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Location of my E-Book “Your Life is here simply click.  “Your Life is on the WEB so that any person can read.  “Your Life” came into being from Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, so consequently the info has to be available freely to all people. You can help with my mission so read here.  You helping me needs to be from Jesus Christ and that help will come as you read “Your Life” and you can look at my Religious Site . Cheers Hendrik Evangelist chosen by God not man.

Faith is interesting
“I’m all ears.”
“My good friend that is what you said the other day, I am all ears. I will repeat what I also said the other day as well. Jesus was, is and will. Jesus has always lived and he was present when the earth was created. Finally Jesus became flesh and Jesus is a friend to us and he went back to his Father. Jesus is living in his Kingdom ruling today and one day God’s Kingdom will be complete. Jesus will hand over to God his people which is us and we are Priests to God.”

“Hendrik you worry me, what you just said is a lot to absorb,  a New World you are talking about. I am to be a Priest to God, is that right?”
“That is right and all you need to know about is in your Bible.”
“Look Hendrik I like some else to tell me about the Bible. I find the Bible difficult to interpret in so many areas. My Pastor is a great friend of mine, can I use him”
“Yes. If you do, and want to go to him about the Bible do that, but follow what I say on this page as well about building a relationship with Jesus Christ.”
“Great, my Pastor is a good man and I know he is a great Christian because he has large stadiums where he preaches the Gospel.”
“My friend that is good news,” I  thought about what else I should say seeing he appears to be in good hands, maybe, so  I added, “Remember you can do a lot of service for Jesus Christ while in your Church, but there  is an issue I need to talk about because when you become a Christian you have your old nature which is in you, the you,  you were  born in,  and then you meet Jesus. You find Jesus, he receives you, and then the Holy Spirit comes into your heart, so there is now two natures in your body. The old, and the new. The new is you who has abandoned your old nature, and now you have a new nature, you still have the old nature which stays with you till you a liberated at death. With the new nature (you are born again) you are on a brand new walk and you need to know about God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and what Jesus wants you to do. There is a lot to learn about the Kingdom of God.”
“Hendrik I like how you talk, but…..,” but man oh man  he thought, Am I able to cope, I thought coming to Jesus  which  I did many years ago  and my service in the Church would be enough. Maybe not, I wonder?
 “My good friend as a new Christian your old nature is going to do its best to make sure you never learn about the Kingdom of God and if possible  your old nature will try to destroy you completely.”
Thinking fast he thought, this is getting heavy, so he added, ” Hendrik I want to be free from complications it appears to me that there is going to be a war in me. Old fighting with the new.”
“You are right, immediately you become a Christian your old nature is going to make sure you never start. So you came to Jesus, but then you thought about the difficult walk with Jesus. While on the earth your walk with Jesus is going to be difficult and you will need to be on guard because you can be destroyed.”
“I had not thought about it before. I need to make a decision to keep going to know about Jesus or not”
“Right you are, you are going to make that decision to keep going or not”
“I hope you decide to keep going because I will help you. My E-Book “Your Life” is designed for that very reason to help you from a person who has a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and I became a Christian at 11 years of age and at 66 years of age Jesus has given me the ability to write “Your Life.”

“So let us run together. Make the decision and if you like toss the “Your Life” into the rubbish or run. I assume you are going to run, that is why you are still reading.”
“I am all ears even more then last time,” you say

I will now talk about my walk with Jesus Christ and will recap what I said the other day.

Our goal,
your goal
my goal
is to be an athlete in the Kingdom of God
and run the race that Jesus has given us to do. Knowledge is a key.

