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Even though you can read material of this book on the Web it will be completed, designed for the launch, the material is ok to read and I hope it helps you. But the launch E-Book will be completely finished. Graphics, Chapters etc January 2015 and thousands of Denominations Churches will have the book.

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This below is a help to be read first. Being developed

This book is interesting (My view I suppose I am biased) because it has been written here in Australia, NSW and Deepwater. I am an Evangelist chosen by God and I was saved at 11 years of age during a Billy Graham Evangelistic meeting in the Sydney Cricket Ground. and I have had the Evangelist focus all my life and have a look at my, God’s site .

So this E-Book, “Your Life” has two goals and the first is “Your Life” is for you to help you and share with the how to have the most amazing walk with Jesus Christ. The second, “Your Life” is to launch a project in January 2015 for public meeting for people in Glen Innes and it does not matter where you are in the world you can help. Information will be given on the launch in January and thousands of Churches around the world will receive the “Your Life”. If the Online book is worthy and it helps you you can share and I will give you information on the launch. More information when you read, Why the E-Book later

So this book is designed to help those of you who are Christians and wonder whether your work with Jesus Christ is like mine or others. You often forget that there are similarities for all Christians and that is why God has given us our Bible for the sake of a template so we find out all we can about the Bible and God, Jesus, Holy Spirit uses us when the Bible speaks to us. God has raised men and women through the ages to re-visit the original text Hebrew and Greek. So the Bible today is probably the most accurate manuscript from ancient times going back 3000 years ago.

Now if I am new to you you can find about me in three areas.  and look at the introduction there where my journey with Jesus Christ is written. I also have information Videos, singing and teaching. I am clearly an Evangelist I have known right from the beginning in my life with Jesus Christ. My call is clearly from God himself and Evangelistic work is what I do. My personal site I also have my personal work  hendrik de jong I have added info for years so there is a lot to see. My income comes from  I am a Web Site Developer catering for small businesses

If you were to ask me what is the most important matter, issue? I would say, first  your family, which must come first, you cannot neglect your family, if you do not then your life is out of  the normal situation and outside of what God expect for me or you. However  there can be issues in your family where you have to make a stand that may cause problems in your relationship in your family. It can be the case and I think a large number of people around the world and other cultures do have to make a stand particularly concerning God, Jesus, Holy Spirit where you need to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ.  If you do need to make a stand it needs to be well considered, reluctantly and loaded in compassion for the people involved.

Talking about compassion for people I do need to help you understand the  compassionate, kindness of Jesus Christ and his father God, we need to be like Jesus as well, because God’s traits are things like, pure, peace, gentle, open to reason, open to reason and all these similar good things including no insincerity, and no uncertainty. These wonderful traits of God and his son Jesus Christ needs to be us. That means you and I need to ooze compassionate, kindness and if that is not the case with us we need to start training ourselves. You might now say, “I have a problem here. I have never had a truly compassionate disposition.” Well, you can change things  and if you are not a Christian you can start working on yourself. That is train yourself,  and like any good training you can start see the changes in yourself. I can give you help so go onto this Web Site here and click onto God’s Traits and if you are a Christian you can have help from Jesus Christ.

So you have decided to ask Jesus Christ to help you, if that is you, then you are moving into an area of Christian life that I class as being the source of all your power to do any Christian Work. That is, you are attached to the vine. You must be attached to the vine to do the most amazing things in your life. Here, there is no complication if you have been to the Cross of Jesus Christ, confessed your sin and are now walking with Jesus Christ, if that is you, you are communicating and can ask Jesus to help you. God’s word clearly tells you is you seek you will find, if you ask you will receive and if you knock the door will be opened and there are no exceptions. Once again God, Jesus tells you clearly if you  please God, Jesus he will give you the good things you ask for. If you read about my life you will find that I have an exciting, amazing walk with Jesus Christ.  There is a section that talks about being attached to the Vine (Still to be done) .


What is important?

Your relationship with God, Jesus Christ has to be first, particularly where Jesus does say unless you deny yourself you cannot be a follower of Jesus Christ.


The interesting question is the ask you what your walk with Jesus Christ is right now?
You might say:

  • I am happy with my walk with Jesus Christ.
  • I am not happy with my walk with Jesus Christ.
  • I am hot and cold with my walk with Jesus Christ.
  • I have slipped back with my walk with Jesus Christ.
  • I need help with my walk with Jesus Christ.
    It does not matter where you are right now you can front up to Jesus and ask him for help. The pre-requisite is the visit to Jesus Christ is not your mouth talking , but the visit to Jesus Christ is to be from your heart because Jesus knows whether your visit is real or not. There is a section about Israel that will talk about mouth or the heart. Israel to be done.

Lets hope that you have been honest to yourself because there is no cheating or pretense  with Jesus Christ because he knows what you are thinking. There is nothing to be lost if you front up with your Lord and Savior. The reason this here is important because if you are holding back then as a Christian Jesus will use you but the full blessing will not be there, you could be running at 50%, what a pity.  You need to completely unload and take away anything of self.

What you do now is the basis of what is happening now and in the future. There could be you need more discipline as you could be stubborn like the Jews were. You can be absolutely sure if Jesus has a job for you to do, you could be stubborn for your entire journey while you are on the earth. So depending on your circumstances  you could be slightly injured so you are struggling in your work with God. In a serious problem God could be saying, you must sort things out because I cannot use you till you yield to my voice. Your issue may never be sorted out so Jesus never really uses you and when you die  you go home you could fall into the Kingdom with no works following giving rewards. That could be you. I think it is better to get into the Kingdom of God without rewards or to miss the Kingdom completely. But Paul does say run the race and achieve the rewards to those who are faithful serving Jesus Christ. I hope that is you where God is blessing you fully 100%. That means you are having an exciting journey with Jesus Christ.

I believe there are many people in the Churches who are not in the Kingdom of God. This is a sad situation and that is why somehow you need to be honest to yourself. Jesus did say, “Seek the Kingdom of God”. Once again sadly your life here on the earth can be important to you and you may not want to give up self. The rich man did say to Jesus, “What do I have to do to be in the Kingdom of God”. He did many good things for people, but he was holding something back. Jesus asked him to give up what he was holding up because he had great wealth. So he left sadly and did not want to completely deny himself.  Sadly many people in the Churches are exactly the same, they are holding something back, that could be you, maybe me, maybe other people are the same. You can be sure Jesus, Holy Spirit will not leave you alone until you yield to his voice. The trouble is you can be extremely stubborn and never yield to his voice which is exactly what the Jews did and as a consequence they were evicted out of the promised land.  But I hope you are fully committed to Jesus Christ so that you do what Jesus wants you to do.

You have now read what I think is important and I believe understanding what I have said here lays the foundation of participating and understanding this E-Book about “Your Life”.

One of the great traits of God is you have the choice to listen to him or not. Also you have the choice to listen to what I say or not. Revelation 7 Churches make the point you have ears to listen and by listening you can act to overcome your problems and obstacles. Cain and Abel we are told Cain was told. Sin was crouching

I like this translation. Cain and Abel
Source 4:6-8&version=ESV

If you do things ·well [correctly; appropriately], ·I will [L will I not…?] accept you, but if you do not do them ·well [correctly; appropriately], sin is ·ready to attack you [L crouching at the door]. Sin ·wants [desires to control; 3:16] you, but you must rule over it.”So here you have the choice to do what ever you like. This page is now completed and its goal was to put in place a foundation. The foundation is how to react listening or not listening and if you wish to make a comment click here.

This page still to be edited, structure and grammar.

More next time.

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