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What   How close the World to Armageddon? A Jewish thought about the Armageddon. I am amazed that  there can be so much error about Revelation. Have a read and Video

To be added  Attached to the Vine also more about 7 Churches in Revelation also Parable of finding Treasure in field selling all to get it

What you are witnessing is the evolution of my E-Book, Online Novel called “Your Life” What you see here is research and data. I have published Online so you can read, but the Novel itself will be completed  for a launch in January 2015. Your Friend Hendrik.

Active pages will have the buttons above.

You might ask the question, What is the dancing? I could have a coffin, showing you will die. I could have a sword, you will be killed by people. I could have a bomb exploding,  could happen to you in many places on the earth.  Dancing represents a cohesive situation flowing together with thought and content that I am presenting.

I am showing you  a lot is at stake in the pages in this E-Book, “Your Life”  Even though most people despise the living God, and by despising, I am saying people treat the living God as though he does not exist and that he sent his son into the world is a lot of rot. So what, is the thinking by most people. So it is true the world does not accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah to save people from sin. Sin, what are you talking about people say, even though it was sin by their parents that doomed the entire planet and all people born on the earth are tainted by a decayed nature which leads them to disobey the living God. The consequences is that people are born on the earth, they live their life, they die and unfortunately because all people sin and disobey God when they die they are locked out of the Kingdom of God. So if people cannot get into the Kingdom of God all other people go to the other place Hades. Of course you do not believe what I have penned here. Yet, in spite of what people say God has said when you die you will stand before me and give an account of your life as to what you did on the earth. People keep saying, rot, rot Hendrik, but it does not matter what people say, when people die they have no control of what happens to them except that what happens is in God’s hand.  God has told us what happens.

God offers a way to escape consequences of the decayed nature which leads all people to disobey God. So God sent his son into the world he lived till he was about 33 years of age, Jesus had a 3 year ministry from about 30-33 and Jesus had a job to do and you will discover it in  “Your Life” even better your “Bible.” Jesus had to die on the Cross of Calvary he shed his blood for us and then he rose from the dead and after about 70 days he went home to his Father (God).

When Jesus left the earth his Father sent the Holy Spirit into the world and now all people on the planet receive the Holy Spirit  when they discover who Jesus is and they have been to  Jesus to have their sins forgiven and  follow Jesus. Once that happens to people  we call them Christians. Christians live their lives on the earth and when they die they go into the Kingdom of God.  Therefore they have escaped the consequences of the decayed nature because Jesus forgives people when they confess to him about their sin and removes the stain of the decayed nature and gives a new start to people and the resulting affect is once sin is removed people die and people go into the Kingdom of God.

The last book of Revelation has a call to people on the earth and Jesus says, Come,  The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.” And let the one who hears say, “Come.” And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.

I hope you are one of those who “Come”. I have “Come”. Others have “Come”.

Do “Come” you will be happy you did.

Your Friend
Evangelist, chosen by God not man.

This “Your Life” is not designed to simplify the message from God and Jesus Christ. John in the New Testament talks about who Jesus is and the Kingdom of God and the best way for me to explain what I am trying to do is simply say this, the same as what Jesus said to
Nicodemus  who was a Pharisee, a man named Nicodemus who was a member of the Jewish ruling council. He came to Jesus at night.

  • Jesus said to Nicodemus. Unless you are born again, you will never see the Kingdom of God.
  • Nicodemus said, how is this possible, can an old person be born again?
  • Jesus said, you are a teacher and are you telling me you do not know what I am saying.
  • Jesus said, I have told you what I know and you witness what I have done here, so even though you see and hear you still do not believe.
  • So Jesus said, if you do not believe about what has happened here now on the earth, how can you believe when I tell you about heavenly things. Such as…
  • In the same way Moses lifted the Serpent on the mountain so must the Son of Man be lifted up and when that happens all men will come to the Son of Man, Jesus. Talking about Jesus being lifted up on the Cross of Calvary and the Cross of  Calvary, the blood Shed is the centre of the message of the wonderful Gospel.

I am assuming this will be the first part of the E-Book you have read in “Your Life”. We have a lot to cover and I will cover subjects as I have listed at the top here and much that  I will discuss with you, you will never have heard from your Minister or in a book. I have been taught by the Holy Spirit and I have a wonderful walk with Jesus Christ and as you look around at the material I have on the Web you will know more about me.  The most important decision you have to make is whether I have been called by God or am I a False Prophet.   That is your decision.

You can make comments here which is an alternative that has the same content in the “Your Life”  see the Menu bar Christian Help Launch Jan 2015


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