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About Me (Hendrik) My view about me is clearly biased because I am talking about my life as I see it, and  not as other people see me. Also I have to add I wonder what Jesus Christ would be saying about me the Father and the angels. I am doing my best but I do realize I have fallen short time and time again.

To know about my Journey up to 2009 read the introduction of down the page and from 2009 I am going to discuss what has happened to 2014 here.

Probably the most important teaching has  been  my time with Jesus Christ and it is rare for me to miss a meeting in the early morning between 1 am to 5 am.  In that time about 90 minutes.

For me, I clearly look forward to the time each day and usually I open my Smart Phone to see if anything dramatic is on the news and then I try to not only read 2 chapters of the Bible, I also try to memorize what I cover. I now have a wonderful picture of the Kingdom of God, God’s throne and Revelation is a book I have prepared a manuscript you can read.

Currently my hope is to keep developing and also I hope to have meetings in Glen Innes which is 40 kilometers South of Deepwater. These meetings will be revealed in January 2015 when I Launch my E-Book, Online Book January 2015.

I am now talking about 5 years since I was very sick during this time in my rehabilitation from surgery I spent a year putting together Revelation you can understand. From this time my Lord and Saviour has been training me, disciplining me. It is amazing how time slips away and now I feel at 65 years of age I have now been commissioned the to my real work that God had planned for me. I feel as though whole life had been in place for what is happening now 2014. To God 55 years to my conversion into the Kingdom of God is a non event in time.  To God as we know 1000 years is a day so knowing to God time is not even relevant other then time is used in my short life to be converted  and brought into the Kingdom of God and then for me to do the work God wants me to do, and I will do my work and then I will be gone like everybody else. I will leave and I know I will be before God giving an account to God as to what I did with my life. Was I lazy? Was I deceived? Did I seek the Kingdom of God? Did I get to know God better?

If I could make a comment to you, it would be that time is short and do not waste your time. Do not be lazy. Do not not spent time with Jesus Christ. If you are in a church do what you can to help the church blossom. Be known in your church as being a dynamo. Eager to do the work and serve Jesus Christ. Never be happy with the status quo. As a Christian seek out  knowledge of Jesus Christ about God and his Kingdom. Have you though about Revelation chapter 21 about Jerusalem. Size 1500 miles long, 1500 breadth and 1500 high this is Jerusalem in the new world, new heaven, new earth, simply amazing.

There is so much to learn about God’s Kingdom and a lot of it is hidden manner and if you please God he will give you the hidden manner.

Think about this as well:
God said to Ezekiel I want you to tell Israel this is what going to happen. God said to Ezekiel they will not listen to what you say, but as for you, listen to my voice.

For us it is important to understand the world does not recognise God, Jesus Christ and yet God, Jesus has said, “Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  That is our job and that is my job and our life is to be a blessing to people in the world and not judge people.

I don’t think there is much more I have to say about myself. It is now 5:10 PM Saturday Deepwater.


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Now if I am new to you you can find about me in three areas.  and look at the introduction there where my journey with Jesus Christ is written. I also have information Videos, singing and teaching. I am clearly an Evangelist I have known right from the beginning in my life with Jesus Christ. My call is clearly from God himself and Evangelistic work is what I do. My personal site I also have my personal work  hendrik de jong I have added info for years so there is a lot to see. My income comes from  I am a Web Site Developer catering for small businesses

So here you have the choice to do what ever you like.

This page is now completed and its goal was to put in place a foundation. The foundation is how to react listening or not listening and if you wish to make a comment click here  bottom of the page

This page still to be edited, structure and grammar.

More next time.

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