I can clearly say, “The only reason I have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ is because I spend time with Jesus every day and usually early in the morning as an example I could wake up about 2 am and then I spend at least 1 hour or 1.5 hours and I have a project to memorize as much as I can from the Bible. My picture in my mind is that as I think about the Bible all the text are sitting in my mind and I feel as though I am living in the Kingdom of God. It is true for me I live in the Kingdom of God 24 hours a day.”
“I do spend time at home with Jesus but not a lot, because I have my work to earn money and then a do a lot of work in my Church.”
“To give you are guide  I decided to have my time with Jesus Christ my Saviour after midnight because my day was full and no spare time usually.”
“It may not suite me to do it in the morning after midnight because I need all the sleep I can.”
“That is fine I can only share you why I picked the early shift. You pick your own time that suits you.” I was wondering what I should say next so I said,  “Well! I have a to say that in my being I wanted to spend as much time as possible with Jesus Christ and I worked a full day and I found I would have my quite time about 6 am or 7 am, but as I spent time I was always wanting to get it over because I had to have Breakfast and get to work. So I decided to experiment.  I guess Jesus was putting it into my heart, Hendrik you need more time because I have a lot to teach you.”
“Stop for a second Hendrik. This Jesus talking to your heart is not what I have experienced”
“Once again do not scare yourself that you have not experienced Jesus talking to your heart, simply find a way to put time somewhere in your life and it needs not to be every day. To Jesus if you talked to him two or three times a week I am sure the Lord would be saying you talk to him all the time. Time is nothing to our God and if I spent time every day and you a couple of times with Jesus it makes no difference. I am also sure the quality time with Jesus is more important then fleeting moments if you try to do it every day.”
“I think you might be right”
“So I decided to simply go to bed, have a few hours sleep, about four and then I would get up. I make a coffee and then I go into my Study. For me I usually switch on my Smart Phone and see if there there is some dramatic news on the BBC and then I go into my Bible. This morning 8-12-2014 I woke up at 2am and I have been spending a few weeks in Zechariah. I do a lot of memory work and I would go over the same chapter dozens of times until I have the chapter well in place into my mind. I have found I am never bored in revising text in the Bible and John 3:16 I am excited every time I think about God loving the World so much that  he sent his Son into the World and anybody who believes in him will not be condemned but has eternal life. Wonderful, wonderful words and I also find the Bible itself as I memorize more I know I am living in the Kingdom of God. ”
“Hendrik I wonder if this can happen to me. You sound excited.”
“I am,  and now, when I wake up, in my heart, I find I am eager to wake up and spent time with Jesus. In my very being a sense of knowing I am going into the very presence of Jesus and experiencing the Kingdom of God. So now it is rare for me not to spent time every day. If I have a late night sometimes I forget the quite time, because I do need about eight to seven hours of sleep, but the eagerness is there so I pick up the next night.”
“I’m getting pretty keen as I hear from you. Your walk sounds exciting.”
“It is, and you can have the same experience and that is why I have developed this E-Book, “Your Life” to help you and any body else interested. I am absolutely sure Jesus wants you to have a close encounter with him as often as possible so he can teach you. I can say even more I am positive Jesus would also want every person on the planet to have a wonderful encounter with him”
“I think Hendrik you might be right. But I do know most people do not care or even know about Jesus.”
” You have discovered a truth about God and you are right. The world does not know God or Jesus and do not care. Even when Jesus came into the world his own people, the Jews would not except him, in fact they killed him.”
“I do know that many people in my Church do care about Jesus and consequently as a group we are  motivated as we enjoy the wonderful Worship Services.”
“So you see, you are on the the highway already, and I am saying how about also developing a quite time with Jesus and you might find that your quiet time could become the source of your power as Jesus teaches you and tells you what he wants you to do in your Church and more.”
“I think I am going to try to put time aside and experiment.”
“Great, that is exactly what I did and Jesus started turning my heart even more as he taught me. I am sure that will happen to you.”
“Ok Hendrik I will experiment tonight.”
“The time you choose can be any time. You might you have time during the day and that is fine. For me I needed to have my time early in the morning because my day was full and I wanted to have a time where I was not always thinking about ending to do other things.”

The next time we will talk about the Bible itself and I am sure what I tell you you will never have heard before. I will do that before I talk about your own walk with Jesus Christ.

Next time.  Hendrik

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