Killing Murder. Mankind kills, but God does not want you to kill


Killing Murder. Mankind kills, but God does not want you to kill

I heard a person say the atrocities in Syria needs to be sorted out by God. There must be a misunderstanding because God has said, do not kill  yet we kill and kill and killing is all over the world every country.
God has said if you kill you will give an account to me and obviously people do not have a sense a God exists.
Yet if you go into there are a number of pages and Videos that talk about that when you live the earth you will be in one of two places.
You will be with Jesus Christ or you will be in Hades. As I have said before if you go to Hades you will be saying. "I did not know this place exists". Yet you do know this place exists because God has told every person on the planet to listen to God and Jesus Christ. The place Hades is in every Christian Bible. Billions of extracts all over the world and in every generation. So mankind does know about Hades. and all mankind knows they are not to kill.

The bottom line is God, Jesus cares about you and not only you or me but cares about the whole 7 billion plus people on the earth and he wants you to know about him because he cares about you and wants to give you rest.

But mankind is doing its best not to let God's voice to be heard to the masses and the true God's voice is locked out of all the Cultures around the world.

That is mankind. People, Government, leaders are keeping their citizens in prison because Jesus, God is about freedom, liberty, having a wonderful life.

Do go to and have a look around. Revelation is there at the top of the first page and I am making comments nearly every week, so travel with me about God, Jesus and what is happening now and in the future. Commonsense is the key to you can understand Revelation. use commonsense.
Killing is a true curse on the earth because killing is everywhere

God, Jesus does not want you to Kill. God wants you to love your neighbour. If that happens you will not kill