Conned, cheated, tricked, make sure you are not. You Must Repent and About Hendrik, Evangelist.

Conned, cheated, tricked

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Hendrik and the Bible and this introduction came from my Revelation you can understand.
This intro below can be found here Revelation you can understand

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Conned, tricked be careful

Being Conned.Part 1 of 2

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Today is the 4th of December and I wish to make a point.

The reason I want to make a point

Is that I want to make a point

My point is this:

There are 7 billion people on the earth. Which means that if you say?

On average the world people live for 50 years that means 7 billion people have died.
I wonder if that is why In the Christian Bible in Revelation it talks about the Bottomless pit.

Some people say people simply are born, they live their life then they are gone.

These people say we are just an animal when we die we are gone, gone.

Basically these people are saying that you are a no body.

Basically these people are saying there is no point really in doing your best, be good, do your best for Society other then to do this for self and other people, at least you will feel good, but there is really no value added to your life because you will be gone and maybe your memory will be in the history books or your family tree. But you are gone, gone.


Basically, these people are saying that any justice has to be sorted out in this life:

Such as the killing that is going in the world, tomorrow, today, yesterday.

Therefore, Hitler found a way out by suicide. He was responsible for millions of being killed. Mass killing of the Jews. And people around the world slaughter and tortured. Therefore, Hitler escaped Justice.

All around the world tomorrow, today, yesterday people are killed, massacred.

These people are saying Justice has to be meted out here on the earth because once people are gone they are gone, gone.


Basically these people
would agree the strong survive and the weak are squashed
Basically these people that is why all these groups exist to help people.

Basically these people that is why the groups to help people are all over the world.

Fortunately, good intentions are better then nothing so some people are helped.

Unfortunately, good intentions has not stopped the starving of millions.
Unfortunately, good intentions has not stopped Governments oppressing people in the millions

Unfortunately, we will see it tomorrow, today and has seen it in the past

Good intentions is doing its best but it is not giving the fruit that is needed.

a world that has Justice and gives people on the planet a good, fulfilling life.

Now I want to make a point

Most people have chosen what I have discussed above.

Is there something else available that gives people Justice and a fulfilling life.


There is no easy way to make a decision. You cannot be lazy you need to do the work and hunt out knowledge. There are millions of voices on the earth that are sprouting how you should live.

Well! I mean it. There is no easy road because if you do not do the work you will be conned.

Conned! Conned!

If you think there is an easy road and you can simply go with the flow, then you are likely to being conned.
people who write the books, who teach you and your friends who say this are talking about something they know nothing about

Because all those people have lived, are gone and your teaches friends will also be gone, gone.

On the WEB Internet, you have no excuse. Knowledge is at your fingertips.

Different Churches, Denominations, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Latter Day Saints, Baptist, Catholic, Anglican, Jehovah Witnesses, Brethren, Cooneyites , Judaism, and the list is so great there is no point listing any more.

All I would say to you do not be lazy, do the research, and find out what life is about

Once you have done the research then you can make an intelligent decision and then you live your life to the best way you can.

Now I want to make a point because I am one of those voices that are floating around the world

I have chose my lot in life and I am one of the millions of Christians on the earth as the millions have in History put their lot with God, Jesus Christ, Holy spirit. The reason I have made this decision is:

God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit cares about every one of the 7 billion people on the earth in comparison the people on the earth that are only looking after themselves.

The greatest point I can make is that God and His son Jesus Christ will look after you now on the earth and God has promised you when you die you will:

Not be gone, gone. But you will simply leave here and you will be with Jesus Christ and that is the promise god makes to you and that proof is a reality because the Jews killed Jesus Christ and God rose Jesus from the dead and God also says the same will happen to you. You will be with the risen Christ.

God is all about Justice, love gentleness and wants people to walk humbly before God.
Jesus said,
‘Come to me all you who are heavy laden, I will give you rest.
Come to me learn about me because I am gentle and have a humble spirit.

What a difference God, Jesus is offering to Mankind.

Unfortunately most people even today will not come to the living God. What a pity.

Therefore I say to you who are watching this Video and look at all my other Videos and find out who you should be listen to .

As I say to you. Come to Jesus Christ, you will be happy you did.

Next time,
an Evangelist chosen by God not man, get to know this proof

So go onto


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