theresa Park The Pocket The Oaks The Lagoon The Entrance The Channon The Branch Thalaba Teven Terry Hie Hie Terrigal Terrey Hills Terranora Terramungamine Terragon Termeil Teridgerie Terara Teralba Tenterfield Tenterden Tenambit Tempe Temora Telegraph Point Telarah Taylors Flat Taylors Arm Tathra Tatham Tarro Tarlo Taree Tarcutta Tarana Taralga Tarago Tanja Tamworth Tambar Springs Tallong Tallimba Tallawang Talbingo Talarm Tahmoor Tabulam Table Top Tabbita Tabbimoble Taren Point Tarrawanna Towradgi Toowoon Bay Tacoma Tamarama Tamworth South Tanilba Bay Tapitallee Tarbuck Bay Tascott Telopea Tennyson Tennyson Point Tharbogang The Hill The Junction The University Of Sydney Thurgoona Tighes Hill Tingira Heights Tolland Toolijooa Toongabbie East Toormina Toorooka Tregear Trevallyn Tuggerawong Tumbi Umbi Tura Beach Turill Tuross Head Turrella Turvey Park Tweed Heads South Tweed Heads West Torrington Twelve Mile Creek Torrington Tallwood Toms Creek U Utungun Urunga Urbenville Uranquinty Urangeline East Urana Uralla Upsalls Creek Upper Rouchel Upper Rollands Plains Upper Orara Upper Myall Upper Manilla Upper Lansdowne Upper Kangaroo River Upper Corindi Upper Colo Upper Burringbar Upper Bingara Ungarie Unanderra Ulong Ulmarra Ulladulla Ulan Uki Uarbry Umina Ulamambri Umina Beach Undercliffe Unsw Sydney Uralba University Of New England University Of Wollongong Uriarra V Vineyard Villawood Verona Vaucluse Valley Heights Valla Valery Vacy Vincentia Valentine Valla Beach Varroville Vittoria Voyager Point Verges Creek W Wyrallah Wyong Creek Wyongah Wyong Wyndham Wylie Creek Wyee Wybong Wyan Wyalong Wuuluman Woy Woy Woronora Dam Wootton Woonona Woombah Woomargama Woolwich Woolooma Woolomin Woolloomooloo Wooli Woolgoolga Woolbrook Woodville Woodview Woodstock Woodhouselee Woodhill Woodford Woodenbong Woodburn Wongo Creek Wongarbon Wondalga Womboota Wombat Wombarra Wolumla Wollun Wollongbar Wollomombi Wollombi Wollar Wittitrin Wisemans Ferry Wirrinya Wirrimbi Winton Wingham Wingen Wingello Windsor Windeyer Windellama Windang Wimbledon Wilton Willow Vale Willow Tree Willi Willi Willina Williamtown Williamsdale Willbriggie Willawarrin Wildes Meadow Wilcannia Wilberforce Wiangaree Whoota Whitton Whittingham White Top White Cliffs Whitebridge Whiporie Whian Whian Wherrol Flat Wheeo Whale Beach West Wyalong West Wallsend Westville West Tamworth West Pymble Weston Westmead West Hoxton Westbrook Werris Creek Werombi Wentworthville Wentworth Falls Wentworth Wellington Wellingrove Welaregang Weilmoringle Wee Waa Weethalle Weetaliba Weemelah Wee Jasper Wedderburn Wean Weabonga Waverton Waverley Waukivory Wauchope Wattle Flat Wattamondara Wattamolla Watsons Creek Watsons Bay Waterloo Waterfall Warroo Warrimoo Warren Warrell Creek Warrawee Warral Warraderry Warnervale Warkworth Warialda Wards River Wards Mistake Wardell Warburn Wapengo Wantiool Wantabadgery Wang Wauk Wangi Wangi Wanganella Wandsworth Wandandian Wanaaring Wamoon Wamberal Walmer Wallsend Wallerawang Wallendbeen Wallarobba Wallangra Wallalong Wallacia Wallabadah Walgett Walcha Road Walcha Walbundrie Wakool Waitara Wahroonga Wagga Wagga Wadeville Wadbilliga Wollongong Woolooware Woronora Warrawong Woollahra Wolli Creek Warringah Willoughby Wakefield Wakeley Walla Walla Wallaga Lake Wallarah Wandella Warabrook Waratah Waratah West Wareemba Warilla Warners Bay Warragamba Warriewood Warringah Mall Warriwillah Warrumbungle Warwick Farm Watanobbi Waterview Heights Wattle Grove Welby Wendoree Park Werri Beach Werrington Werrington County Werrington Downs West Chatswood West Gosford West Haven West Pennant Hills West Ryde Westdale Westgate Westleigh Wetherill Park Wetherill Park Dc Whalan Wheeler Heights Wickham Widgelli Wiley Park Williamtown Raaf Willmot Windale Wingala Winmalee Winston Hills Wisemans Creek Wollstonecraft Wonboyn Lake Wongawilli Woodberry Woodbine Woodcroft Woodrising Woollamia Woongarrah Woronora Heights Worrigee Wyoming Wamboin Wagga Wagga South Wagga Wagga Raaf Wirrimah West Bathurst Wallsend South Wambool Winegrove Wombeyan Caves Wrights Beach Wonboyn West Armidale Warriewood Shopping Square Woodlands Washpool Y Yowrie Young Yorklea Yoogali Yetman Yetholme Yerrinbool Yerong Creek Yeoval Yenda Yellow Rock Yelgun Yass Yarrowyck Yarrowitch Yarras Yarrangobilly Yarraman Yarramalong Yarragundry Yarrabandai Yarra Yantabulla Yannergee Yanderra Yanco Yamba Yallaroi Yalbraith Yaddra Yowie Bay Yarrawarrah Yagoona Yagoona West Yallah Yarramundi Yarrawonga Yarrawonga Park Yattalunga Yennora Yass Yatte Yattah Yarrunga Z Zara Zetland nsw
