America a message from Billy Graham. You Must Repent and About Hendrik, Evangelist.

Included America a message from Billy Graham.

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Hendrik and the Bible and this introduction came from my Revelation you can understand.
This intro below can be found here Revelation you can understand

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Included a Message to America

Here you will see my Diary and the overview.
I am restarting diary notes 2016starting May 2116 I am doing click here

What do you think about Genesis ?

31-3-2014- 2016-2016 Are you interested?
Eventually you will die, as everyone else. You and me.
This is a 2.5 minute Video below, primer, leads to another Video 11 minutes if you are interested. Interested click here.

I feel as though this Video from Billy Graham Evangelism from Billy Graham, A Message to America is really a message for the world.
You can go directly to You Tube for the larger screen this had to fit in my page.
There is no doubt as I have said time and time again the question is about life. I, you and others need to think about life and it makes sense to think about life. What happens when I die? Though 28 minutes I think it is worth putting here. I became a Christian when I was 11 years of age in Sydney Cricket Ground about 1969 approx. Billy Graham was the Speaker and that call from God has never left me. I remember when the pull by the Holy Spirit I was forced to go to the front.
Enjoy the video

I became a Christian when I was 11 years of age in Sydney Cricket Ground about 1969 approx. Billy Graham was the Speaker and that call from God has never left me. I remember when the pull by the Holy Spirit I was forced to go to the front.

You may having a tough time, your health may be failing, maybe you life is ending because of old age
well this a sing is for you about 6 minutes

Oprah Winfrey talks about
surrendering and she was about to go the Cafe for food
a phone call came to Spielberg and said if Winfred uses weight
she has the roll.
Have a read see God, Jesus at work in peoples lives
and listen to this wonderful song
Surrender all.

Life has a lot of troubles that each person goes through.
It is true Jesus take you through them

I need you every hour.
It is true for me. I need Jesus every second of the day.

Have a listen

Killing, murder. World full of killing

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You Must Repent
Repenting or Repent is simply you give up yourself and follow Jesus Christ
WEB site is for you to listen to the videos The First one you see below is the most recent
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Hendrik's interpretation of Revelation 22 chapters Is Hendrik Correct? . Son of man, Beast Ange
Read the
Revelation you can understand

I read this statement Sydney Morning Herald 27-7-2012 by John Tagliabue
Isak Gerson was asked, Does he believe in God.? He said,....
No, I just believe in our values. It's just a belief in holy values. ????
How about that every culture has its own values. West, Asian, Arabs, Islam. Wow! Biased values hey.
My answer from Hendrik:
All that matters are God's Values and his values are:
pure, peacefully, gentleness, open to reason, merciful, all good things and no insincerity or uncertainty.
These are universal values from God.. Unfortunately Cultures have values that distort the universal values.

I read this statement Sydney Morning Herald 26-7-2012 by Rod Norland.
...We are forming suicide cells to make jihad in the name of God,...a speaker said in the video using classical Arabic favored by al-Qaeda. ?????
I wonder whose God they are talking about. The God of the creator of the world and a son Jesus Christ have these traits, Pure, Peaceable, Gentle, open the reason, Merciful, all good things, no insincerity, no uncertainty this harvest of goodness is there for those who make peace.
That is God and God's people. That is Hendrik and the millions of others who serve the living God.
My answer from Hendrik
People who kill people will have to give an account to God. Those who are forming suicide cells will be dealing with God and God wants people who plan these suicide cells need to listen to the living God. There is a God who warns people to live correctly because they are to come before the living God. The Bible Revelation talks about the time when God will balance the ledgers and those who kill will be terribly sorry and there will be no redress after they, we die, so we, they others need to stop disobeying God, now. After people die it is to late.

I read this statement in the Sydney Morning Herald 24-7-2012 by Susan Wyndham words from Luke Davies when attending the Prime Minister's Literary Awards in Canberra Australia.
I'm 99 percent sure I'm Atheist but other times I experience the world as God-soaked. ?????
My answer from Hendrik
This statement from Susan means she has not found the living God that we and millions of others serve. Susan has not found Jesus Christ who came into the world so that we could be part of God's Kingdom by having our sin's forgiven.
I am hoping that Susan does find that treasure that we have found that is worth more then life in this world. and we will give everything up to obtain it . Susan looked but missed the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I will put comments each week here and on Sundays I will use the information expand on it.
Hendrik is a friend an Evangelist.

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