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Malaysia Airlines Flight M17

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Malaysia Airlines Flight M17

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Have a read here Malaysia Airlines Flight M17: 'Terrorist Death-Hunters' Loot Crash Site Stealing Jewellery and Cash from Dead

Let them secede. They have managed in poisoning the well of Ukrainian nationhood so successfully that the sooner there is national plebiscite on secession the better.

From Hendrik's perspective I agree Let them secede. If that had had in the beginning there would be no problem because Kiev wanted a vote to decide whether to go Ukraine way or Russia.
I say. Well! Why not! So far the West and people who are pushing to become part of the Euro block are responsible for the murders because they Ukraine government could have said, Ok have the vote and do what ever you want to do

As a side comment, when you look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, any attempts to force democracy onto people has been a disaster. Really the West has caused instability all around the world. What the world need strong leadership and I have to say Egypt, Isis, Government, Russia, Putin Government  is showing strong leadership even though there are issues.
Democracy works well for America, Australia, England, Europe and others that have a strong Democratic system in place and citizens accept it, but others do not and need strong leaders and government.



Hendrik's comment not a comment of article but my insights

The Video below shows what God is about and under the text. I can only say sadness is beyond even thinking about how any person or organisation  people, soldier, rebels, and any person injury people can go on a journey that simply adds misery to people. Yet all people will give an account to the living God

So the traits of God are truly a picture of the living God a God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. God has a Kingdom right now as we live. A Kingdom who has a foundation fulfilling all of God’s Traits such as Pure, Peaceable, Gentle, Kind, Mercy, Open to Reason, Goodness, Compassion, Cares about you, No uncertainty, no insincerity,  Kindness and the list can go on.

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Time for Ukraine to divide
July 21, 2014
Paul Sheeham
Sydney Morning Herald
Paul Sheehan



Ukraine, as we know it, is dead. The country is irrevocably broken into two by ethnicity, language, geography and now blood. The sooner the people of Ukraine accept this, and the European Community, the Russians and the Americans accept this, the sooner the nation can divide into its two natural parts and move on.


It is more than 20 years since the orderly, democratic, bloodless dissolution of Czechoslovakia took place on January 1, 1993, when the Czech Republic and Slovakia came into being as two sovereign nations. Like Ukraine, this was a nation divided with geographic neatness between language and ethnicity.


There is no mystery about how this point has been reached. There is also no mystery as to who is to blame for staining Ukraine with the murder of 298 people on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. There is no need for conspiracy theories.


Soon after the aircraft was shot down, a social network page of Igor Strelkov, defence ministerof the self-styled Donetsk People's Republic, posted this message:



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We just downed an An-26 near Torez.”


He would soon delete this post, but it was too late. The Ukrainska Pravda news site also posted an audio recording of intercepted field communications between Ukrainian separatists.


We just downed a plane,a rebel identified as Bes (Demon), said.


A second recording, between two militants, was released and included the following exchange in Russian:


“How are things going there?”


“Well, we are 100 per cent sure that it was a civilian plane.”


“What plane is that?”


“I haven’t figured out yet. I haven’t got close to the main wreckage. Now I’m nearby the place where first bodies started falling...”


“Are there any weapons?


“Nothing at all. Civilian belongings, medical scraps, towels, toilet paper.


“Are there any documents?


“Yes. One belonging to a student from Indonesia.”


Before this exchange, a message has been posted on the official Twitter account of the Donetsk People's Republic which said:  @dnrpress: self-propelled Buk surface-to-air missile systems have been seized by the DNR from (Ukrainian) surface-to-air missile regiment A1402.


That tweet, too, was later deleted, but again too late.


Over the weekend the Ukrainian government said Buk missiles had been observed being secreted across the Russian border.


This was clearly a monumental mistake by a group of murderers who want the Russian-speaking Donetsk region to secede from Ukraine.


Let them secede. They have managed in poisoning the well of Ukrainian nationhood so successfully that the sooner there is national plebiscite on secession the better.


The people have already spoken. The splintering of Ukraine began to take a formal shape in the presidential election of 2010 when Viktor Yanukovych, a Russian-speaking former governor of the Donetsk Oblast province, defeated Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. She is a Ukraine nationalist who became internationally famous for her distinctive golden braids and for her advocacy of Ukraine joining the European Community and ending Russia’s control over the country.


The 2010 vote divided almost perfectly along ethnic lines. The greatest support for Yanukovych came from the regions in the east with Russian-speaking majorities, and the greatest support for Tymoshenko came from the Ukrainian-speaking west.