Victoria A Axedale Avonsleigh Avoca Avenel Auburn Athlone Aspendale Ascot Vale Arthurs Creek Arnold Armstrong Armadale North Armadale Argyle Ardmona Archies Creek Archdale Arcadia Arawata Ararat Arapiles Apsley Appin South Apollo Bay Antwerp Anglesea Anderson Ancona Anakie Amphitheatre Amherst Alvie Altona Almurta Alma Allestree Allendale Allansford Allambee South Allambee Alfredton Alexandra Albion Alberton West Alberton Airly Aireys Inlet Addington Acheron Aberfeldy Attwood Abeckett Street Aberfeldie Airport West Albanvale Alphington Altona Meadows Altona North Ardeer Arthurs Seat Ashburton Ashwood Aspendale Gardens Avondale Heights Allans Flat Armadale Auburn South Abbotsford Albert Park Appin Park Agnes Ashbourne B Byrneside Bylands Byaduk North Byaduk Buxton Bushy Park Bushfield Burrumbeet Burrowye Burnbank Burleigh Bunyip Buninyong Bungeet Bung Bong Bungalally Bunding Bundalong South Bundalong Bundalaguah Bunbartha Bumberrah Buln Buln East Buln Buln Bullioh Bullengarook Bulleen Bullarto Bullarook Bulla Bulart Buffalo River Buffalo Budgeree East Budgeree Buckrabanyule Buckley Buckland Buchan South Buchan Buangor Bruthen Brunswick Brucknell Browns Plains Broughton Broomfield Brodribb River Broadwater Broadmeadows Broadford Brit Brit Brimpaen Brimin Brim Brighton Bright Briar Hill Briagolong Breakaway Creek Branxholme Brandy Creek Braeside Bradvale Boxwood Box Hill Boweya North Boweya Bowenvale Boundary Bend Bostocks Creek Borung Boronia Boralma Boort Boorhaman Boorcan Boomahnoomoonah Boolite Boolarra South Boolarra Boolarong Bonnie Doon Boneo Bonang Bolwarrah Bolwarra Bolinda Boisdale Boigbeat Boho South Boho Bogong Bochara Bobinawarrah Blowhard Blampied Blakeville Blackwood Forest Blackwood Blackwarry Black Rock North Blackheath Bittern Birregurra Birchip Beveridge Beulah Betley Bethanga Bet Bet Bessiebelle Berwick Berrys Creek Berrybank Berriwillock Berringama Berringa Beremboke Bennison Benloch Benjeroop Bendigo Benambra Benalla Bena Belmont Bellbrae Bellarine Belgrave South Belgrave Heights Belgrave Beenak Beechworth Beech Forest Beeac Beaufort Bealiba Beaconsfield Upper Beaconsfield Bayswater Baynton Bayles Bayindeen Baxter Bathumi Batesford Bass Barwon Heads Barwon Downs Barwite Barrys Reef Barraport Barramunga Barongarook Barnawartha Barmah Barkstead Barkers Creek Baringhup Barfold Banyena Banyan Bannockburn Bannerton Bandiana Bamganie Bambra Bamawm Extension Bamawm Balook Balnarring Beach Balnarring Balmoral Balmattum Ballyrogan Balliang East Balliang Ballarat Ballangeich Ballan Bald Hills Bairnsdale Bailieston Bahgallah Bagshot Badger Creek Baddaginnie Bacchus Marsh Baarmutha Bonbeach Blairgowrie Balwyn Bakery Hill Balaclava Ballarat North Ballarat West Balwyn North Bandiana Milpo Bangholme Banyule Barrabool Bayswater North Bedford Road Bell Park Bell Post Hill Bellbridge Bemm River Bendigo Dc Bendoc Bennettswood Bentleigh Bentleigh East Beverford Blackburn Blackburn North Blackburn South Blind Bight Box Hill North Box Hill South Braybrook Breakwater Breamlea Brentford Square Brighton East Brighton Road Brown Hill Brunswick East Brunswick West Bundoora Bungador Burnley Burwood East Ballarat Baranduda Barnawartha Bayswater Black Rock Bonegilla Boronia Broadmeadows Bungaree Beaumaris Burwood Bowmans Forest Bridgewater On Loddon Binginwarri Barunah Park Brooklyn Black Hill Ballarat Mc Burnside Bridgewater Brookfield Burwood Heights Bringalbert C Curyo Curlewis Curdie Vale Culla Culgoa Cudgee Croydon North Croydon Croxton East Crowlands Crossover Crossley Crib Point Creswick Cressy Cremorne Craigieburn Cowwarr Cowes Cowangie Cottles Bridge Costerfield Cosgrove South Cosgrove Cororooke Corop Corio Corindhap Cora Lynn Coragulac Cope Cope Coopers Creek Cooma Connewirricoo Connewarre Condah Collingwood Colignan Coleraine Coldstream Colbinabbin Colac Coimadai Cohuna Coghills Creek Codrington Cockatoo Coburg Cobungra Cobrico Cobram Cobden Cobaw Cobains Coalville Clyde North Clydebank Clyde Clunes Club Terrace Cloverlea Clifton Springs Clematis Clear Lake Clayton North Clarkes Hill Clarkefield Clarendon Chute Christmas Hills Chinkapook Chiltern Childers Chewton Chetwynd Cheshunt Chepstowe Chelsea Heights Chelsea Charlton Charam Chapple Vale Ceres Cavendish Caulfield Cathkin Catani Castlemaine Casterton Castella Cassilis Cashmore Carwarp Carrum Downs Carrum Carranballac Carrajung South Carrajung Lower Carrajung Carpendeit Carngham Carlsruhe Carlisle River Carisbrook Cardinia Cardigan Carboor Carapook Carapooee Caramut Cape Otway Cape Clear Cape Bridgewater Cann River Canadian Camperdown Campbelltown Campbells Forest Campbells Creek Campbells Bridge Campbellfield Campbell Cambrian Hill Camberwell Calulu Callignee North Callignee Callawadda Calivil Caldermeade Cheltenham Cairnlea California Gully Camberwell East Camberwell North Camberwell South Camberwell West Caniambo Cannons Creek Cape Paterson Cape Woolamai Cardross Carlton North Carlton South Carnegie Caroline Springs Caulfield East