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God is active and in your life “Your Life”

Perception of never dieing.  It is true isn’t it. 

There is a deception for me and you that there is plenty of time for doing the things you want to do in life.
“You are smart Hendrik, fancy that.”
“Well, is it true or not. It does not matter whether you are young or old  you cannot picture yourself in a coffin or cremated, buried somewhere.”
“Well Mr. Evangelist called by God I am too busy to think about when I am gone. I will be gone, I know that. I agree I cannot imagine I will not  be here.”

This perception that you will always be on the earth is  the greatest curse that is built into our DNA. Time is short and without any warning time suddenly arrives and then we realize there is no time for me at all.
It needs to be hammered into our mind and our actions should reflect  there is no time for me at all. When you look in History thousands of years ago millions upon millions of people have been born lived and died and would have thought similar and their lives were permanent, we look back, every one of them is gone.

I have only think about people who live in my town Deepwater, NSW, Australia, 2371. We have about 400 people in the town and let me note a few people who are gone. 40% of people have died and new citizens have moved in so there is not sense that so many people have died. It is as though they did not exist and are only remembered by their family or close friends and even there people will probably know their faces but will have forgotten our names.

Thinking about people who have died close to me here in Deepwater:
3 houses behind my house: Rita, Reg, Les, Stephen and here I  trying to think about another person the wife of a friend David. I simply cannot think of her name.
1 house North of my house, Bill, & wife Debbie.
1 house a few doors North opposite Deepwater Railway  Lional died.
2 houses in the street behind West. Thora, Jim, Masters.
5 houses North of street behind me, George, Wife of George I cannot think of her name, Malcolm, Alvera, Person killed fire in the street,
So here I am in just a few steps from my house and every street around Deepwater people   died since I came to Deepwater 30 odd years ago.

So I and you and others we need to have that urgency that time is short and do what God, Jesus wants us to do.

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