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Hendrik's comments on Revelation Chapter 11
Commonsense will be your best friend in Revelation & here
I do need to remind you that with us life goes on today, tomorrow until the world reaches a point where mankind is literally destroying the whole world, and mankind does succeed because there is a period where people become full of fear and the world basically fights each other and the world is completely destroyed.
This period at the end happens when the period of Grace comes to an end. This period of Grace can go on for thousands of years in the future. 1000, 10,000, 20,000 God is gracious and he wants people to repent and follow Jesus Christ. God's patience is evident in the fact that thousands and thousands of years the invite to come to God is there. Unfortunately mankind will not repent and recognise God, so mankind keeps going on disobeying God and the killing of people just goes on and on.

 the world does not recognise what I am talking about, but we Christians have God's word and he tells us what has, is and will happen in the future. So we have the inside story to what is happening in the future.
Needless I can say, The Churches, Denominations, Theologians are busy destroying the real information about Revelation. they have made Revelation Prophecy in the Bible a Fairy Tale, Fables
reflecting the Gracious, Kind God that God, Jesus is, who tells us that Mercy triumphs over Judgment. God cares about every person the the planet, but Mankind fills the world, earth full of misery for people and peoples desires have been corrupted so nothing is pure passions are tainted, sleazy,
reflecting the God who is all about Pureness, Peace, Gentle, Open to Reason, Merciful. All Good things, no insincerity, no uncertainty.

So use Common Sense when reading Revelation which you can understand if you take out the fanciful.
 life goes on as we discuss Revelation Chapter 11.
What is happening here in Chapter 11
life goes on. Nations keep on keeping, people are born, live and die. Nations at the moment are having a difficulty time with the world living on Debt and many Nations will have its citizens struggling and as time goes on the map of the Nations can change, or not. Yet life goes on. Probably the latest in our time 2013 is the power available in Social Media through the Internet. Privacy is disappearing, Peoples lives are intruded. The world is getting smaller as instant communication spreads all over the world, North, South, East and West. We also notice how Governments of the old era are still trying to cling to power such as Egypt, Libya. In Africa, South America. The world is changing and people are finding ways of expressing themselves today because of the latest innovations with I- Phones, Tablets,. Note Books, Applications and so on. Power blocks are being demolished in government and Business and so the list continues. Knowledge is growing and growing. Knowledge is powerful and it is wonderful to see Education is finding its way to the masses. MOOG, Udasity, Kahn Academy and others.
the world is definitely changing.
the Religious Institutions who held the sway of people forcing people to toe the line if they want Salvation for their Souls are being sidelined.. Superstitions and stupidity in the Religious area are being exposed daily.
today many Denominations, Churches are still cheating people, taking their money building huge churches, offering healing which does not exist False Prophets rise up daily whose only God is themselves. The living God has never called them. Their call is in their deluded minds convincing their members they are the real Prophet called by God. But are not and they will live and die and they themselves will come up to the living God who judges righteously.
what also happens in the world, the Bible, Gospel the Good news of Jesus Christ is preached all over the world and people go into God's Kingdom every minute of the day.
We have wonderful information in the Gospels in the Bible with Jesus' own words as to how people come into the Kingdom of God. Jesus also talks about the danger people put themselves in when they reject the amazing Grace where people, mankind can have their sins forgiven, a fresh start.
 All over the world people are called by the living God to preach the glorious Gospel. I (Hendrik) I do not lie I have been called by the living God. I make my case in  Introduction and you can visit me in  in the same way Paul said, "I do not lie, I am to preach to the Gentile" commandment from God.