Caulfield Junction Caulfield North Caulfield South Central Park Chadstone Cheltenham East Chirnside Park Clarinda Clayton South Clifton Hill Clonbinane Coburg North Collins Street East Collins Street West Comet Hill Congupna Coolaroo Coomboona Coronet Bay Corunnun Cranbourne North Cranbourne South Croydon Hills Croydon South Cullulleraine Chatsworth Collingwood Corinella Corryong Cudgewa Carlton Clayton Canterbury Corinella Chatsworth Cabbage Tree Creek Coatesville Cabarita Colac Colac Churchill Cromer Craigie Charleroi D Duverney Dutson Durham Ox Durham Lead Dunolly Dunnstown Dunneworthy Dunkeld Dundonnell Dunach Dumbalk North Dumbalk Drysdale Dry Creek Drummond Drummartin Drumborg Drumanure Drouin West Drouin South Drouin Dromana Drik Drik Dreeite Douglas Doreen Dookie Dooen Donvale Donnybrook Doncaster East Doncaster Donald Dollar Docker Dixons Creek Dingwall Dingley Dingee Dimboola Diggers Rest Digby Diamond Creek Devon Meadows Devenish Derrinallum Derrimut Dergholm Dereel Denver Dennington Denison Delburn Delatite Deer Park Deep Lead Deans Marsh Dean Deakin Daylesford Dawson Dartmoor Darriman Darnum Darlington Darley Dargo Dandenong Dalyston Dalmore Daisy Hill Dadswells Bridge Dallas Dandenong South Darling Darraweit Guim Delacombe Delahey Dendy Devon North Dhurringile Dingley Village Dinner Plain Docklands Doncaster Heights Doveton Dartmouth Dederang Dookie College Drummond North Deer Park East Deakin University E Exford Everton Evansford Eurobin Euroa Eurack Essendon Eskdale Erica Epsom Epping Eppalock Ensay Emu Flat Emu Creek Emu Emerald Eltham North Eltham Elphinstone Elmore Elmhurst Ellinbank Elliminyt Ellerslie Elingamite Eldorado Elaine Eildon Eganstown Edi Upper Edithvale Edi Eden Park Edenhope Eddington Ecklin South Echuca Village Echuca Ebden Eastville Earlston Eagle Point Eaglehawk East Melbourne Eaglemont East Geelong Eastern View Endeavour Hills Essendon North Essendon West Essendon East Sale Raaf Epping Dc Eureka Enfield F Fyansford Fyans Creek Fumina Fulham Fryerstown Freshwater Creek Freeburgh Frankston East Frankston Franklinford Framlingham Fosterville Foster Forrest Forge Creek Forest Hill Footscray Flynn Flowerdale Flinders Five Ways Fitzroy Fish Point Fish Creek Ferny Creek Fernshaw Fernihurst Fern Hill Ferndale Fernbank Ferguson Fentons Creek Fawkner Faraday Fairy Dell Fairhaven Ferntree Gully Fitzroy North Flemington Flinders Lane Fountain Gate Frankston North Fingal Fairfield Falls Creek G Gymbowen Guys Forest Gundowring Gunbower Guildford Gruyere Grovedale Gritjurk Gringegalgona Greta West Greta South Greta Grenville Gre Gre North Gre Gre Greenwald Greenvale Greens Creek Greendale Great Western Graytown Grassmere Grassdale Granya Grantville Gowar East Gowangardie Goulburn Weir Goroke Gormandale Gordon Gorae West Gorae Goornong Goorambat Gooramadda Goon Nure Goomalibee Gobur Gnotuk Gnarwarre Glen Wills Glen Waverley Glen Valley Glenroy Glenrowan Glenormiston South Glenormiston North Glenorchy Glenmaggie Glenlyon Glenluce Glenlee Glenisla Glenhope Glengower Glengarry West Glengarry Glenfyne Glen Forbes Glenburn Glenaroua Glen Alvie Glenaladale Gladysdale Gisborne Girgarre East Gipsy Point Gillieston Gilderoy Giffard Gheringhap Gerang Gerung Gerangamete Genoa Gembrook Gellibrand Gelantipy Geelong West Geelong Gatum Garvoc Garibaldi Garfield Gannawarra Gainsborough Gaffneys Creek Gapsted Garden City Gardenvale Gippsland Mc Girgarre Gladstone Park Glen Huntly Glen Iris Glenthompson Golden Point Golden Square Goughs Bay Gowanbrae Greensborough Guys Hill Glenmore Glenroy Glengarry Gooram H Hurstbridge Huon Huntly Hunter Humevale Howqua Howes Creek Horsham Hordern Vale Hopevale Hopetoun Homewood Homerton Hoddles Creek Hillside Hill End Hilldene Hillcrest Highlands High Camp Heywood Heytesbury Lower Hexham Hesket Hepburn Springs Hepburn Heidelberg Hedley Heathmont Heathmere Heath Hill Heathcote Healesville Hazelwood Hazel Park Hawthorn Hawkesdale Havelock Hattah Hastings Harston Harrow Harrietville Harkaway Harcourt Hansonville Hampton Park Hamilton Hallston Halls Gap Hallora Hallam Haddon Highett Heyfield Hadfield Hamlyn Heights Hampton East Hampton North Hawksburn Hawthorn East Heathcote Junction Heatherton Heidelberg Heights Heidelberg West Herne Hill Hernes Oak Highpoint City Highton Hmas Cerberus Holmesglen Hopetoun Gardens Hoppers Crossing Hotham Heights Hotham Hill Hughesdale Huntingdale Hillside Hume Weir Hazeldene Hampton Heidelberg Rgh Houston I Irymple Irrewillipe Irrewarra Iraak Iona Inverloch Inverleigh Invergordon Inglewood Indigo Illowa Illawarra Illabarook Indented Head Ivanhoe East Ivanhoe Invermay J Jung Jumbunna Jumbuk Joyces Creek Jordanville Johnsonville Johanna Joel Joel Jindivick Jeparit Jeetho Jeeralang Junction Jeeralang Jarklin