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Well I wonder what you will be thinking. I will not use Bible texts to talk about how you can know you can be in the Kingdom of God for sure. Simply put in the concepts here and use Google window.

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Video above starting to check your Bible.
Read firstAbout HendrikKingdon of God

This note directly below is designed to set the scene for what you read further below.

  •  Religion is a discipline the same as Education, Health, Doctor,  and has its own terminology, Religion, Faith, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit needs to be accepted as a discipline. Putting all terminology into a basket the World and the Religious. The World is useful as we see for giving us Health fighting diseases. Research gives us new knowledge, Psychiatrists help us with our minds. The World exists and then one day it will be gone. When we die our knowledge dies with us, except that which is recorded and a persons knowledge goes on after a person’s death adding knowledge to the World. But the World will be gone one day. Read  Revelation chapter 21.
  • Religion is no different to the other disciples other then you need to use common sense as well which I also say about Revelation.  Bible, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Religion in Christianity, through the true living God, Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit,  has a roll which offers a hope that did not exist because through Jesus Christ we know that the World may be destroyed and we die from the earth, the reality is that when we leave the world, earth, I, you, and others because we exist our Spirit, Soul, the real person that has been living in our body leaves the body at death and the real you comes before a living God and we will give an account to God on how we lived our lives on the earth. In other words all people who leave the earth when they die are not dead at all. and that is the great hope that Jesus Christ gives us.
  • Seeing there a thousands upon thousands of Organizations, Religions, Churches, Denominations, Teachers espousing some great truth about life and often offer a life after you die you need to be diligent. If you are not diligent, if you do not do the research, you could be on a boat that will sink instead of taking you to a better life
  • Remember a key fact, your life, my life is extremely short. It makes sense to at least hear, read what Jesus has to say in his Bible. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Your decision is yours.
  • Now have a read below and let’s see what you think. There is a link to make comments down the page

If you follow what I have said below you will know you are living in the Kingdom of God,  and when you die you will be in the Kingdom of God, . A guarantee. What! Are you serious Hendrik! Yes!!! This page has information about:

* 1/ The Christian Bible accept or not.
* 2/ Your heart has to do the speaking. Insights
* 3/ Your decision how to live your life.

About Me (Hendrik) My view is clearly biased,  but biased to the living God because I am talking about a guarantee from Jesus Christ, if you do what I say  below  you are in the Kingdom of God,  right now and when you reach the end of your life you have the wonderful promise, you will be with Jesus.  Jesus through the Holy Spirit will prove to you that what I have said is true for you. You will know in your heart, that insight in  you,  true in your very being, the same as it is for me now.  Your  Faith will become a brick and mortar as real as the world around you. The Kingdom of God,  will become more real because you know,  World, Universe will be gone and there is the New Heaven New Earth and you will be in the Kingdom of God,  so read Revelation Chapter 21 and 22. Let’s go!

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I’m sure you are waiting for what I am going to say, because one of the greatest Christian issues is that,  even  Christians have doubts and wonder whether this Kingdom of God,  is real and when you die you will be in the Kingdom of God, .

How can you know you are in the Kingdom of God,  when (that is what I think) the greatest curse in the world,  is that there are thousands of Denominations, Churches, Teaches or great Religions such as, Hinduism, Buddha, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, Muslim and Islam and others. There are thousands of Teachers and even in our Christianity World there are thousands teaching what they say is correct  and many use the Bible I use.

A lot of Religions are listed in and together right at the bottom of this page also are Christian Denominations Source

So, What are you going to do, so that you are not cheated and you do not miss the Kingdom of God, , and this extension is, that you die eventually, and you go to Jesus in the Kingdom of God,  promised in your Bible.

 1/ I have now given you the first key, the Bible that we all have is the start. Basically you have to make the decision that the Bible you are holding is in fact the Word of God. The Word of God makes a lot of promises and in our, your Bible we find about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Do not miss the Kingdom of God, , it is Jesus who talks about the Kingdom of God, .

So, now you have a pre-requisite, the Bible . You are now going to check out that Bible (I hope) you are holding and decide whether it is truly the Word of God. If you do the research you will need to take a serious look and use your ability as best you can to look at the claims the Bible make.

