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Hendrik's comments on Chapter 9 being penned

There angle talks about the people on the earth with the final 3 trumpets saying Woe! woe woe to those on the earth at that time. Showing there is going to have a terrible time for people even worse then we have been discussing

The fifth trumpet is interesting because it has a number of scenarios.
1/ A star fell from the earth and he had the key to the bottomless pit and there was a king over the bottomless pit and the kings name was Abaddon and there is every possibility we could be talking about Satan because he is and was in the bottomless pit. Revelation 20 we see where he is thrown into the bottomless pit and my thesis is Satan is  bound during this period of grace 1000 years. that I have covered in other areas on this page. 2/ Chapter 9 verse 2 of Revelation the star, he or angel has opened the bottomless pit and this could have happened before Satan or when Satan is let out  of the pit.
what comes out of the bottomless pit is, smoke like a furnace, the air darkened and from the smoke came locusts all metaphors and the locusts not to harm the grass, green growth, trees, and we notice in chapter 7 of Revelation verse 3 not to harm the earth, sea, trees and read chapter 7 for more.
what is coming out of the bottomless pit is a time where world precursor  start building up and serious events are happening in the country, nations, people and if you like the preparation for what will be the final disasters so the game is being put in place between Nations who are going to try to destroy the earth and those who are trying to prevent disaster . and we see it happening today in the attempt to stop Nuclear proliferate any further, other nations and particular from countries such as Iran who are threatening to use it to wipe out Israel nation and to prevent terrorists from getting hold of masses of destruction.
To me
that is correct we have to do our best to preserve the earth, nations and peoples and you can clearly see that it would be easy to be dragged into the conflict one group with another, because you have to make a stand for the sake of the earth and that I think is what happens in Revelation.
The angel said Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth with the next three trumpets.
we can say what comes out of the bottomless pit is the start of a terrible time on the earth and it will be caused by nation fighting against nations and people  fighting against each other.
Notice here,
God is looking after his people, God's people are looked after during this terrible time. How God will look after his people on the earth it does not tell us. Notice God's people are still on the earth when things start to happen badly on the earth and things will be so bad that people want to die, things are so fearful and terrible. Verses 7-10 is metaphors but things are happening the locusts like horses for battle arrayed for battle, human faces, lions teeth, tails like scorpions hurting men and it is a short time five months once again everything is metaphor language
a picture, a terrible time on the earth.

Hendrik's comments on Chapter 9 

Hendrik's comments on Chapter 9 being penned
Now the sixth trumpet the second Woe.

Revelation verses 13-19 of Revelation  9
We see here where in Chapter 7 the angles on the four corners of the earth are stopped from letting the wind blow over the earth and the reason for stopping the wind is until God's people are into God's kingdom. Into God's Kingdom those who have died and those who are on the earth during this end time. As we will talk about later God's people are spared from the final trial that will happen when the world will finally be destroyed by people on the earth. I must emphasis God does not destroy the earth. Mankind destroy the earth at the end. It is difficult to even think about that people will destroy their own earth. But on the other side of the ledger we know mankind is capable of destroying themselves. But God looks after his people.
we see the wind is loosed and it kills a third of mankind and we are probably here seeing an overview of the first four trumpets so basically Revelation Chapter 9 is giving us more information about the first four trumpets that blew.
Here with the first four trumpets we see a terrible time on the earth
and notice,
even though people on the earth are going through a terrible time and they want to die , death, because things are so bad mankind will not repent and Come! Come!

Time is gone and things do get worse for mankind.

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