Jancourt Jamieson Jack River Jolimont Jacana Jan Juc Junortoun Jancourt East Jam Jerrup K Kyvalley Kyneton Kyabram Kurraca West Kunat Kulwin Krowera Koyuga Kotupna Kotta Korumburra South Korumburra Koroop Koroit Kooroocheang Koornalla Koorlong Kooreh Koonwarra Koondrook Kongwak Kolora Koetong Kobyboyn Knowsley Kirkstall King Valley Kingston Kingower Kinglake West Kinglake Central Kinglake Kilsyth Kilmore East Kilmore Kilmany Killawarra Killarney Killara Kilcunda Kiata Kialla West Kialla East Keysborough Kewell Kew Kevington Kerrisdale Kernot Kerang Keon Park Kennington Kennedys Creek Kenmare Kelvin View Keilor Kawarren Katyil Katunga Katandra Katamatite Karnak Kariah Kardella South Kardella Karabeal Kanyapella Kanumbra Kaniva Kangaroo Flat Kancoona Kanagulk Kamarooka Kalorama Kallista Kalkee Kalkallo Kalimna Kingsbury Kangaroo Ground Karingal Kealba Keilor Downs Keilor East Keilor North Keilor Park Kennett River Kerrie Kerrimuir Kew East Kilsyth South Kingsville Knox City Centre Knoxfield Koo Wee Rup Kooyong Korong Vale Kunyung Kurunjang Kergunyah Kiewa Kialla Kensington Kamarooka North Kyabram South Kithbrook Kings Park L Lysterfield Lyonville Lyons Lyndhurst Lurg Lucyvale Lucknow Lubeck Loy Yang Lower Plenty Lower Moira Lower Gellibrand Lovely Banks Lorquon Lorne Longwood Longwarry North Longwarry Longlea Longford Longerenong Londrigan Lockwood Locksley Lockington Loch Llowalong Little River Lismore Liparoo Linton Lindsay Lindenow South Lindenow Limestone Lilydale Lilliput Lillimur Lillico Licola Lexton Lethbridge Leslie Manor Leopold Leongatha Leonards Hill Leneva Lemnos Leitchville Leigh Creek Leichardt Learmonth Lavers Hill Lauriston Lascelles Larpent Lardner Lara Langwarrin Langley Lang Lang Langkoop Langi Logan Landsborough Lancaster Lamplough Lalor Lal Lal Lalbert Lake Tyers Lakes Entrance Lake Rowan Lake Mundi Lake Marmal Lake Lonsdale Lake Hindmarsh Lake Charm Lake Bolac Lake Boga Lah Laen Laceby Labertouche Laang Laanecoorie Laverton Laburnum Lake Tyers Beach Lancefield Langwarrin South Launching Place Laverton North Lima Loch Sport Lockwood South Long Gully Lynbrook Logan Lake Wendouree Law Courts Logan Logan M Mywee Mystic Park Mysia Myrtleford Myrrhee Myrniong Myers Flat Myamyn Myall Musk Vale Murtoa Murroon Murrindindi Murrayville Murrawee Murrabit Murphys Creek Murmungee Murgheboluc Murchison East Murchison Muntham Munro Mumbannar Mulgrave Mudgegonga Muckleford South Muckleford Moyston Moyhu Moyarra Moutajup Mount Waverley Mount Wallace Mount Sabine Mount Rowan Mount Richmond Mount Moriac Mount Mercer Mount Martha Mount Macedon Mount Lonarch Mount Hooghly Mount Evelyn Mount Eliza Mount Egerton Mount Eccles Mount Duneed Mount Dandenong Mount Cottrell Mount Cole Creek Mount Clear Mount Bute Mount Burnett Mount Best Mount Beauty Mountain View Mossiface Morwell Mortlake Mornington Moriac Mordialloc Mooroopna North Mooroopna Mooroolbark Moorooduc Moorngag Mooralla Moorabool Moorabbin Moonee Ponds Moondarra Moonambel Moolort Moolap Montrose Montmorency Montgomery Monomeith Mongans Bridge Monbulk Molyullah Mollongghip Molka Moliagul Molesworth Moglonemby Moe Modewarre Modella Mockinya Moama Mitta Mitta Mitre Mitiamo Mirranatwa Mirboo North Mirboo Miram Minyip Minmindie Mininera Minimay Minhamite Miners Rest Mincha Mill Park Millgrove Millbrook Milford Mildura Milawa Miga Lake Miepoll Middle Tarwin Middle Creek Mia Mia Metung Metcalfe Merton Merrijig Merrigum Merricks North Merricks Mernda Merino Meredith Merbein West Merbein South Merbein Mepunga East Menzies Creek Mentone Melville Forest Melton South Melton Melbourne Meerlieu Meeniyan Meatian McMillans McMahons Creek McKenzie Creek Maude Marysville Maryborough Marungi Maroona Marong Marnoo Marlo Maribyrnong Mardan Marcus Hill Mansfield Manor Mannibadar Mannerim Mangalore Mandurang South Mandurang Manangatang Malvern Malmsbury Mallacoota Maldon Majorca Maindample Mailors Flat Magpie Maffra Maddingley Madalya Macorna Macks Creek Macedon Macclesfield Macarthur McCrae Maidstone Mount Buller Macleod Maiden Gully Main Ridge Malvern East Manifold Heights Marshall Maryknoll Mckinnon Meadow Heights Melbourne Airport Melbourne University Mepunga Meringur Merlynston Mickleham Mid Valley Middle Camberwell Mildura Centre Plaza Moggs Creek Monash University Mont Albert Mont Albert North Moorabbin Airport Moorabbin East Moreland Mount Helen Mount Hotham Mount Taylor Mountain Gate Murrumbeena Musk Myrtlebank Melbourne Middle Park Mitcham Mirimbah Mount Pleasant Mitchell Park Merricks Beach Morrisons Mount Buffalo Moora N Nyora Nyarrin Nyah West Nyah Nutfield Nunawading Numurkah Nullawil Nullawarre Nowa Nowa Notting Hill Norval Northwood North Wonthaggi North Shore Northcote Norong Noradjuha Noorinbee Noorat Noojee Noble Park Nirranda