Such as:

God makes the claim that he knows the end at the beginning. That requires you to see how God tells people what is going to happen. These examples are sitting in you Bible and particularly in the Old Testament

So now:

You  need to go each book and see what God has to say about events, that were going to happen, and when the events happened. There are plenty of examples,  you need to do the work.  then as a check of the event that God talks about  you can go into the Secular History, such as Universities and see what happened.

Remember this:

God talks about events probably 100 years ahead or more even thousands, so you need to use a time line and you will be surprised. Two of the major events is the Jews being tossed out of the Promised land. Another event is the time Jesus came into the world. Using the Old Testament you will see the prophesy fulfilled in the New Testament

So you will make a decision whether the Bible is the actual Word of God. On that decision you will now decide if point 2, the next step is of value to you because if you decide the Bible is not the Word of God then you need not go any further in the points below.

For me, I know the Word of God is true and when I read the Bible and memorize as much I can it is true the Bible is in fact the Word of God and the Holy Spirit uses the Bible to teach me and transform my thinking and puts the Word of God into my very heart. The Bible has definitely been changing me, and that will be happening to you or is already happening to you.

Regarding the Bible you need to think about what Jesus said himself.

  • Man is not to live by bread alone, but every Word from God.
  • Jesus said to the Disciples when the they  talked about the temple building. Jesus said every stone will be pulled down. It happened about 50 years later when the Roman Army came and pulled the temple down completely. Every stone removed.
  • Jesus spent a lot of times telling his Disciples before the event he was going to be arrested. The Jewish leaders were going to condemn him to die and then he would be handed over to the Gentiles,  to be humiliated by the Romans and he was going to be killed. But on the third day he was going to be raised from dead.
  • After Jesus died and he was in the tomb the Jewish leaders wanted  sentries outside the tomb because they knew Jesus said he was going to be raised from the dead.
  • After Jesus was raised from the dead he went out of the way to show this being raised from the dead was real
  • Read your Bible the Old Testament and about Jesus read the first four books in the New Testament. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
  • The complete Bible O/T and New Testament had 66 Authors and the claim is that the living God gave the words to the Authors. Use Google for more information.

After doing the research you need to make a decision about the Bible whether you will listen to it or not.

I need to remind you that God has given every person the ability to listen to God or not. It is your choice. God  full of compassion says to you, You have ears to hear and you can read God’s Word. So you take note or not that is your choice.

What now!

Probably this next step is so important that if you do not understand what I have said you could be in a position that you could miss the Kingdom of God, . This is scary. Or as many people say, “It is all rubbish anyway.”

To me, if that is your finding. fair enough.

So point two is what?

2/  Here is probably the greatest mistake the Jews made, in telling God, how they were going to obey his voice, but, what they said, is their mouth talking, but in their hearts they had no intentions of really obeying God

Now! Will it be your mouth talking, or will you be talking from the heart to God, Jesus.

This point 2 is so important, that here, is where you  are moving into the very Kingdom of God,  or not, or deluded.

To help you, it is true, over the years an insight hits and in your very heart you take hold of that insight. So now, there is a requirement here, that in your very heart you realize that the Bible is important and in your heart you start asking questions.

You need to believe what it tells you. You have put your lot  on the side of the Bible and you have begun asking questions that will lead you to Jesus Christ and the Cross.

Jesus  talks about

  • If you seek you find.
  • If you knock  the door will be opened.
  • If you ask you will receive.
  • The Spirit, the Bride say “Come”.
  • And let him who  hears  say “Come”.
  • And let him who is thirsty “Come”.
  • Let him who desires take the water of life without price.

As you have in the Bible, Revelation, “These words are trustworthy and true”.

So in your heart you have started reaching out to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and Jesus tells you everyone  receives what  he or she asks. No exceptions.

So there it is. You trust your Bible and in your heart you have started talking to God.

So you now can be asking Ok! What now?

The major question I need to ask and remind you, is your heart  talking to God  or is your mouth talking because you cannot get your heart, to give you the insights that need to come from your heart.

Let’s see if I can help a bit more about what I am talking about the heart is the key. Try this, you have reached an area in your thinking where you can be in one of those wonderful Worship Meetings where the atmosphere is almost magical and you make a decision to follow Jesus. Many, if not all of the larger churches know that people are on a high and are motivated to work in the church and the leadership plan regular meetings, to keep you and other members keen to keep  helping the church in its mission. Which is great.

I  support  all people such as we discussed above. It is great that people are keen to work and being motivated at a wonderful worship session I think is wonderful.