Ukrainian politics became deeply polarisied when Tymoshenko was imprisoned for corruption by the new pro-Russian government, a move condemned by the European Community and supported by the Kremlin.


The polarisation of public life, exacerbated by government corruption and incompetence, became so intense it led to widespread civil disorder, culminating in the overthrow of President Yanukovych in February after mass street demonstrations. A violent attempt to quell the unrest by the elite security police backfired so badly the president fled to Crimea, then to Russia. The gap in national cohesion allowed the emergence of violent nationalists on either side of the language-ethnic divide.


Russian President Vladimir Putin retaliated for the ouster of Yanukovych by ordering the occupation and annexation of the Crimea, a majority Russian-speaking region both strategic to Russia and historically part of Russia.


In Ukraine’s presidential election on May 24 wealthy businessman Petro Poroshenko was elected by a significant majority. It was not held in Crimea or sections of the Donetsk region controlled by armed separatists. This instability was subsequently exacerbated by the Putin government providing support for armed separatists and holding Ukraine to ransom over energy supplies.


This Russian meddling, and the fermenting of violence, culminated in the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner and the massacre of 298 civilians. There is a direct line of blame between Russia’s funding of the insurrection and this massacre, though the killing of 298 foreign nationals appears to have been unintended. 


What has deepened resentments in the aftermath of the massacre has been the actions of the Ukrainian separatists and the Russian government in covering the tracks of the killers and trying to pass the blame onto the Ukrainian military. The logic of Russia’s blame-shifting is that the Ukrainian government had breached a ceasefire and was therefore responsible for any hostilities.


The deeper reality is that Ukraine is now two nations in everything but law. It can be split via plebiscite. On the western side is a de facto sovereign state, Ukraine, which is aligned with the European Community and could quickly be invited to membership. On the eastern side is the autonomous region of Donetsk, which could become sovereign or be absorbed into Russia as an autonomous department. Ukraine’s river system even provides natural borders.


As for the detail of where a new border between Ukraine and Donetsk would run, that should be decided by the people, by plebiscite. Better a formal division than more blood, blackmail and disaster.


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Tragedy content below

Source of Article below

Malaysia Airlines Flight M17: 'Terrorist Death-Hunters' Loot Crash Site Stealing Jewellery and Cash from Dead

'Terrorist death-hunters' have reportedly been looting the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight M17.

The Malaysian Airlines flight was brought down over eastern Ukraine on Thursday (17 July) after being hit by a missile strike, as it flew from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

The cornfield in which the Boeing 777 came down, is said to be strewn with the naked and dismembered bodies and the belongings of the 298 victims.

Government officials have reported that looters have descended on the distressing scene, stealing valuable goods from the victims.

Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Kiev government, said: I have received information that terrorist death-hunters were collecting not only cash and jewellery of the crashed Boeing dead passengers, but also the credit cards of the victims.

Currently, they might as well try to use them in Ukraine or pass them on to Russia. My humble request to the relatives of the victims to freeze their credit cards, so that they won't loose their assets to terrorists.

Shocked locals reported seeing bodies falling out of the sky. A pensioner told how a corpse smashed though the roof of her house.

There was a howling noise and everything started to rattle. Then objects started falling out of the sky,' said Irina Tipunova, 65. And then I heard a roar and she landed in the kitchen.

Visiting the scene Vsevolod Petrovsky described the carnage that extends over an area of three kilometres.

The plane broke up in the air, and the parts and human bodies are lying within a three kilometre area,he wrote.

One body broke a hole in the thin roof of summer terrace in a private house. I got out of the car and immediately saw the naked body of a woman, covered by some leaves.

There were many bodies without clothes around. Probably, their clothing was torn away after the loss of pressurization. Horrible.

He revealed that he had also seen the pilot's body still in the cockpit.

I go further and see a hill made of the cockpit parts. The area is lit. The pilot's body is in this seat, with seat belt fastened, he is dressed in his clothes.

Makeshift white flags have been placed to mark where bodies lay in the fields, while others have been covered by polythene sheeting weighed down by stones.

Scattered midst the debris from the flight were the typical belongings of people embarking on what should have been the holiday of a lifetime or a longed for trip to be reunited with family abroad.

Among the plane parts there were many parcels. Letters tied with a rope, books, old vinyl records, somebody's shoes. Children's caps with the Dutch national flag colours. Amazingly, almost all of these things are not destroyed,added Petrovsky.

The Ukrainian government has blamed rebels using Russian-supplied surface-to-air missiles for the tragedy, while the Kremlin has accused Kiev of failing to agree a ceasefire.