Nintingbool Ninda Nilma North Nilma Nicholson Nhill Newtown Newstead Newry Newport Newmerella Newlyn North Newlyn Newington Newhaven Newham Newfield Newbury Newbridge Neuarpurr Netherby Nerrina Nelson Neilborough Neerim South Neerim East Neerim Nayook Navarre Natte Yallock Natimuk Nathalia Narrung Narre Warren North Narre Warren Narrawong Narraport Narracan Nar Nar Goon North Nar Nar Goon Naringal Nareen Napoleons Nanneella Nangana Nandaly Nambrok Nalinga Nalangil Nagambie Norlane North Brighton Nangiloc Narbethong Narre Warren East Navigators Neerim Junction Neerim North Nerrena New Gisborne Newborough Newcomb Newlands Arm Nichols Point Niddrie Noble Park North North Geelong North Melbourne Northland Centre Nariel Valley North Warrandyte North Bendigo Nunawading Bc North Road Narrapumelap South O Oxley Ovens Ouyen Outtrim Orrvale Orford Orbost Ondit Omeo Olinda Officer Ocean Grove Oakleigh South Oakleigh East Oakleigh Oak Park Oaklands Junction Ormond P Pyramid Hill Pyalong Purnim Pura Pura Puckapunyal Princetown Preston Prairie Prahran Powers Creek Powelltown Pound Creek Port Welshpool Portsea Port Melbourne Portland Port Franklin Port Fairy Port Campbell Portarlington Port Albert Porepunkah Poowong North Poowong East Poowong Pootilla Pomonal Pomborneit Point Lonsdale Point Cook Pittong Pirron Yallock Piries Pipers Creek Pine Lodge Pine Grove Pimpinio Piggoreet Pigeon Ponds Picola Piangil Pheasant Creek Peterborough Perry Bridge Peronne Percydale Penshurst Pennyroyal Peechelba East Peechelba Pearcedale Paynesville Patho Patchewollock Paschendale Parwan Panton Hill Panmure Panitya Pakenham Upper Pakenham South Pakenham Parkdale Park Orchards Pascoe Vale Pascoe Vale South Patterson Lakes Poolaijelo Preston South Paradise Beach Plenty Parkville Paradise Beach Paradise Beach Plumpton Pines Forest Q Queenscliff Quantong Quambatook Quarry Hill R Rythdale Rye Ryanston Rushworth Rupanyup Ruffy Ruby Rowville Rowsley Ross Creek Rosedale Rosebud Rosebrook Rosebery Romsey Rokewood Junction Rokewood Rokeby Rocklyn Rockbank Rochford Rochester Riverslea Ringwood North Ringwood East Ringwood Richmond Plains Richmond Rhyll Rheola Reservoir Research Regent Reedy Flat Reedy Creek Red Hill South Red Hill Redesdale Red Cliffs Redcastle Red Bluff Redbank Raywood Raymond Island Ravenswood Rathscar Ranceby Rainbow Raglan Rangeview Rawson Redan Regent West Riddells Creek Ripplebrook Ripponlea Robinson Robinvale Rosanna Rosebud West Roxburgh Park Rutherglen Russells Bridge Rocklands Royal Melbourne Hospital Riverside S Syndal Sydenham Swifts Creek Swanwater West Swan Reach Swanpool Swan Marsh Swan Hill Sutton Grange Sunshine Sunbury Stuart Mill Strzelecki Streatham Strathmore Strathmerton Strathlea Strathkellar Strathfieldsaye Strathewen Strathdownie Strath Creek Strathbogie Strathallan Stratford Strangways Stradbroke Stony Creek Stockyard Hill Stockdale Stewarton Steiglitz Steels Creek Stawell Stavely Stanley Stanhope Staceys Bridge Springvale South Springvale Springmount Springhurst Springfield Speed Spargo Creek South Yarra South Melbourne Southern Cross Somerville Somerton Somers Snake Valley Smythesdale Smythes Creek Smeaton Skipton Skenes Creek Silvan Sidonia Shoreham Shepparton She Oaks Shelford Shelbourne Sheep Hills Sheans Creek Shady Creek Seymour Seville Serviceton Serpentine Selby Sedgwick Sebastopol Sebastian Seaton Seaspray Sea Lake Seaford Scotts Creek Scotsburn Scoresby Scarsdale Sassafras Gully Sarsfield San Remo Sandy Point Sandy Creek Sandringham Sandford Samaria Salisbury West Sale Sailors Falls Sandhurst East Sandown Village Seaholme Seddon Seddon West Shelley Shepparton East Sherbrooke Simpson Smiths Gully South Kingsville South Morang Southbank Southland Centre Sovereign Hill Spotswood Spring Gully St Albans Park St Andrews Beach St Arnaud St James St Kilda St Kilda East St Kilda Road St Kilda Road Central St Kilda South St Kilda West Staghorn Flat Stonehaven Strathdale Strathmore Heights Studfield Sunnycliffs Surrey Hills Sorrento South Melbourne Springvale St Albans Seabrook Saint Helena Skye Stonyford Sutherlands Creek Sassafras South Melbourne Dc Safety Beach Springbank St Andrews St Leonards South Dudley St Helens Simson T Tyrrell Downs Tyrendarra East Tyrendarra Tyntynder South Tyntynder Tynong North Tynong Tylden Tyers Tyabb Tutye Turtons Creek Tungamah Tullamarine Truganina Trida Tresco Trentham East Trentham Tremont Traynors Lagoon Trawool Trawalla Traralgon South Traralgon Tragowel Trafalgar South Trafalgar East Trafalgar Towong Upper Tower Hill Tourello Tostaree Torrumbarry Torquay Tooradin Toongabbie Toolondo Toolleen Toolern Vale Toolangi Toolamba West Toolamba Tooborac Tongio Tongala Tolmie Tittybong Tintaldra Tinamba Timor Timmering Timboon Thorpdale South Thorpdale Thoona