What you need and I  need  to do is make sure that my heart, your heart is talking, that is the insights are coming from your, my very being inside your, my heart. Unless this is the case, it is possible your mind and mouth are the source, not the heart. A precarious position. I needs to be checked, fixed. You need to know it is your heart, your being, soul is in the Holy Spirit. In your heart you are building a relationship with Jesus and in your mind you use it to transform your thinking as you meditate, read your Bible.


I am sure you see the problem straight away.

  • How can I make my heart to reach out to God?
  • How can my heart say in itself  I want to serve Jesus Christ?
  • How! How!

Insights from the heart you know about, because these are insights that change your life, and that is what I am talking about.

  • Can I make an insight happen in my heart?
  • Can I make a decision when I want to and when?
  • Can I come to Jesus and the Cross later when I am older?
  • Can I have  sins removed anytime I choose. Live my life first.
  • Can I come to God when I know I am going to die?

All those Can I listed you can do. You have that choice. The problem with the, when it suits you, it could  that your heart will not listen to your mind or intention. You have no choice but to accept that you are taking a risk. Esau sold his Birthright and with tears from him did not give back his Birthright because he sold it. There was no way back.  It is true you can miss the moment when your heart reaches out

For you, me and others :

  • We are warned not to treat God with contempt.
  • We are warned not to neglect God sending his son into the world, to die for us.
  • We are warned we live our lives and then we give an account to God.
  • We are warned we must come to Jesus Christ. God appointed Jesus the Messiah.
  • We are warned not to try and get into the Kingdom of God,  another way. Jesus is the only way.
  • We are warned we must confess to Jesus and have our sins removed.
  • We are warned if you do not listen to Jesus you will not be in the Kingdom of God, .

Man oh man Hendrik, how am I going to know when my heart is talking not my mouth?

The solution is absolutely simple.

God has said

  • The Day of your Salvation is now.
  • The Day your voice calls to God. listen to him. You can ask him to not let you be tricked as I did when I was 22 years of age. I remember that moment an insight that has never left me.
  • The Day is now when you are thinking about these things you have just read.
  • The Day for you is when you ask the question, I wonder if this is true?
  • The Day is when something in your heart pricks you, you are not settled.
  • If you are wondering, then act on that thinking. Seek you will Find.
  • If you are wondering, then act on that thinking. Knock it will be opened.
  • If you are wondering, then act on that thinking. Ask you will receive.

God, Jesus had made it extremely clear, anyone that, Ask, Seek, Knock will receive.

I think you are closer understanding that your heart is the secret. You heart needs to call on God, Jesus. If you do that we have from his Word God, Jesus will never refuse you. The only problem that could arise is that your mouth in talking and you have no intention of giving yourself to Jesus and offload yourself and holding on sins. You may be doing things you need to get rid of. But you have no intention in doing it. Well! You have locked yourself out of the Kingdom of God, .  That is your choice. A wealthy person said to Jesus, what must I do to be in the Kingdom of God, . Jesus said to a wealthy person, sell what you have and give to the poor and follow me. The wealthy person had great possession and had no intention of giving them up. So he left sadly, locked out of the Kingdom of God, . Jesus knows your heart so he might require you to sort something out in you life. If that is the case Jesus will help offload what needs to go in your life.

Once God speaks to you come to him. Do not try to fix your life first to come to Jesus. That is the cart is before the horse. Simply come to Jesus open your heart to him confess your issues, sin, shortcomings and Jesus will help you get your life in order. My life is a good example some issues in my life it has taken 25 years to sort things out. After many relapses finally my Saviour has set issues correct in my life and he will do the same for you.

I think  you might understand by now that you can be a Christian and be into the Kingdom of God, , but we also need to understand, nothing unclean will enter the Kingdom of God, , such as Immorality, Adultery, Filthy, Thief, Drunkard, and the list can be large, so while on the earth things need to be sorted out. It is Jesus Words that cleans us and that is why we need our minds transformed so that we do the will of God. 

Having said the above there is nothing we can do to earn our way into the Kingdom of God, , we always fall short in some way, that is why we need to spend time with Jesus to be be a cleansed regularly. Put another way, you need fresh starts. There is no limit to the number of times you  may need to clean up your life. The pre-requisite is in your heart you need to confess to God, Jesus and ask for his forgiveness and then you get a fresh start. In fact if you confess he forgives and then the mistake is tossed into the deepest ocean never to be surfaced again. Unless of course, you bring it back yourself.

