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Location of my E-Book “Your Life is here simply click.  “Your Life is on the WEB so that any person can read.  “Your Life” came into being from Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, so consequently the info has to be available freely to all people. You can help with my mission so read here.  You helping me needs to be from Jesus Christ and that help will come as you read “Your Life” and you can look at my Religious Site www.youmustrepent.com . Cheers Hendrik Evangelist chosen by God not man.

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Goals, Targets.

There is no reason  for you to believe you cannot read and understand your Bible.
There is no reason for you to not read your Bible at home.
There is no reason for you to not ask the Holy Spirit to help you.
There is no reason to believe that your Bible will not will change your life.
There is no reason to doubt the Bible will transform your heart.
There is no reason to believe the Bible is not God’s Word.

 Faith is interesting. Goals, Targets.

Jesus My Walk, How about Your Walk with Jesus
How about Your Goals, Targets and can be my Goals as well
we can work in the Kingdom of God together. God has no time or space
whether you live in America, England, Holland, Africa, Israel, Fiji, anywhere.
To God Time. Space is irrelevant we are together.
So we can work together and with the WEB we are close in a real time.

Goals, Goals, Targets, Targets and more Goals. Your Goal
“I’m all ears.” was your statement Hope  and I like it and it could be a statement that become a signature few words because Jews had ears, they heard, but they did not obey God and that is the difference with  you Hope and me, Hendrik I am determined to hear God’s Word and I know you are the same.
“I wonder Hendrik what sort of Goals I should have. ” Hope was wondering the difference between his Goals and Jesus Goals, so he added, “How can I know my Goals are Jesus’ Goals?”
“A wonderful few thoughts from you Hope.” I was thinking,   I was impressed for his perception because there is a difference with Hopes own Goals and Jesus Goals, probably. Maybe not, but most cases Jesus would have Goals for Hope he had not thought about, because God knows the future, and sets Goals that prepare him for the future.
 ” I am happy you said that because now you would realise why having a close walk with Jesus is critical. Not an addition but a must because the better you know Jesus the more likely are you setting Goals that come to your mind. Goals set by Jesus himself. If Jesus’ Goals  are your goals you can see immediately you will succeed because Jesus will help you and more then that Jesus travels ahead of you and removes obstacles.
“I have a friend who  sets Goals  and tells his friends he has Goals.”
“Your friend is doing what is recommended by many Motivate Speakers, and Books. By telling others it is more difficult to not do it.”
“I did not think about that. I think you are right.”
“I will not recommend you do the same  because your boss is Jesus Christ and Jesus is closer then any friend,  Jesus lives in your heart and Jesus will motivate you.”
“I am starting to see why you said, I need to get closer to Jesus Christ.”
“You bet.”
“But Hendrik I have been a procrastinator all my life and I am afraid  my spots will not change.”
“I guarantee you that Jesus will keep you motivated. I am absolutely sure and the only issue could be that you might decide to not do it. If you decide to not do something then it will not happen.”
“I though you said Jesus would keep me motivated.”
“Well…..,”Hope was expecting more so he said, “If Jesus is going to motivate me then I will be because Jesus is the motor.”
“You might be forgetting something.  You have the Old Man that you were born with and you have the New Man the Holy Spirit living in you as well, as I said elsewhere the Old Man is going to weigh in and do his best to stop you for learning about Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.”
“I thought Jesus would destroy the Old Man.”
“Unfortunately that is not the case,  because you as a person is still corrupted by sin and you have a choice to either feed the Old Man and you can prefer the old life or you can decide it is the New Man, the Holy Spirit I want to feed.”
“As I said earlier am I going to have to battle all the time.”
“You are and I also told you you have to make a decision whether to not fight and give in to your Old Man.” He wondered whether Hope missed the point last time we spoke. “Hope there is no easy way. Your life is short, and in a few years you will be gone. Jesus has given you Eternal Life and you are in the Kingdom of God. Knowing that it should motivate you to spend time with Jesus because in a few years the Old Body the Old Man will disappear in the grave. Once you die you will be released and you will have a new body in the Kingdom of God.”
” I’m amazed how quickly I forgot what you said.”
” I will help you, but you do need to fight the Old Man and force yourself to spend time with Jesus, to feed the New Man, and if you do that then as you find out more about the Kingdom of God the Old Man will lose its pull. If you ignore your time with Jesus then the Old Man can get stronger and stronger and that would be disastrous.”
“You are absolutely right, lets get back and talk about setting Goals.”
“I wonder Hope are you waiting for motivation to come from the heavens.”
“It would help”
“On my desk I listened to a Toastmaster talk from  a person who talked about, Dreaming, Believing, Striving and Achieving. He left a card and that is sitting where I can see it because I believe we need to find a way to be motivated.”
“You mean be motivated by myself.”
“You bet that is what I am suggesting to you. You need to look for ways to be motivated without expecting miracles. You need to do the work and find a way to be motivated.”
“Wow! I want you to help me here.”
“I will Hope.”
“What I will do I will go through what I believe about motivation and use images I found on the WEB.”
“I can see them and I see the note you placed,. Goal… Make Plan…Get to Work…Stick to it…Reach Goal. and the last window below says how to fix your Goals..”
“Hope how about if under the images, I lay out what I suggest you should do. ”
“Ok, thanks.”

