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Asher Intrater
Click Asher name above to see Asher's Video and read comments below

A note to introduce this page about "Is the World Close to Armageddon"  I have to say that after listening Asher's Video I put a page up but decided I need to make a few more comments here for the following reasons:

  • I am truly a Servant of the Living God. Jesus, the Holy Spirit has trained and disciplined me to do his work
  • If you go into my manuscript www.revelationyoucanunderstand.com in the Introduction my journey with Jesus Christ is there and it is there for you to decide whether I am a true servant of God or a False Prophet. That is God is speaking through me.
  • Asher Intrater a director of Revive Israel Ministries with his Video "Is the World Close to Armageddon." has given a view that is clearly in error. He is giving a false message and it is obvious to me Asher's voice is not a message given by the living God I Serve and is certainly not a message from Jesus Christ  and the Bible Revelation because he and his people are still looking for the Messiah in the future, when the Messiah, Jesus Christ, appointed the Christ by the living God.
  • Asher's message about Jerusalem is locked into the Old Testament and has not been liberated by the wonderful message, the Gospel of Jesus Christ revealed in the New Testament and Revelation given by John, the message Revelation was a Revelation from God to his Son and then his angle gave the message to John and we have it in the Bible
  • Therefore it is impossible for Asher to understand what God is saying to us and the wonderful truth that we live our lives, we are liberated from sin by coming to Jesus and then Jesus takes us home when we die live in the Kingdom of God.
  • CBNNews.com has a platform for allowing other voices to be heard and to me that is fine because that is why they exist and supported.

What  troubles me is that Asher fits in with all the Prophets who claim to have a message from God. But  God has said. I did not sent them. And because the message is false people who are caught up up in that teaching are also deceived and are looking for a hope promised but that false promise will not happen.

To be fair to Asher I should also add so of the other False Prophets in my time and to be fair I need to set the atmosphere on these comments below because the God, the living God I serve is full of:

It is important to understand is that God has always let people make up their own mind and if they want they can obey God can, but if they do not want to obey God they do not  and that is exactly what Adam and Eve did. They decided to listen to other advice so they thought , “Why not” So they disobeyed God and then  they realised they made a mistake and their desires, thinking was corrupted. And as a result people find it easy to do the opposite  to do what God wants people to do Man’s Traits are the same as God’s because we are created after God’ likeness and image. Pure, Peaceable, Gentle, Open to Reason, Full of Mercy, Goodness, No uncertainty, No Insincerity but because our original Parents chose to disobey God . Adam and Eve decided to not listen to God so God then did what he promised. If you do not obey me then you will die. So we have additional traits and that means because we are now corrupted we choose the opposite to God's Traits.

With God, if you have made a mistake, if you have been on the wrong  road and you realise it and you let God, Jesus know he forgives and you then start fresh on the right road.

  • Let us start:

  • Often in the mainstream Denominations, Churches they have the foundation of Jesus Christ and the Cross, sins forgiven and because of different interpretations of the Bible they form other Denominations and for these Churches Revelation Chapter 2 and 3 the message to the 7 Churches the angels praise and also points out errors that need to be fixed and if not fixed there are consequences.

  • I received an Email a few years ago from Andy & Dianne van den Berg and their book A world deceived
     I copied this  from their book.
    By reading all of the pages and articles of this website (Their Book Andy & Dianne van den Berg and their book A world deceived) you no longer have to walk in darkness as it will give you answers to all of the above and explain the spirit of mankind. In black Andy's quote
      Andy & Dianne van den Berg are saying their book supplies the answers. From a Christian point of view most Denominations state the Bible that is God's Word is inspired and is the complete authority concerning the Christians life. And the Bible clearly talks about the Sinfulness of Mankind and the remedy is for Mankind to come to Jesus. My own WEB site You Must Repent is designed to bring people to Jesus, but the Bible is clearly  the guide in all matters.
    But Andy & Dianne van den Berg and their book A world deceived have said their book will supply all answers.
     Unfortunately I have to say if their book is it and note they quote the Bible and then they make statements about what the Bible means. So they are saying they know so they are speaking God's mind, but in fact the answers are what their mind thinks is correct with all its biases..
     I find their statements so erroneous because their book is put higher then the Bible and note the Bible is easy to read and the sections such as Revelation most can be understood but some section are not clear and it is not clear to all Theologians on the planet, Churches Denominations. Revelation you can understand and the bits not clear no one knows for sure except  Andy & Dianne van den Berg and their book A world deceived.
     I am sorry that Andy & Dianne van den Berg Emailed me to say my You must repent and revelation you can understand is an abomination before God. Their statement is absolutely ridiculous.
     Unfortunately I have to say they a the so called Blind teachers making people blind.