Think about this: It is possible to be in the Kingdom of God, , a Christian, but you you may never really pull out the issue God wants out of your life, that means your motor is running probably  about 50% or less. so you are doing God’s work but not as successful as you could. So it could be in your heart you want to sort things out but the habit can be so strong you cannot cut it loose. Injured but still in the Kingdom of God, . 

Once you get to know your Bible a bit better you will know that Christians receive rewards from God, Jesus when we serve him. The pre-requisite here is that you will only receive rewards if we do what Jesus wants us to do. Not the other way. That is why we are told as you go into the Kingdom of God,  all the things you did for God go with you when you die, that is why it talks about rewards for the Christian. You, me, others. But if you have been rebellious there is a possibility all the things you did on the earth can be burnt up. No rewards, but at least you are in the Kingdom of God, . It is better to be in the Kingdom of God,  then not. Of course it is better for Jesus, God is happy with you because you did what God wanted you to do. We are told if we please God he gives us what we asks while on the earth. That is great.

Wow! Are you still with me?

If not you can respond here I have a question click here

So that is your heart or not. Interesting things to think about. Yep!

If you have understood what I have said above you are ready to find our more about:

  • God. Who he is.
  • Jesus Christ. Who he is.
  • Cross, Sin, Resurrection, Holy Spirit and there is more as you know more.
  • The invite from Jesus to you. Come!
  • To come to??? The Kingdom of God, .

There is no doubt there is much to be learnt about God, Jesus and the Kingdom of God,  but  what we have discussed above if  you understood then when you come to Jesus Christ and you approach Jesus he will adopt you and you will become a child of God and you will be in the Kingdom of God,  and when you die you will arrive in the Promised Land. Heaven, where there are places to live. Revelation 21 and 22 and read John first few verses Chapter 14.

I can guarantee you that if your heart has reached out to God and Jesus Christ you are in the Kingdom of God,  and officially an adopted child of God and as you live your life here on the earth this reality of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit will become more real day by day and that is exactly what has happened to me (Hendrik) and my wife (Ann) our life in God’s Kingdom is real, real, to us, more real then the life around us because we know what we see here will be gone and then we will be forever in God’s Kingdom with other Christians.

3rd Now you have a choice as to how you can life as you live on the earth. Basically you have a choice.

  • You can be serious, motivated to serve God, Jesus, Church.
  • You can be lazy by neglecting to find about what God, Jesus wants you to do.
  • You can look at the 7 Churches in Revelation Chapter 2 and 3.
  1. Spirit of the Church 1  Ephesus. Losing what you did in the beginning. Slipping.
  2. Spirit of the Church 2  Smyrna. Do not be afraid even to death.
  3. Spirit of the Church 3  Pergamum. Do not lose the message of the Bible.
  4. Spirit of the Church 4  Thyatira. Courting up in Jezebel, teaching such as immorality.
  5. Spirit of the Church 5  Sardis. Thinking you are live but really you are dead. Hold on what you have.
  6. Spirit of the Church 6  Philadelphia. Tricked by False Churches Teachers etc
  7. Spirit of the Church 7  La-odicia.  Think you are rich, but in reality you are destitute.

So you have a choice how to live your life. Read Revelation Chapter 2 and 3

Revelation You Can Understand.  Bible Revelation involves God Jesus Holy Spirit and you. People World End times Support Hendrik’s work in Evangelism   Bible Revelation   Chapter 1    2 & 3      5  6    7     8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15&16   17&18  19  20  21&22 Thousands of people visit Hendrik’s Revelation You Can Understand. ……………………. Visit as well  you can You can make a comment here . Is Hendrik Right? If you click away you will need to use the top left arrow to come back here after you make comments

  • You can live your life and receive rewards now and when you die
  • You can live your life and not do what God wants you to do and all your works are burnt away.
  • You can live your life here and you can simply fall into the Kingdom of God,


The Revelation Spirit of the Churches  talk about,

if you have ears hear and overcome, conquer you will be rewarded. Eat on Tree of Life in Paradise of God.

Do not fear death and I will give you a Crown of Life and you will not have to fear the 2nd Death.

If you are faithful to Bible, Jesus Name he will give you a White Stone, Hidden Manner and a new name.

If you are caught up in Jezebel immorality etc death and you will be in the hour of trial at the end. If faithful as a priest you will rule etc.

