About God! Taking No Notice Hey!

Taking no notice. Hey!

Hi my name is Hendrik if this is the first time you have listened or read about me.
I am an Evangelist chosen by God not man and if you go onto www.youmustrepent.com you will find more bout me and what I believe.

This video does not have the full manuscript that I am penning now 29th May 2016. To read more there is a link on the you must repent.

My job is  to suggest you think about life, So enjoy your life and then you will be gone. Your life might be great but as you know there are millions upon millions whose lives have been uprooted and their lives are not good.

God is also talking to you who are enjoying life and he is also talking to people whose lives have been destroyed that could be you. You could also be in a mess in your life. Your health can be distraut, terrible and you could have been injured and are permenantly impaired. Well God is also talking to you. To you who have a terrible life God has a message for you and when you die you can be in a wonderful land.

Let me set the scene. You are looking at the Universe, you look at the stars, planets, earth, animals and ourselves and what is wonderful in 2016 is knowledge has given us an insight how amazing the universe is and all the natural laws in place to make the universe an orderly universe. Our earth travels arond the sun were have our seasons and it has happened for thousands, millions of years and more.

In theory when you see the universe your mind should be directed to a person who made the world. Or you should be saying “All this must mean there is a living God.” Unfortunately most people treat the thought about a God with disdain. So are busy trying to prove a God does not exist.

God has said if this normal order we have discussed stops and the universe falls apart then God himself has said he is lying.

But God has said the orderly universe will not stop. It will continue untill the end. The end is discussed in our Christian Bible and I also have a manuscript called  www.revelationyoucanunderstand.com  have a read and read your Bible.

You might say, “Hendrik all this stuff about God is stupid. There is no God it is an invention by cultures such as the Jews and Gentiles.”

Before you walk away let me add that when you look at creation such as the universe you should realise that all you see could not have been by chance.

The odds saying all the rules that keep the laws in place so  that we have a functioning universe and even the laws that control our own bodies, the odds are so large that no number exist. Millions of laws to be a chance such as evolution and how the universe was formed boarders on idiot thinking and yet the wise men are saying every thing is by chance.

My foundation is that there is a living God. If you say there is no God then the rest I am to say is not relevant for you so I would suggest walk away from me and go an have a great life.

The problem in walking away from what I say is that you will only be on the earth for a short period and you will be like all the others a statistic, yes you did exist but now you are gone.

There is no doubt the world does think that when a person dies he is gone. Dead gone. The trouble here is that the God that they said does not exist has said when you die you will come before me and give an account how you lived your life. If you do good then you will lve forever and if you do evil you will be judged.

While you live you have control of your circumstances, but when you die you have lost control and what happens, happens. Your thinking will be right or what God has said will be right.

When you go onto www.youmustrepent.com you will see in my videos that I always suggest life is about finding out what life is about. Do the research and to the best of your ability hunt out information, Books, Videos, Church, Bibles and more. Do not be lazy because if you make a mistake after you die you cannot rectify your situation.

*The foundation of my words to you is that there is a living God who brought the entire universe into place and brought us into existence.
*There is a problem because our original parents disobeyed God..
*So evil came into the world. 2016 and in history the distress, tragedy, misery, pain, corruption, millions killed and even more millions in wars. 2016 look at all the wars people killing each other.
*So cutting  away from God when they disobeyed God and mankind goes its own way and destroying themselves and finally they destroy their own world.
*So as people lived and people died  are lost because no sin, that is disobeying God gets into the Kingdom of God
*But God loved the world and gave his only son who came into the world, lived, died and was raised from dead and any person who believes in Jesus Christ does not die but has everlasting life.
*The Jesus crucified, was raised to life by his father, went back to heaven and is living today. Jesus said to us because he lives we will live as well. Jesus was killed 2000 years ago approx and is now alive in the Kingdom of God as well are all people who believe the message of Jesus Christ.
*The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a message for you today and that is why I say to you find out about Jesus Christ and come to him and have your sins forgiven. Unless your sins are forgiven you are locked out of the Kingdom of God.
*The reason Jesus came into the world is he came to be killed and raised back to life. Jesus blood was shed for us. Jesus was humiliated, whipped and finally was nailed to a cross.
*Jesus paid the price for our sin. Jesus paid your price so that when you die your sins were removed and thus you can go into the Kingdom of God.
*Jesus has said come to me and there is no price, just come.
*I say to you do that search out Jesus and come to him.
*Once you find Jesus he then takes over your life, he looks after you and takes you home after you die.
*So Come! Do Come!

Email me if you like the contacts are on the page www.youmustrepent.com


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