Thomastown The Sisters The Patch The Basin Thalia Terip Terip Terang Tennyson Tempy Templestowe Lower Templestowe Telangatuk East Teesdale Teal Point Tawonga Tatyoon Tatura Tatong Tarwin Lower Tarwin Tarrington Tarrayoukyan Tarrawingee Tarrawarra Tarraville Tarra Valley Tarranyurk Tarneit Tarnagulla Tarcombe Taradale Tanybryn Tankerton Tanjil South Taminick Tambo Upper Tambo Crossing Tallygaroopna Tallarook Talgarno Talbot Tahara Taggerty Tabor Tabilk Tottenham Tawonga South Taylors Lakes Tecoma Tenby Point The Gurdies Thornbury Three Bridges Tidal River Tonimbuk Toolong Toorak Tootgarook Travancore Tuerong Tallangatta Tangambalanga Toora Towong Thowgla Valley Tubbut Thornton Tunstall Square Po Tandarra U Upwey Upper Plenty Upper Lurg Upper Gundowring Upotipotpon Underbool Undera Ulupna Ultima Ullswater Ullina Upper Ferntree Gully University Of Melbourne V Vite Vite North Vite Vite Violet Town Vesper Vervale Vermont Ventnor Vasey Valencia Creek Vermont South Victoria Valley Viewbank Vinifera Venus Bay W Wy Yung Wyuna Wye River Wyelangta Wychitella Wycheproof Wurruk Wurdiboluc Wunghnu Wuk Wuk Woosang Wooroonook Woorndoo Woori Yallock Woorinen North Woorinen Woorarra East Wooragee Woomelang Wool Wool Woolsthorpe Woolamai Wood Wood Woodvale Woodstock Woods Point Woodside Woodleigh Woodglen Woodford Woodfield Woodend Wonyip Won Wron Wonthaggi Wongarra Wonga Park Wombelano Wollert Wodonga Wirrate Winton Winslow Winnindoo Winnap Windermere Winchelsea Willung South Willung Willowvale Willow Grove Williamstown Willenabrina Willaura Willatook Willangie Wilkur Wilby Wickliffe Whroo Whorouly South Whorouly Whoorel Whittlesea Whitfield Whitelaw Whirily Wheelers Hill Wharparilla Westmere Wesburn Werribee Werona Werneth Wensleydale Wendouree Welshmans Reef Wellsford Wehla Weerite Weering Wedderburn Waygara Waurn Ponds Waubra Wattle Hill Wattle Grove Wattle Flat Wattle Creek Wattle Bank Watsons Creek Waterloo Watchupga Watchem Wartook Warrong Warrnambool Warrion Warrenheip Warrenbayne Warrayure Warrandyte South Warrandyte Warrak Warragul Warracknabeal Warrabkook Warncoort Warmur Wareek Warburton Waratah North Waranga Wantirna South Wantirna Wannon Wangoom Wangaratta Wando Vale Wandong Wando Bridge Wandin North Wandiligong Wanalta Wal Wal Walpeup Walpa Walmer Wallup Wallington Wallan East Wallan Wallaloo East Wallacedale Wallace Walkerville Walhalla Waitchie Wail Wahring Waggarandall Waanyarra Waaia Werribee South W Tree Wandana Heights Waratah Bay Warneet Warranwood Waterways Watsonia Wattle Glen Wendouree Village Werrimull West Footscray Westmeadows Whittington Wiseleigh Wodonga Plaza Woorinen South World Trade Centre Wyndham Vale Wahgunyah Walwa Welshpool West Melbourne Wodonga White Hills Woodstock West Walkerville South Windsor Wattle Park Wishart Wairewa Y Yundool Yulecart Youarang Youanmite Yinnar South Yinnar Yielima Yeungroon Yering Yeodene Yendon Yea Yarroweyah Yarrawonga Yarrawalla Yarraville Yarram Yarra Junction Yarragon Yarra Glen Yarraberb Yarpturk Yarck Yapeen Yan Yean Yannathan Yangery Yandoit Yando Yanac Yambuna Yambuk Yallourn Yalca Yabba North Yaapeet Yallambie Yallourn North Yanakie Yarrambat Yarrunga Yellingbo Yeo Yuroke Yackandandah Yarraville West victoria
 A Ayton Ayr Avondale Augathella Aubigny Atherton Aspley Ashgrove Armstrong Creek Aratula Aramara Aramac Apple Tree Creek Applethorpe Anduramba Andergrove Anakie Amity Point Amiens Amby Ambrose Amberley Amamoor Alva Alton Downs Alpha Aloomba Almaden Allora Alligator Creek Allan Alexandra Aldershot Alberton Albany Creek Aitkenvale Advancetown Adavale Acacia Ridge Abercorn Airlie Beach Agnes Water Alexandra Headland Albion Auchenflower Abergowrie Acacia Ridge Dc Acland Adelaide Park Aeroglen Airville Alderley Alexandra Hills Algester Alice River Allenstown Alloway Annerley Anstead Arana Hills Archerfield Aroona Arundel Arundel Dc Ascot Ashmore Austinville Avenell Heights Armstrong Beach Avoca Aranbanga Argyll Aurukun Adare Amity Anderleigh Augustine Heights Abbeywood Airdmillan Annandale Araluen Athol Abington Andromache Avondale Arcadia Alabama Hill Ashfield Abbotsford B Burketown Boulia Birdsville Bedourie Byrnestown Bymount Byfield Buxton Butchers Creek Bushley Burua Burpengary Burnett Heads Burncluith Burleigh Heads Bungunya Bungadoo Bundamba Bundaberg Bullyard Builyan Buderim Buccan Bucasia Buaraba Bryden Browns Plains Broughton Brooweena Brooloo Brookstead Brookhill Brookfield Bromelton Broadbeach Brisbane Brightview Brighton Brigalow Bridges Brandon Bracewell Bracalba Boyneside Boyne Island Boyland Bowenville Bowen Bororen Borallon Booyal Boonooroo Boonenne Boondooma Boondall Boonarga Boonah Boolburra Boolboonda Boodua Bony Mountain Bongeen Bongaree Bondoola Bombeeta Bollon Bogandilla Blythdale Bluff Blue Mountain