Why Did The Almighty Create Mosquitoes? Jesus said you must repent,

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This page is different because it sets the scene for two Kingdoms.

 I put this below because an article came across my desk

tPure, Peaceable, Gentle, Kind, Mercy, Open to Reason, Goodness, Compassion, Cares about you, No uncertainty, no insincerity,  Kindness and the list can go on. or you could decide to not go the way mentioned earlier No Pureness, Not Peaceable, Not Gentle, No Kindness, No  Mercy, Not open to Reason, No Goodness, No Compassion, Does not Care about you, No certainty, No Sincerity,

 Is  he for real
He needs to go back to the drawing
 board and keep his religious
fervour in check.

Paul Monk sets the tone of his article by his comment, Is he for real He needs to go back to the drawing board and keep his religious fervour in check.  I will not make any comments of his article because you can read it yourself. Obviously Paul believes on Evolution and that there is no God. To me, that is fine Paul is entitled to his view.

If a person does not believe in the living God  will not accept God's son and the famous text

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  • There is no problem in understanding this text providing
  • You have a basic knowledge of the Bible.
  • If you accept God created a person. Adam, Eve people and Mankind did not evolve from the ocean, onto an ape and finally to mankind today.
  • I have fully understood what Jesus, God has said mankind will not believe God exists even though when you see the natural world the complexity of the   universe and people. mankind should be saying, there is something that did it and the it is the living God that I and others serve. A living God.
  • Common sense needs to be used in reading the Bible.
  • So to me the article was inaccurate because Paul Monk appears to be outside of the Kingdom of God
When you look at the world it is clear there is something absolutely wrong with mankind. The world is full of misery, killing, murders, wars and some groups if they had the technology they would destroy millions of people. That is the world today.

So even though people say there is no God common sense should lead people to see something is wrong. Mankind is not about, Pure, Peaceable, Gentle, Kind, Mercy, Open to Reason, Goodness, Compassion, Cares about you, No uncertainty, no insincerity,  Kindness and the list can go on. These traits are God and he cares about every person on the 7 billion plus.

but mankind is about No Pureness, Not Peaceable, Not Gentle, No Kindness, No  Mercy, Not open to Reason, No Goodness, No Compassion, Does not Care about you, No certainty, No Sincerity.

So people have the choice of listening to God or not. People do not listen to God.

Why do they not listen to God?

People do not want to listen to God.

God has told mankind how to live. The world would be a wonderful place to live where we look after each other and with God onside God also blesses the world.

People do the opposite to what God wants people to do and look at the mess the world is in.

People also refuse the accept when they die they will stand before the God, Jesus they said did not exist.

People will give an account to God about how they lived their lives on the earth.

Believing in God  and  God's word you have a foundation and as people learn, knowledge leads to a house that is solid and will not fall over.

Will people believe what I am saying.

Probably not.

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RECENTLY Eric Metaxas, an
American religious writer and au-
thor of a biography of Dietrich
Bonhoeffer, wrote on these Pages
that there is increasing evidence
that the probability of the universe
existing at all, and in such a way
that intelligence life evolved, is so
astronomically small that these
things cannot have happened by
chance but must be the work of an
intelligent designer - Science
turns to God as universe appears to
be ultimate miracle.
Metaxas badly wants to believe
something he calls "God" exists
and created the universe and the
conditions for intelligent life but
his argument is flawed and the
evidence suggests other wise. -
Metaxas claims that in recent
Years, as the number of factors
needed to make life Possible kept
growing (never mind intelligent
life), "the odds tumed against any
planet in the universe supporting

life, including this one". He adds
that if the value of any one of the
four fundamental forces that gov-
ern the physical cosmos was
slightly different, the universe as
we know it could not have come
into existence and tha tthe odds of
these forces all having exactly the
right value are so enormous that
only the Presence of an inten-
tional designer - God - can
have made it possible.
The search for extra-terrestrial
Iife has generated fascinating de-
bates and many books about the
probability of finding it, including
A,mir Aczefs hobabili$ 1: Why
There Must Be Intelligent Life in the
universe (1998); Peter Ward and
Donald Brownlee's Rare Earth:
Wv Comple x Life is Uncommon in
the 'Uniwirse (2000); and Paul
Davies' The Eerie Silence: Are We
Alone in the U niuerse? (2010). Only
in the past decade, however, have
our instruments begun to detect

significant numbers of planets,
even in our galaxy, so the real
search has onlyjust begun.
In this month's Scientific ic Amer
ican, Canadian astrobiology
Rene Heller says there is growing
evidence for large numbers of
habitable planets in the Milky
Way and our Earth "may not be
anywhere close to the pinnacle of
habitability". Our sun is a per-
fectly ordinary, mid-range yellow
star and our proximity to it places
us, for now, in a "Goldilocks Zone"
of heat and habitability but there
are many candidates for what
Heller calls "super-habitability".
These are planets larger than
the Earth, orbiting so.called K
dwarf stars, which are more stable
than our sun and will bum Ionger
without exhausting their hydro-
gen fuel. We are finding many
more such stars and most of the
planets we have started detecting
are ofthe "super-Earth" kind so it
is far from clear that the odds are
against the existence of extra-
terrestrial life.
But even if Metaxas were right
about the odds being overwhelm-
ingly against the existence of a
"fine-tuned" cosmos and the
existence of life elsewhere, we

could still not infer the existence
of God. As Steven Weinberg, a
Nobel-prize winner in the fleld,
put it at the tum of the century, the
more plausible, if daunting, hy-
pothesis is that we are part not of a
"universe" but of a "mul-tuniiverse", in
which universes come and go with
infinite variations. Wej ust happen
to be in one in which things
worked out this way.
Metaxas makes no mention of
the multiverse hypothesis and one
suspects it is because he is so eager
to embrace the old theological an-
swer to the conundrum of exist-
ence. But even if it did make sense
to infer the existence o fa designer
of the cosmos and a creator of life
we would be left with more ques-
tions than we started with. For ex-
ample, if God had wanted to
create a universe with intelligent
life in it why would he have creat-
ed one in which the odds were
overwhelmingly against life and
immense stretches of space con-
sisted of superfluous and sterile
stars and dark matter?
Why would he have made life
struggle through billions of years
of biological evolution and had in-
telligence emerge through the
brain of a primate with rmany

flaws, instead of - like his Bibl
avatar Yahweh -just plonking
more ideal form of intelligent
into an ideally formed biosphere

Why would he, as David Hu
famously asked two centuries r
have created mosquitoes - or
 infectious microbes or ferocious
predatory beasts?

All these things make sense
an evolutionary frame of re
ence, but an intelligent designer
makes them inexplicable.
Finally, although he does
own up to it in his article, Metaxas
like most intelligent design advo
cates, almost certainly infers
not only that there is a Go4
that it is his God, to whom he:
others can pray and who meddles
in his creation in arbitrary ways
That God sent his only begotten
son to save from their sins a spe
cies of intelligent primates which
had evolved over billions of years
on a remote planet way on the per
iphery of an ordinary galaxy, in
middle of nowhere. Is he for real
He needs to go back to the draw
ing board and keep his religious
fervour in check.

Paul Monk is the author of The
West in  aNutshell.