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Why the E-Book. Online Novel. Author, Writer, Writing.

Kingdom of God a real place

You can be sure 100% you are in the Kingdom of God

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I am going to make a claim that you are witnessing a work developing in the area of the E-Book Online


“Goal, Purpose”
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The Novel Online

I guess the E-Book or we can say the Online Novel was an evolution for me because years ago I wrote 3 Novels each about 300 pages, a lot  of work, that were never good enough for publication. The problem was that I really had the ideas but I did not know how to write. One rejection slip said I need to work out how to write

So I went to Armidale University NSW and Qld College  and achieved a Diploma and 2 Degrees and this helped me how to write.

So now I am confident to do the work but unfortunately as you know the Author’s life has changed and a massive consolidation with publishers and then the E-Book world came into the world.

So  to be  successful as an Author today you need to be an exceptional Author and I am sure I would enjoy thousands of rejection slips.

So I discovered Amazon and a group was set up to get published, so I decided the E-Book was for me and being a Web Site Developer I have the ability to get my manuscripts noticed which I did with my Manuscript www.revelationyoucanunderstand.com  and thousands go on and visit and read.

So that is why I decided the Online Novel so the research and data is being published online for people to read and  I will finish the E-Book, the research and data is being done and then I will put together the Novel and the Novel is “My Life” and as I publish it is called “Your Life” So the E-Book is a book called “Your Life.”

The ideas has come from my life and being a Christian since I was 11 years of age a lot of lessons are available. My time  with Jesus and his Word each day has been amazing, explosive, but I have had a lot of learning to do. I had to experience a lot of discipline and the idea to do the E-Commerce has its time, which is now.

So now you know Why! so I hope to publish in January 2015.


I am making this claim:That I am a Servant of the living God and he has chosen me to be an Evangelist and  a calling not by man but a call from God and he has trained me to do the work.

There is a need for you to do the research and find out who I am and I have made it easy because  my work started when I was called by the living God at 11 years of age.  55 years ago and now at 65 years of age the scene is set for me to run and do the work Jesus has given me.

To find information go to: www.gleninnesindex.com   My Business, Web Site Development for small Business.
www.newsgleninnes.com    A Blog on Static pages. Simply to view.
http://www.gleninnesindex.com/hendrikdejong.com/  My personal Web Site
www.youmustrepent.com   My Christian site Teaching, Items and Videos.
http://www.youmustrepent.com/saveworldwithme/ . Title of the Site is
God, Jesus, You, Me and focuses on God’s Traits  contrasting  articles World Traits, by people
This Blog and Web Site  I also put articles as well the E-Novel is on this site. “Your Life”. You can respond here, each page has a response page.
www.revelationyoucanunderstand.com  is about Revelation and the Introduction on the first page gives a history of my life. It is worth a visit to see what has happened to me as a Christian.

You can send Emails
dejong3@bigpond.com also townindex@yahoo.com and tablelandsdeals@gmail.com
Here information  for you to make a decision whether I am who I claim to be. or use Blogs

After:You can be dancing
So, you and I are: Seeing a living God who looks after us and he looks after all Christians and he asks all other people to recognise who Jesus Christ is.

So now you can see more about me and as a Christian with you we are working together to talk about the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Seeing our God is real:Diary link is here on menu bar  http://www.youmustrepent.com/saveworldwithme/ . To be done

We can see the amazing things happen in your life and my life I am placing my Diary so you can see my thinking during my time with Jesus Christ. Nearly every morning I get up about 2 am and spend at least 1.5 hours. Spending time with the Bible and I do a lot of memory work and for years now I have been memorizing and my goal is to have the entire Word of God in my brain so that my thinking is transformed.  The Bible, God’s Word the Holy Spirit used to apply it to my heart and I know God has been shaping me and transforming me.

It will be interesting to see what you think and what is happening to you. Send me an Email or use one of the Blogs.



Evangelist Chosen by God not man.
A Deepwater Man, NSW Australia




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