Bloomsbury Bli Bli Blenheim Blaxland Blanchview Blackwater Blacks Beach Black Duck Creek Blackbutt Blackall Birnam Birkdale Birkalla Binjour Binbee Bilyana Biloela Bilinga Biggenden Biddeston Biboohra Berajondo Benowa Benarkin Benaraby Bemerside Belmont Bellenden Ker Bell Belgian Gardens Beerwah Beerburrum Beenleigh Beechmont Beecher Beebo Beaudesert Beachmere Bauple Bartle Frere Barrine Barney View Barmaryee Bargara Baree Barcaldine Baralaba Bapaume Banana Bambaroo Bamaga Ballandean Balfes Creek Balberra Baking Board Bakers Creek Bajool Bahrs Scrub Baffle Creek Baddow Back Plains Breakfast Creek Bulimba Bellara Bloomfield Biggera Waters Banyo Bracken Ridge Brendale Bald Hills Balnagowan Banksia Beach Bannockburn Bardon Barellan Point Basin Pocket Battery Hill Bayview Heights Beelbi Creek Belivah Bellbird Park Bellbowrie Bentley Park Berrinba Bethania Bingil Bay Birtinya Black River Blacksoil Blackstone Bluewater Bluewater Park Bohle Bohle Plains Bokarina Bond University Bonogin Boogan Booie Booval Boreen Point Boronia Heights Bouldercombe Branyan Brassall Bribie Island Bridgeman Downs Brinsmead Brisbane Adelaide Street Broadbeach Waters Brookside Centre Brookwater Buddina Bundaberg Central Bundaberg Dc Bundaberg East Bundaberg North Bundaberg South Bundaberg West Bundall Bungalow Bunya Buranda Burbank Burleigh Town Burleigh Waters Burrum Heads Bushland Beach Babinda Brisbane Bucca Bray Park Berserker Balmoral Ban Ban Springs Bauhinia Billa Billa Bingegang Bringalily Broadmere Bucca Bollier Brisbane Market Barney Point Burrum River Bangalee Booubyjan Bunya Mountains Barron Beenaam Valley Brymaroo Belvedere Booroobin Ballard Bells Creek Benarkin North Badu Island Booral Banks Pocket Bremer Bribie Island North Blackbutt North Boyne Valley Ballogie Balgowan Bunya Creek Bucca Breakaway Burrum Town Barlows Hill Brampton Island Beaconsfield Balcomba Bella Creek Barratta Bukali Barmoya Burgowan Balmoral Ridge Boynewood Barambah Byellee Barker Creek Flat Broken River Blackbutt South C Camooweal Cutella Currumbin Curra Cunningham Cunnamulla Croydon Crows Nest Cromarty Croftby Cremorne Crawford Cranley Cracow Cowley Cottonvale Corinda Corfield Corella Cordalba Cooyar Coowonga Cootharaba Coorparoo Cooroy Coorooman Cooranga North Cooran Coondoo Coominya Coominglah Coomera Coolum Beach Coolum Cooloolabin Coolbie Coolangatta Coolana Cooladdi Coolabunia Cooktown Conway Conondale Coningsby Condamine Comet Columboola Colston Park Colosseum Collinsville Colinton Coleyville Coen Coalstoun Lakes Coalbank Clumber Cluden Cloyna Closeburn Clontarf Cloncurry Clintonvale Clifton Cleveland Clermont Clayton Clarendon Clare Clairview Cinnabar Churchill Chinchilla Chillagoe Childers Chewko Cheepie Charters Towers Charlwood Charlton Charleville Cement Mills Cedarton Cedar Grove Cecil Plains Cawarral Cassowary Carstairs Carruchan Carmila Cardwell Carbrook Capella Capalaba Canungra Canoona Cannon Valley Cannonvale Cannon Creek Cania Camp Mountain Camoola Cambooya Camboon Calvert Caloundra Calliope Callide Calen Cairns Caffey Caboolture Cabarlah Cowan Cowan Clifton Beach Chapel Hill Carseldine Clayfield Chermside Cow Bay Cairns North Calamvale Calavos Caloundra West Camira Camp Hill Cannon Hill Capalaba West Captains Mountain Caravonica Carina Carina Heights Carindale Carole Park Carrara Cashmere Castaways Beach Cedar Vale Centenary Heights Central Queensland Mc Chambers Flat Chandler Chelmer Cherbourg Chermside West Cherry Creek Chevron Island Chirn Park Chuwar City East Clagiraba Clear Island Waters Clear Mountain Clinton Coalfalls Coconuts Collingwood Park Condon Coochiemudlo Island Cooee Bay Cooloola Cove Coombabah Coopers Plains Cooroibah Coppabella Coral Cove Cornubia Cotton Tree Cranbrook Crestmead Currajong Currimundi Currumbin Valley Currumbin Waters Cedar Creek Caboolture South Cambroon Churchable Carpendale Chahpingah Cungulla Crossdale Cape Gloucester Causeway Lake Cape Hillsborough Captain Creek Calingunee Cypress Gardens Cowley Beach Campwin Beach Conway Beach Cairns City Cape Moreton Central Queensland University Crystal Brook Coorumba Cooroy Mountain Cooloola Canina Callemondah Curramore College View Cowley Creek Canal Creek Coringa Coochin Creek Commissioners Flat Camp Creek Clarke Creek Colevale Carrington Central Plaza Crohamhurst Castle Hill Castle Creek Cairns Orchid Plaza Chelmsford Currajah Currumbin Dc Crediton Cattle Creek Cullinane Cheltenham Charlestown Coquette Point Coorada D Duchess Dajarra Durong Dunwich Dundas Dundarrah Dumbleton Dululu Dulacca Dugandan Ducklo Duaringa Drillham Drayton Dows Creek Doolbi Djuan Djarawong Dixalea Dirranbandi Dinmore Dingo Dimbulah Didcot Devereux Creek Deuchar Delta Degilbo Deeral Deception Bay Deagon Daymar Dayboro Darra Daradgee Danderoo Danbulla