“Have a look at this image. I took from the WEB”

The last  image is best to use
Set Goal… Make Plan…Get to Work…Stick to it…Reach Goal. and the last window below says how to fix your Goals.
I think that is important you have your Goals and double check and retune your Goals before things collapse. Be on watch. strong.

“Hope it is worth while to think about images above and be a runner like the image below. Run the race in serving the Lord Jesus Christ. To help you think about Jesus gave himself for you and me. Jesus did not need to because he had no sin to be forgiven. So Jesus gave himself freely because he loves us, think about it Hope.”
“I am.”
“Jesus said, there is no greater love then a person lay down his love for his friends.”
“When you think about it, it is simply mind blowing to think the God let his son come into the world to die for my sin, your our and others who come to him.”
“To me Hendrik I could not imagine myself letting myself to die for another person.”
“I agree, how could God’s love be so great for us that he found a way, we  could be  forgiven our sins, so that we could be in the Kingdom of God.”
“Now Hope you have found a reason to be motivated, Jesus  gave an example for you. If Jesus did what he did for you a reciprocal situation makes a lot of sense.”
“I agree and I know I need now to find more about Jesus Christ  my wonderful Saviour. I will lock in my time with Jesus so that I can spend time with him.”
“That is great Hope.”

“I know who I want to be because in the Church I have always wanted to do things for Jesus Christ. Hendrik you have given me another dimension. I had my Church work in place but my Home,  and Personal was empty. Jesus is not there, but now I’m sure that is going to change.”
“Hope  I will just line up the messages in the images you see here.

  • Start having your time with Jesus Christ.
  • God’s Word is your food so make a plan how you can cover it.
  • The more you know about the Bible the better.
  • If you covered a Chapter each day in 3.5 years you would cover the entire Bible.
  • Do start memorization as many sections as you can. That is a way for God’s Word to live in your mind, as it is with me.
  • Once in your mind you will feel as though you are living in the Kingdom of God. Which you are, as it is with me.
  • As you spend time with Jesus Jesus will reward you. His time with you will become precious as it is with me.
  • In the end you will not want to miss a single session with Jesus Christ, as it is with me.
  • You will be amazed what Jesus with do with you, as it is with me.
  • Hope I am not talk about what is already on the page above the messages on the images and right at the bottom a detail DIY help is there to set Goals. ”

“I agree Hendrik I have enough information to get going. I am starting to get pretty keen. It is in my bones.”
“I agree as well Hope, all you need to do is run. As I have said before I will help you.”