     Read what I have written below this is my Blog Page but now I have moved away from their attacks trying to lead me and others astray.
     Hendrik is a friend and a servant of the living God.

  • Is the World Close to Armageddon?
    I listened to Asher's Video  go the CBN Web link on page or you can go  to my Blog, Wordpress here and you can make comments as well.  I thought I was hearing something the Bible was not saying and I realized Judaism groups did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah the Christ. Even though they had the same Old Testament they wrote with the hand of God they did not see Jesus Christ as the Christ.  Jesus went out of his way to show his Disciples he was written in the Old Testament and his coming was the result of O/T fulfillment. So if Judaism did not see the Christ, you can also see why their understanding of End Times and Armageddon is wrong.

  •  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_religious_groups

  • When you think about, ChristianityIslam, Hinduism, Buddhism. . You need to ask, are we dealing in their religion the living God I serve?

  • Shinto Sikhism, Judaism, Bahá'í Faith, Korean shamanism, Caodaism, Jainism, Cheondoism, Hoahaoism, Tenriism.  You need to ask, are we dealing in their religion the living God I serve?

  • Current Addas from the Palestinians last week made this comment when a Leader in Israel let children from Israel and Palestine have a friendly game of  sport. Abbas said this could not happen and a hideous crime has been committed with Palestine's playing with Israelites. What a ridiculous statement from Abbas. You need to ask, are we dealing in their religion the living God I serve?

  • Considering the Traits of God you wonder when people say Allah is Great as people kill and cruelty they do. You need to ask, are we dealing in their religion the living God I serve?

  • How about the beheading of people by ISIS. How about the millions of people who have been tossed out of their homes. Refugees. ISIS killing for what. Their Allah. Their Prophet Islamic prophet Muhammad and the Koran. You need to ask, are we dealing in their religion the living God I serve?

  • How about Hamas a group wanting to wipe out Israel. Their Allah they serve. You need to ask, are we dealing in their religion the living God I serve?

  • How about Mormon's, Jehovah Witnesses.  You need to ask, are we dealing in their religion the living God I serve?

  • A religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence.[note 1] Many religions have narratives, symbols, and sacred histories that are intended to explain the meaning of life and/or to explain the origin of life or the Universe. From their beliefs about the cosmos and human nature, people derive morality, ethics, religious laws or a preferred lifestyle. According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world.[1] You need to ask, are we dealing in their religion the living God I serve?

  • I think we have covered enough material concerning error, mistakes, false, deception, being deceived, being tricked, false teaching. You need  to make sure  you are on a solid foundation for what you believe. Have a look at www.youmustrepent.com  Videos, Teaching, Singing and in every issue in life  you need to ask, are we dealing in their religion, their teaching,  the living God I serve?

Is the World Close to Armageddon?
To see Ashe's Video you need to go to CBN  Web Site

http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/insideisrael/2014/September/Is-the-World-Close-to-Armageddon /

There is a Video  go the CBN Web link on page from Asher Intrater, director of Revive Israel Ministries and pastor of Ahavat Yeshua Congregation in Jerusalem, has authored several books about Israel and its role in history. from the CBN News Inside Israel. Or  you can go  to my Blog, Wordpress here and you can make comments as well. or you can Email me townindex@yahoo.com

The Video from Asher Intrater is outstanding and it clearly puts its point about Israel and the End Time with Armageddon.

  • Unfortunately I find what he has said is completely wrong and I say it because as a Gentile, the Kingdom of God is now preached through the Gentile nations. We see it today as the Gospel is preached  millions of people are coming into the Kingdom of God and we notice the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not preached from the Jew's Nation, Judaism. The land of Israel.


