Goal and Purpose

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You can be sure 100% you are in the Kingdom of God

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I am going to make a claim that you are witnessing a work developing in the area of the E-Book Online


“Goal, Purpose”
a reality for you

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So there you are, you can achieve your Goals without putting in the fuel, because the Goal and Purpose of this site is to help your realize your success as a true Christian is to be 100% living in God’s Kingdom. Be totally dependent on Jesus Christ….read more below

I am making this claim:That I am a Servant of the living God and he has chosen me to be an Evangelist and  a calling not by man but a call from God and he has trained me to do the work.

There is a need for you to do the research and find out who I am and I have made it easy because  my work started when I was called by the living God at 11 years of age.  55 years ago and now at 65 years of age the scene is set for me to run and do the work Jesus has given me.

Goal and Purpose
     I suppose you may be sick of people trying to motivate to do things and that can be yourself or your Church Leaders, Pastors, Vicars, Elders, Lay people Male and Female. Motivation sessions are good in that in some of the larger Churches, Denominations are large Businesses, Organizations and requires expertise, skill to keep things together. So you want to race and you want to win…..more below
     To win often people have a misunderstanding about Salvation, that is coming to the Cross of Jesus Christ, they confess their sins and follow Jesus and are in the Kingdom of God.

Hendrik, I think I know what you are going to say. Do you, really. Yes.
Salvation is free, in other words you cannot get into the Kingdom of God by doing something. That something is interesting because  what is the “something”?   Jesus clearly tells you, me, others to come, accept that invite to come to Jesus Christ, have your sins forgiven and by coming you go into the Kingdom of God. That is something.

So the first Goal for you is to know you do have to come to Jesus Christ, so you come, Jesus who knows your heart knows whether you are trying to work your way in the Kingdom of God as that person did who came to Jesus and said, “What must I do to be in the Kingdom of God” Jesus said to the person, “Sell your goods and follow me.” The man turned away and did not follow Jesus Christ.
God, Jesus looks at your Heart, Mind, Desires. So there is no room for hypocrisy. For many people in the Churches they come when the call comes to accept Jesus Christ, but they are holding something in their Heart, Life, they will not let go. The Church organization cannot sort out this in a person’s life so a person can accept the invite, they can do what the Church tells them to do and make all the right words and moves, yet they can be outside of the Kingdom of God. For that person is sad and that is why the leadership of the Churches need to help people to unload their lives so that they do come to Jesus Christ and they are in the Kingdom of God.

So now the Purpose of you being alive, your Destiny requires effort. There is information about being in the Kingdom of God it has its own link and it is worth while to look at, Content Text and Videos.
Once you are in the Kingdom of God you are a child of God and then you begin to know about, God, Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit. You have a choice to be lazy or diligent while you are in the Kingdom of God.

To achieve your purpose itrequires you to be on guard, because you are in a battle, and the battle is about God and his Adversary Satan, Lucifer. As well as these elements you have to cope with your own corruption, decay of your own Heart, Desires, Mind. So you can see, it should be  evident to you, it is difficult to stay on the true Highway to Heaven and that is why the 7 Churches in Revelation has a lesson for each of us.

Many, many people fall off the Highway and for lots of reasons.

Now I hope I have not scared you because Jesus has a message for  all of us, “Come to me because I care about you and my  yoke is easy and light so learn about me.” So there you are, the secret to all of the Christian walk is Jesus Christ.

So you have achieved your Goal you are in the Kingdom of God and now you know that Jesus Christ will help you to achieve your purpose while in the Kingdom of God and when you die you go home.

So if you get to know me you will know the Bible and my walk with Jesus Christ is the foundation of my walk with Jesus. With you it is exactly the same and if you develop a walk with Jesus Christ and use the Bible for food then you will do what Jesus tells you to do and you will be abiding in the Vine, Jesus Christ.

So Jesus is your life and Jesus life is your life. And your life is also Jesus’s walk as it is for me.

There is nothing else for me to say because it is not my words that are important.
The Goal is important, so do not miss the Goal.
Your Purpose is important and your purpose for your life is achievable in Jesus Christ.


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Here information  for you to make a decision whether I am who I claim to be. or use Blogs

After:You can be dancing when you have completed your research and you will then decide whether there is mileage in visiting my sites and and particularly  http://www.youmustrepent.com/saveworldwithme/
A note here:

  • God is not an abstract or a state of mind.
  • God is not in nature.
  • God is not hidden.
  • God is not visible, he is a spirit.  God is visible in Jesus Christ.
  • God is not happy you reject him. God sheds tears in secret.
  • God is not like mankind, a person.
  • God is not happy Revelation the book shows mankind rejecting him.
  • God is Alive, Active.
  • God is listening to his people.
  • God is Pure.
  • God is Gentle.
  • God is Pure.
  • God is open to Reason
  • God is full of Mercy.
  • God is full of Compassion.
  • God is Kind.

      God is a real person and when we see Jesus we see God. When we see God we see Jesus and Jesus Christ is the person who on the mountain, the resurrected person who stood with over a hundred people and saw Jesus go back with his Father and Jesus is now sitting at the right of God reigning.

      The Kingdom of God is a real place and as we live our lives on the earth the Kingdom of God is also operating a place similar in a sense except the Kingdom of God is a place righteousness is the rule and there is nothing unclean in it and this is the place you and I are going.

Think about this:If you have not accepted the Bible as the Word of God.

  • That means you cannot know the living God I serve.
  • That means you do not know  Jesus Christ who is my Saviour.
  • That means you are not in the Kingdom of God.
  • That means you have decided. Hendrik, I think you are wrong.
  • That means you are  exercising your right to accept or not accept what I say.

I am happy for you to make that decision because that is exactly what  God  would be saying. Think about what I have told you and I recommend come to me and have the living water, but if you say no, that is your right.

So you live your life, you die and then you will be presented with a reality. Your reality, or God’ reality

That is fine.

You can actually see the problem when Jesus, God’s son who was with the  people about 30 AD, even though through Jesus the world was created who was with God in the beginning and they could see Jesus and saw the miracles he did, the leaders of the Jews rejected Jesus and killed him.

Jesus said, the leaders do not know his Father, God so they killed Jesus.  Not realizing what they had done (Not realizing, or knowing they were killing the son of the living God) and after Jesus went home to his father the Jewish leaders killed people who served Jesus who were called Christians. All of Jesus Apostles were persecuted and killed. If that is what happened while the Son of God was in the world….

imagine now 2000 years later., who is going to believe or not the Gospel of Jesus?

It is true the Harvest is ready and as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached throughout the world millions are coming into the wonderful Kingdom of God.

So, you may not accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ, millions are, and it is true people are pouring into the Kingdom of God every day. I hope that is you as well. But, I have to accept, you may not accept what I have said.

That is fine

I hope the best for your future.



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