Lets start at the end of the period of Grace the world does not know that the period of Grace has ended neither does the world know that Satan has been let out of the Abyss, comes out of the bottomless period which is exactly talking about the same thing in Revelation Chapter 20 by looking at Chapter 20 we can see that Satan is let out and the nations start to fight each other and by looking Chapter 11 7-13 we see a short period about 3.5 years which shows us that at the end of the period of Grace quickly the world falls over.
we see a scene from verse 7 to 14 where the two witnesses are killed. (Earlier we see the witnesses are Lamp stands and Olive trees and there are two of each. Lamp Stands we know  are the Churches and the Olive trees are most likely dealing with healing. We could be seeing here that a final battle involves God's people where there is a final battle to remove the living God from the earth. The fight is short and God's people if you like are removed, killed and the world is rejoicing. But note God raises up the witnesses who were killed and taken home, heaven. Exactly what this means we do not know except it could be the world is falling over and the last of God's people God home. Maybe. Just before the world is destroyed. God's people are saved from the last hour as we are told in one of the 7 Churches.
something happens, earthquake, people killed and people are terrified. Exactly what it is that happens we cannot know. The clue could be in Chapter 17 and 18 where the whole system on the earth falls over and people are absolutely terrified and want to die.
It could be as I mentioned in other chapters such as 18 it could be a nation of nations could have found a way to threaten the whole world, and we know some nations even today if they had the means they would try to destroy the world so that all that is left is themselves and we can imagine that if the very existence of a nation or more is threatened by another we can picture a battle, war that could destroy the world, and that is what Revelation is talking about
that makes sense that God right to the end tells people to repent such as Chapter 16 even when the world destroys itself people will still not repent.
people on the earth did repent then it makes sense that the world will not be destroyed.
What we do see is the end here verses 15-19. So the kingdom of the world, has become the kingdom of our lord so the final end arrives and chapter 20 gives also insights.
this is how I see chapter 11 and I know there are probably thousands of other views, but as I have said  have a look, read widely, use your Bible and make your own mind.


Under the comments actual text from the Bible.
Revelation chapter 11 is not as clear as other Chapters so I will make a few comments
Revelation Chapter 1- 3 can be deduced this way: 1 & 2 points of interest
John was told to measure the temple of God, but not to measure the court outside of the temple.
1/  The temple of God involves God, if you like God's world, God's people and here God takes an interest and wants John to measure the temple. God and his people through Jesus we entered into the very presence of God. God does judge his own people and things are measured.

2/  Outside the court outside of the temple do not measure because it is given over to the nations.
Even in Hebrews we are told the old arrangement Temple had a Inner Sanctuary and outside and the outside is similar to what we are talking here in Revelation Chapter 11. Because under the old arrangement the outer area had Lamp stand, Table, Bread and it was the working area for the priests etc and the inner a priest could only go in once a year.
The outer court is the world outside of God's world. The outer Court is the world around us and trample over the Holy City for 42 months. This is an event in the world, maybe Jerusalem and it will be a short period where the nations trample of the Holy City for 3.5 years.
There are two witnesses and the two witnesses operate also for about 3.5 years so this event is happening together.
The witnesses are:
two Olive Trees and two Lamp Stands.
In this short period we can say the Lamp Stands are the Church we see in the 7 Churches Called 7 Lamp Stands and the Olive trees really are probable dealing with Healing so in a nutshell we can say the Churches are preaching the Gospel and when we send out the Good news of Jesus Christ people are healed.
often we do not realize the power that exists in the world today with God's people who are witnesses serving the living God. God does look after his witnesses and note what the witnesses can do, Shut the sky so that it does not rain, blood and plagues etc so we have a picture that God's people are powerful working under the living God
What happens here is interesting because
the beast ascends from the bottomless pit.
and note this is the time I mentioned we are under the era of Grace and then a time Satan is let out of the pit and then the world begins to destroy themselves and the spiral keeps going until the world, earth is completely destroyed and all this is left is God and his people.
Revelation 11 verse 7 can be the end of the era of Grace and then as we see in the 7th Seal there is a silence for half and hour as heaven's inhabitants gasp as to what is about to happen.
I have mentioned before the Era of Grace could be 500 years, 5000 years, 10 thousand years because God is patient and gracious and he wants mankind to come to him.
It appears that once the Era of Grace ends and Satan is let out of the bottomless pit the events move quickly such as 3.5 years we will talk about next time.

Next time will will discuss an horrific period

Next time.

Next time we will look at Revelation Chapter 12 and it is an interesting chapter to think about

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