  • Asher did make a major point in the Video  that  the Jews are hated in history and today, so all nations around Israel hate them in 2014. Hate of Jews, not just hate, but a true hate with the goal of wiping them off the planet and this hate goes from generation to generations because the children in the Palestinian's Education are taught to hate the Jews. The reason the Jews are hated is clearly mentioned in the Bible.  God right in the beginning, Moses states, God gave Israel the choice of being blessed or cursed. The Jews could either be a blessing to all nations where the nations will bless Israel or they could be cursed, hated by the people around them. God gave that option and the blessing would happen if they obeyed God's voice. We are told the Jews had never obeyed God's voice except for a short period in history, mainly through some Godly Kings such as David and Solomon and a few others, but generally the Jews did what they wanted to do and they were hated,  being hated as God warned them because the Jews are obstinate and refuse to obey God's voice .
    Asher said the people hate the Jews because of the Covenant of God and the arrangement God has with the Jews. That statement is completely wrong. The Jews are hated because they refuse to obey God they did in the past and even today the Jews in the Religious world through Judaism is still disobeying God, the final straw would have been when the Leaders of the Synagogues handed Jesus over to the Roman's to be crucified killed.  Remember,  the Leaders said to Caesar, let there blood be on their children's children and as unpalatable it is to say it, that is exactly what has been happening even up to 2014. The Jews are still waiting for the Messiah, but the Messiah came 2000 years ago.

I can prove my case here:

  • The Jews persecuted all of Jesus Apostles, followers and had the Apostles killed, the Christians. Finally Paul said, "Ok, you do not believe so we now go and preach to the Gentiles, Asia and further." That is what happened and the reaching of the Gospel to the Gentiles then, and now the Gospel is preached to the end of the world  and has never stopped then and is happening today 2014.  So for almost 2000 years the Gospel of Jesus Christ has never resided in the Jews, Judaism, Israel. The preaching of the Good News has been taken from them and given to the Gentiles and Jesus himself in a parable made the point.


  • Jesus said an owner of the vineyard that  went on a long journey, he received a note from the workers in his vineyard saying, they did not want the owner to come back. In fact the workers of the vineyard, when the owner came back for the fruits of the vine they attacked him and his followers and finally they decided to kill the owner so they could claim the vineyard. That is exactly what happened so the workers of the vineyard, the Jews, Leaders, Scribes, Pharisees had Jesus killed.
    So Jesus said, before he was killed,  because they will kill the owner of the vineyard the vineyard will be given to others and that is what has happened. The Jews the workers of the vineyard were removed and in place is the Gentile workers. The proof of this we see today. The Gentiles is the door that leads to Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Christ, the Son of God.


  • The Jews are out of the loop. Paul  makes the point the Jews are now under disbelief that same as all other nations. So now there is no special arrangement with the Jews except the Jews are to come to Jesus Christ the same as all other people on the earth

    So what does this mean?

  • Paul tells us not all Jews are true Jews, not all descendants are true children of Abraham, and now we move to the area of the Faith of Abraham and through Jesus Christ it is the faith we have in Jesus Christ that saves us. So faith in Jesus Christ has equalized everything  all people, countries, nations people, tongues, all must come to Jesus Christ by Faith that includes the Jews. Not Works! But Faith!  We see the Jew's today in the Religious world are still following the Old Testament laws which has been replaced from works to Faith. So Judaism is a works religion.

    The Jews missed an important understanding when they did not recognize Jesus Christ is the Messiah and are still looking for their Messiah, this led them to misunderstanding important parts of the Bible. Particularly the Jews, Judaism focusing on Works and the Physical Jerusalem. There is now  first the Flesh, second Spirit, also Works first , then now Faith. So the Jews have refused to move from the Works Religion.


  • There is a truth in the Bible where people are told, they have ears to hear, but they do not hear. They have eyes to see, but they do not see. The Pharisees, Scribes, Leaders in Judaism even though they saw Jesus in action they refused to accept what Jesus was saying, and  even though they saw Jesus, healing, Blind see, Deaf hear, Lame made whole, Withered  hand restored, Dead raised from the dead the leaders still said, we know God spoke to Moses but this man (Jesus) we do not. So in fact of the evidence they hear and what they saw, they were determined to destroy Jesus.

    We have to accept in the Israel Religious world there are dozens of different understanding of the Bible and Religions, the same as the thousands of different Churches, Denominations we deal with in the world.


  •  we also have to deal with any person who put his or her view about God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and the Bible and that includes me (Hendrik). My views are in www.youmustrepent.com  Videos,  Teaching, Singers. I also have a manuscript called www.revelationyoucanunderstand.com  and Revelation covers a lot of Asher's Video  material.

