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20-1-2013 Jesus Invite to Mankind

I have written this 11.30 am  20-1-2013 and I want to stop for a minute to think about these things.
1/ Right now God, Jesus Christ is showing his Goodness, Kindness, Mercy, and God wants you to come to him and be saved. The world is in what we call the era of grace where God, Jesus has invited people on the earth to come to him.

Even though most people on the earth do not think about the time they will leave the earth which is the norm, people are born, live life and die. The world treats people as being gone, is gone no longer in existence. The truth that comes from the Bible is that when people you leave this earth you do not not exist in fact the truth is the real you that lives in your body and when you die the real you leaves the body and goes to God who brought you into existence. You will be giving an account to God of how you live your life.

The Bible has been written so that you know there is a God.
God wants you to know the truth and the truth is Jesus Christ is God's son.
If you look at  you will know what I am talking about.

One of the great truths is Revelation the last book in the Christian Bible talks about what has happened,  happening today and the future. I have written this manuscript .

You can see the Chapters I have covered and the Thesis in Revelation the Bible is that mankind in fact destroy the world and God has saved his people which is you or me who are believers in Jesus Christ, we have had our sins forgiven and are a child of God in the Kingdom of God. And I am happy to say in this period of Grace which can go on for thousands of years because God is patient and people are going into the Kingdom of God every minute 24x7x365 .

So the invite is there. Come!

Unfortunately most people think this is rubbish and ignore the call from God, Jesus,

The biggest issue you, me and others live and die and when you die you are in Hades or with Jesus, you are alive.  If you are in Hades  I know exactly what you will be thinking. You will be saying, "I did not think this place was real". but you will be the same as the rich man in Luke 16 and you will be saying the same, "Go and tell my family not to come here because it is real" but the trouble is even if you came back to warn your family they will not listen to you.
This is  great  truth. People are invited but they refuse to come. So even though they know the truth which is in the Bible people refuse to believe.
But millions of people do believe and that can be you if you reach out to God, Jesus.
Why people really believe this great escape books are written about why people believe and why other people do not believe
This is outside of what I am covering here in Revelation.

The invite is come to Jesus Christ.
Have a look at