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Ezekiel 14 New International Version (NIV)

Idolaters Condemned

14 Some of the elders of Israel came to me and sat down in front of me. Then the word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, these men have set up idols in their hearts and put wicked stumbling blocks before their faces. Should I let them inquire of me at all? Therefore speak to them and tell them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: When any of the Israelites set up idols in their hearts and put a wicked stumbling block before their faces and then go to a prophet, I the Lord will answer them myself in keeping with their great idolatry. I will do this to recapture the hearts of the people of Israel, who have all deserted me for their idols.’

“Therefore say to the people of Israel, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Repent! Turn from your idols and renounce all your detestable practices!

“‘When any of the Israelites or any foreigner residing in Israel separate themselves from me and set up idols in their hearts and put a wicked stumbling block before their faces and then go to a prophet to inquire of me, I the Lord will answer them myself. I will set my face against them and make them an example and a byword. I will remove them from my people. Then you will know that I am the Lord.

“‘And if the prophet is enticed to utter a prophecy, I the Lord have enticed that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand against him and destroy him from among my people Israel. 10 They will bear their guilt—the prophet will be as guilty as the one who consults him. 11 Then the people of Israel will no longer stray from me, nor will they defile themselves anymore with all their sins. They will be my people, and I will be their God, declares the Sovereign Lord.’”

Jerusalem’s Judgment Inescapable

12 The word of the Lord came to me: 13 “Son of man, if a country sins against me by being unfaithful and I stretch out my hand against it to cut off its food supply and send famine upon it and kill its people and their animals, 14 even if these three men—Noah, Daniel[a] and Job—were in it, they could save only themselves by their righteousness, declares the Sovereign Lord.

15 “Or if I send wild beasts through that country and they leave it childless and it becomes desolate so that no one can pass through it because of the beasts, 16 as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if these three men were in it, they could not save their own sons or daughters. They alone would be saved, but the land would be desolate.

17 “Or if I bring a sword against that country and say, ‘Let the sword pass throughout the land,’ and I kill its people and their animals, 18 as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if these three men were in it, they could not save their own sons or daughters. They alone would be saved.

19 “Or if I send a plague into that land and pour out my wrath on it through bloodshed, killing its people and their animals, 20 as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if Noah, Daniel and Job were in it, they could save neither son nor daughter. They would save only themselves by their righteousness.

21 “For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: How much worse will it be when I send against Jerusalem my four dreadful judgments—sword and famine and wild beasts and plague—to kill its men and their animals! 22 Yet there will be some survivors—sons and daughters who will be brought out of it. They will come to you, and when you see their conduct and their actions, you will be consoled regarding the disaster I have brought on Jerusalem—every disaster I have brought on it. 23 You will be consoled when you see their conduct and their actions, for you will know that I have done nothing in it without cause, declares the Sovereign Lord.


Ezekiel 3 New International Version (NIV)

And he said to me, “Son of man, eat what is before you, eat this scroll; then go and speak to the people of Israel.” So I opened my mouth, and he gave me the scroll to eat.

Then he said to me, “Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you and fill your stomach with it.” So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth.

He then said to me: “Son of man, go now to the people of Israel and speak my words to them. You are not being sent to a people of obscure speech and strange language, but to the people of Israel— not to many peoples of obscure speech and strange language, whose words you cannot understand. Surely if I had sent you to them, they would have listened to you. But the people of Israel are not willing to listen to you because they are not willing to listen to me, for all the Israelites are hardened and obstinate. But I will make you as unyielding and hardened as they are. I will make your forehead like the hardest stone, harder than flint. Do not be afraid of them or terrified by them, though they are a rebellious people.

10 And he said to me, “Son of man, listen carefully and take to heart all the words I speak to you. 11 Go now to your people in exile and speak to them. Say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says,’ whether they listen or fail to listen.

12 Then the Spirit lifted me up, and I heard behind me a loud rumbling sound as the glory of the Lord rose from the place where it was standing.[a] 13 It was the sound of the wings of the living creatures brushing against each other and the sound of the wheels beside them, a loud rumbling sound. 14 The Spirit then lifted me up and took me away, and I went in bitterness and in the anger of my spirit, with the strong hand of the Lord on me. 15 I came to the exiles who lived at Tel Aviv near the Kebar River. And there, where they were living, I sat among them for seven days—deeply distressed.

Ezekiel’s Task as Watchman

16 At the end of seven days the word of the Lord came to me: 17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. 18 When I say to a wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for[b] their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood. 19 But if you do warn the wicked person and they do not turn from their wickedness or from their evil ways, they will die for their sin; but you will have saved yourself.

20 “Again, when a righteous person turns from their righteousness and does evil, and I put a stumbling block before them, they will die. Since you did not warn them, they will die for their sin. The righteous things that person did will not be remembered, and I will hold you accountable for their blood. 21 But if you do warn the righteous person not to sin and they do not sin, they will surely live because they took warning, and you will have saved yourself.

22 The hand of the Lord was on me there, and he said to me, “Get up and go out to the plain, and there I will speak to you.” 23 So I got up and went out to the plain. And the glory of the Lord was standing there, like the glory I had seen by the Kebar River, and I fell facedown.

24 Then the Spirit came into me and raised me to my feet. He spoke to me and said: “Go, shut yourself inside your house. 25 And you, son of man, they will tie with ropes; you will be bound so that you cannot go out among the people. 26 I will make your tongue stick to the roof of your mouth so that you will be silent and unable to rebuke them, for they are a rebellious people. 27 But when I speak to you, I will open your mouth and you shall say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says.’ Whoever will listen let them listen, and whoever will refuse let them refuse; for they are a rebellious people.


  1. Ezekiel 3:12 Probable reading of the original Hebrew text; Masoretic Text sound—may the glory of the Lord be praised from his place
  2. Ezekiel 3:18 Or in; also in verses 19 and 20
New International Version (NIV)

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