  • At the end of Asher's Video  he gives an  example of why so many Religion, Churches, Denominations are making a mistake because they see Jesus but they do not see Jerusalem, so Jesus is flying around like a plane but has no where to land because Jerusalem is missing, such as the role Jerusalem has in the end things such as Armageddon. Asher's understanding is locked into the Physical, not the fact that the Kingdom of God is in our hearts.
  •  We have clues of the Spiritual aspect because you cannot see the Kingdom of God because it resides in our hearts. Yet the Kingdom of God is real and I have covered it in my Web sites, God's Traits. The Kingdom of God is real and Jerusalem is also real and we are told God lives in Jerusalem, also Jesus the lamb and we in his temple. So when we see Jesus we also see Jerusalem. I certainly see Jerusalem because that is where God's throne is Zion.

  • For me there is nothing missing concerning the end times because the end times has been in place since the birth of Jesus Christ. We are told Jesus came in the last time to let us know about God and the reality he is the Messiah, the Christ and plays an important place in history that we no longer have to be afraid of death. Jesus resurrection is a real time example that after death we are not dead at all, our body dies but our Soul, Spirit receives a body. Note a body, we are told a spirit without a body is naked so we are covered with a body. In the Kingdom of God  we live in Jerusalem. All nations in the Kingdom of God will come to Jerusalem to learn from God. Physical Jerusalem is out of the loop.


  • There is enough information here for you to put together what I am talking about. Asher uses part of Prophets statements about the troubles of Israel as they are taken into exile he quotes material that is applicable to the end times. but the material is not dealing with a physical Jerusalem where Jesus will come and reign in physical Jerusalem and people all around the nations will come to Jerusalem to hear the word of God. This is not what Revelation is about. The  physical did come first but it did not work in bringing people to the living God, so God sort out the problem by sending his son into the world, so it is not works but it is 100% faith in Jesus Christ and Jesus is the Door.


  • As you can see I am poles apart with what Asher is teaching and what a lot of Churches and Denominations are teaching.  To me these different views are simply the way the world is and people are entitled to their views. So is Asher and so am I


  • I have not made it easy for you to understand what I am saying because material is on my Web sites. You need to do the work.


  • Cheers, Hendrik


  • A few more comments below are a overview of above.

As my usual practice I do not criticize other views I have always said in God's Kingdom liberty to say what you believe. In our Western World we also have freedom to have different views.

My view of the Bible and the Jewish world is completely the opposite to Asher Intrater. That is life and that to me is fine.

So now I will listen to Asher Intrater  and I will make a comment.

  • Paradigm today in most Denominations is that Jerusalem will be visited by the Messiah and the Messiah will bring in a period of prosperity on the earth and righteousness will reign . The Jews do not believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah so they are looking for the Messiah in the future. Many other Churches believe Jesus Christ was the Messiah, which is what I believe. and many Churches believe Jesus will come back a second time and he will reign in Jerusalem, physical Jerusalem, where as I believe that the kingdom of God is being populated as people die and they go into the Kingdom of God the other world, when we die and we live in the Kingdom of God and the Capital of the city in the Kingdom of God is Jerusalem. So to me, if you see my manuscript Revelation You Can Understand that is www.revelationyoucanunderstand.com you will see what I believe.  So Jesus is coming again, but he is coming and all nations will be upset when he comes. When Jesus comes it will be at the end where mankind has in fact starting destroy their own earth. There will be no thousand years of reigning with Jesus the King in Jerusalem. The thousand years is where Satan has been tossed into the pit, and now the strong man Satan has been tied up and now the earth is being.... Satan's world is being stripped by people who hear the Gospel and they are taken out of Satan's world into the Kingdom of God.

That is the end above and it means so many texts used in the Bible by Asher where he is the director of Revive Israel Ministries and pastor of Ahavat Yeshua Congregation in Jerusalem

Finally the end has come. The Kingdom of God is completed.


tPure, Peaceable, Gentle, Kind, Mercy, Open to Reason, Goodness, Compassion, Cares about you, No uncertainty, no insincerity,  Kindness and the list can go on. or you could decide to not go the way mentioned earlier No Pureness, Not Peaceable, Not Gentle, No Kindness, No  Mercy, Not open to Reason, No Goodness, No Compassion, Does not Care about you, No certainty, No Sincerity,

Jesus would clearly be saying stop the misery of your people and stop killing. Mankind has managed to put us and others, when in fact we are simply people who are living on the earth and God has simply given us a way to live in peace on the earth.



Best wishes for your future
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