More to come…..

We will also talk about the concept of praying, talking to god
More to come…..
Our goal,
your goal
my goal
is to be an athlete in the Kingdom of God
and run the race that Jesus has given us to do. Knowledge is a key.

Next time.  Hendrik

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http://www.wahm.com/articles/Setting-Achieving-Your-Business and for you own Goals-Goals.html

Setting & Achieving Your, or Business and for you own Goals Goals

by Alice Seba
There’s no time like the present to review the past year and make some solid goals for your growing Business and for you own Goals and for you own Goals. Here are a few tips for setting and achieving those goals:1. Brainstorm – Start writing a list of things you’d like to accomplish. At first, you might think you don’t have any ideas, but soon they will come pouring out. You may even end up with too many goals that you could realistically accomplish. Prioritize and decide which are most important.

2. Write your goals down in one central place and record any changes you make to your goals – This way you can track your progress and will be become even better at setting goals for yourself in the future.

3. Make sure your goals are challenging, yet attainable – In other words, don’t make them all too easy, but then again, don’t list a bunch that you will never achieve. If you make them too easy, you will feel like you haven’t accomplished much and if you make them too difficult, you’ll feel defeated.

4. Set a realistic timeframe for your goals – Remember, you can’t do everything at once. If you have short and simple goals, set short timeframes. For your more involved goals, analyze the steps needed to complete them and be realistic about how much time you will need to accomplish your goals.

5. As you write down your goals, ask why is this my goal? – If your goal is to set up an affiliate program for your site, you will motivate yourself better if you understand and remind yourself why you are doing this. It may be to increase your website traffic, to earn more income or to create brand recognition for your product. It could be any number of things, but make sure you know what they are.

6. Make your goals measurable – Don’t just say, you want to learn about graphics. Make a specific plan. Perhaps, you want to learn about Flash graphics and you want to be able to make your own Flash movie. Or perhaps, you’re happy just being able to design your own animated gif. You need to be able to see when you’ve achieved your goals.

7. Identify what “tools” you will use and how will obtain the “tools” to achieve your goals – Perhaps, your goal is to build your own web page for the first time. You need to think about what you need to do that. Two of the many things you might need are software and a tutorial or the help of knowledgeable friend. You’ll need to purchase the software or find the freeware. You’ll also need to look around for the tutorial or see when your friend might have time to help you.

8. Don’t overload yourself – We all want to get everything done and to be as perfect as possible, but don’t give yourself too much. Remember, time with family is why you have a home Business and for you own Goals. It’s okay to have a larger number of small, easily attainable goals, but do limit the number of major goals that require a number of resources and significant time to achieve. Remember, as in a previous step, you can always revisit and revise your goals if need be.

9. Divide your goals into short term and long term goals – If you keep this list separate, you can better organize yourself to complete them. Short term goals usually can be completed at anytime with not much time commitment. Your long term goals will require more involvement and you don’t likely want to take on too many long term goals at one time.

10. Revisit and revise your goals when necessary – This doesn’t mean that if you’re a procrastinator, you can just come back and push all your dates back. This exercise is to see if you are on track with your goals. Perhaps, you’re a little ahead of schedule and you can add a goal or two. Maybe, you’re falling behind, and that’s okay. You need to look at why you’re falling behind. Is it because you didn’t dedicate the time necessary, you didn’t have the tools to accomplish your goals or was it just unrealistic planning? You can learn from all these things and set better goals in the future. If you do extend a deadline, make a new plan on how you will meet that new timeframe.

Always, congratulate yourself on a job well done. Share your successes with your family and peers. Then start working on the next goal…

Alice Seba is the editor of http://www.internetbasedmoms.com. Fire up your online Business and for you own Goals with Business and for you own Goals ideas, web page building advice & marketing tips. Subscribe to the newsletter by sending a blank email to internetbasedmom-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.



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