This Web Site is for Christians.  Click here to see it.  I think if you are not a Christian  you may will find your Bible and what I talk about distorted because I am convinced that it is God, Jesus and his Holy Spirit   opens your eyes and open your ears, so it is help from above, Heaven, so it does not matter how hard you try to see and understand without God, Jesus, Holy Spirit you will be in error.

The proof of what I say is in front right now as you look at all the thousands of Denominations who have different  views of what the Bible is saying. Some of the views about God and His Son are frightening and has no place in the true understanding of what this Web Site is about.

So the traits of God are truly a picture of the living God a God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. God has a Kingdom right now as we live. A Kingdom who has a foundation fulfilling all of God's Traits such as Pure, Peaceable, Gentle, Kind, Mercy, Open to Reason, Goodness, Compassion, Cares about you, No uncertainty, no insincerity,  Kindness and the list can go on.

Jesus himself said, "Come to me, learn of me because I have a lowly spirit and I will give you rest if you come to me." Jesus' life show us how wonderfully Jesus cares about people. God's compassion is to all people, the poor, the sick, lepers, blind, paraplegic and Jesus welcomes every one and there are no exceptions.

It is important to clasp the truth that Jesus is serious when he says, if you seek you will find him, If you knock on his door he will open the door to you., if you as you will receive and Jesus himself said. Everyone, means everyone.

So it is a foundation for you to do what Jesus tells you to do.

Every page has the facility for you to comment and you can add content and videos. I visit the site each day and I approve your comments and I will leave your comments public unless you tell me, otherwise .

So we do not want this site polluted by comments not suitable, but let us build a environment, a world  and you can join and contribute as much as you like. If you have a lot of material I will give your own page where you can build a world around you.

Next time.