Tonight, Downing Street supported the claims issuing a statement to say it appears increasingly likely that MH-17 was shot down by a separatist missilefired from near Torez, an area controlled by pro-Russian rebels.

The Prime Minister David Cameron described the catastrophe, in which nine Britons died, as an 'absolutely appalling, shocking, horrific incident' that 'cannot be allowed to stand'.

The response came as the United Nations Security Council approved a statement calling for a full, thorough and independent international investigation into the crash.

The names of the 298 victims have been released through official flight passenger lists and tributes paid by relatives and friends.

The head of the Dutch forensic team in Ukraine says a train carrying the remains of MH17 victims contains significantly fewer bodies than claimed by pro-Russian rebels.

The separatists said there were 282 bodies on the train but only 200 have been found.

We are sure of having 200 bodies and body parts, that is all that I know,said Jan Tuinder, the head of the Dutch delegation.

Meanwhile, US intelligence officials say evidence suggests MH17 was shot down by mistakeby ill-trained pro-Russian separatists.

Evidence gathered so far suggests separatists launched the SA-11 surface-to-air missile that blew up the Malaysian airliner, but it remains unclear who pulled the triggerand why, said a senior intelligence official who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity.

The most plausible explanation ... was that it was a mistake,and that the missile was fired by an ill-trained crewusing a system that requires some skill and training, the official said.

Dutch team will need to return to crash site

Speaking after the train arrived in the city of Kharkov, Mr Tuinder said his team would need to go back to the crash site to carry out another search for more bodies.

International monitors say the crash site is still being compromised by separatists near Donetsk, a stronghold of pro-Russian rebels, where fighting with Ukrainian troops flared again on Tuesday.

There were human remains that had not been picked up,said Michael Bociurkiw, a spokesman for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) observer mission after visiting the scene, amid reports of the wreckage being rearranged.

What struck us is that we did not monitor any recovery activity in place,he said, pointing out that OSCE observers saw human remains in at least two areas at the sprawling crash site in rebel-held territory.

Pro-Russian insurgents said Monday they had released the bodies of 282 victims after they were sent by refrigerated train to the government-controlled town of Kharkov, some 300 kilometres to the northwest.

ABC reporter Phil Williams is in Ukraine and says the discrepancy is significant.

I thought [282] was an odd figure when I heard it, because it sounded too high because of the area that had to be searched,he said.

I saw the method of searching, I thought there is no possible way they can find as many [bodies] as that.

Now, it appears ... there's still many, many bodies to be recovered.

The train with five refrigerated carriages arrived yesterday and an Interpol forensics team has begun the task of identifying victims.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has said he would urge the separatists to allow a full investigation.

Western governments have threatened Russia with broader sanctions for what they say is its backing of the militia. However, they are struggling to agree a response, and European Union ministers meeting in Brussels on Tuesday delayed action for a few days.

The Netherlands is leading the investigation, while Malaysia says it will look after the plane's black boxes until a team is set up.

Warnings identification of victims could take months

Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak spent several days negotiating with rebels to transport the bodies of the MH17 plane victims out of Donetsk.

A small group of Malaysian air crash experts became the first international accident investigators to reach the site on Tuesday, escorted by a convoy of international monitors and heavily armed separatist fighters.

Following the arrival of the train in Kharkov, Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte told journalists the first bodies would be flown to the Netherlands on Wednesday.


Tomorrow [Wednesday] the first plane will leave for Eindhoven [in the southern Netherlands],he said.

But Mr Rutte cautioned identification of the bodies could take months.

As soon as a victim is identified, first and foremost the family will be informed and no-one else. That can take weeks or months, he said.

He confirmed the Netherlands would lead the crash investigation, which normally would have fallen to Kiev, although it does not control the area around the crash site.

Almost 300 people, predominantly Dutch but also including 37 Australian citizens and permanent residents, were killed when the Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down on Thursday.

Operation Bring Them Home to identify bodies

Prime Minister Tony Abbott yesterday announced Operation Bring Them Home to secure and identify the bodies of Australian victims.

The operation involves consular officials, victim identification and forensic experts and air safety investigators in Ukraine and the Netherlands.

Mr Abbott said when the bodies had been removed, experts would begin the painstaking process of identifying the Australian victims.

I need to caution that this is necessarily a painstaking and methodical process that will take some weeks,he told reporters in Canberra yesterday.

As frustrating as this is, we do have to get it right. It would be terrible to compound the families' grief by risking the misidentification of their loved ones.

Once the process of identifying victims in Amsterdam is complete, an Australian C-17 military transport aircraft will be used to fly the bodies of Australians back home.

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