If you remember what you have heard and hold on Jesus will mention you before God and the Angels.

Even though Jews are not true Jews  the false Jews will kneel before God’s people and we as priests will serve God in his temple.

Do not be destitute but use Gold  refined by fire. If you ask God, Jesus he will come and eat with us.

So here we have a few of the rewards for those who us serve God and we have the choice how to serve Jesus Christ.

My recommendation to you is be full of fire serving Jesus Christ. You will be happy you did.


What now!!!

If you have adopted what you read and the critical point is that you have found a way to talk to God from your heart I can give you the guarantee that you are in the Kingdom of God,  and as you  grow as a Christian the reality of what has happened to you is real.

Often people say, you cannot prove God exists. That is a lie.

The proof of God’s existence is in our very face looking at the Universe, Earth, Us .

The trouble is, in spite of the evidence in our faces people still say, God does not exist. God has one answer. Ok lets see if you (people) are right or I (God) am right. If I was a betting person, I would say, put your lot with God. That is what I have done and I hope you do as well.

Cheers Hendrik

I think my guarantee is in place and you can know for 100% sure you are in the Kingdom of God, .

Next time


Now if I am new to you you can find about me in three areas.  and look at the introduction there where my journey with Jesus Christ is written. I also have information Videos, singing and teaching. I am clearly an Evangelist I have known right from the beginning in my life with Jesus Christ. My call is clearly from God himself and Evangelistic work is what I do. My personal site I also have my personal work  hendrik de jong I have added info for years so there is a lot to see. My income comes from  I am a Web Site Developer catering for small businesses

So here you have the choice to do what ever you like.

This page is now completed and its goal was to put in place a foundation. The foundation is how to react listening or not listening and if you wish to make a comment click here  bottom of the page

A few Religions here and right at the bottom of this page are more.


1 Abrahamic religions  1.1 Babism  1.2 Bahá’í Faith  1.3 Christianity   1.3.1 Other groups related to Christianity 1.4 Gnosticism 1.5 Islam  1.5.1 Religions related to Islam Sufi and Shia Sects 1.6 Druze  1.7 Judaism and related religions  1.8 Black Hebrew Israelites  1.9 Rastafari movement 1.10 Mandaeans and Sabians  1.11 Shabakism

2 Indian religions 2.1 Ayyavazhi  2.2 Bhakti movement  2.3 Buddhism  2.4 Din-i-Ilahi  2.5 Hinduism  2.6 Jainism 2.7 Meivazhi  2.8 Sikhism

3 Iranian religions  3.1 Zoroastrianism  3.2 Gnostic religions  3.3 Bábí movement  3.4 Yazdânism

4 East Asian religions 4.1 Confucianism  4.2 Shinto   .2.1 Shinto-inspired religions  4.3 Taoism  4.3.1 Contemporary Taoism-inspired religions  4.4 Other    4.4.1 Chinese  4.4.2 Korean  4.4.3 Vietnamese

5 African diasporic religions  6 Indigenous traditional religions

6.1 African  6.2 American  6.3 Eurasian 6.4 Oceania/Pacific 6.4.1 Cargo cults

7 Historical polytheism  7.1 Ancient Near Eastern 7.2 Indo-European  7.2.1 Hellenistic 7.3 Uralic

8 Mysticism and occult  8.1 Esotericism and mysticism  8.1.1 Western mystery tradition Thelema 8.1.2 Christian mysticism and esotericism 8.2 Occult and magic

9 Modern Paganism  9.1 Syncretic 9.2 Ethnic

10 New religious movements  10.1 New Thought 10.2 Shinshukyo

11 Left-hand path religions

12 Post-theistic and naturalistic religions

13 Fictional religions

14 Parody or mock religions

More next time.

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Lakewood Church is an inspiration. Congregation in Lakewood would have an interest in the Bibles Revelation because Revelation is about encouraging Christian’s to conquer, overcome, get the job done in the power of Jesus Christ. Tens thousands of people in Lakewood Church Houston would be great Christians and over the years many people who attend this great Church Lakewood Houston would also become people who discover, God, his son Jesus Christ, how he is the Christ, died on the cross of Calvary for mankind’s sin, so people can come to Jesus and have their sins forgiven and become a child of God. As a Christian it is true Jesus looks after you, he he wants you to have a full life. health, financial, relationships, The best is what  he wants for you and after you finish your work on the earth he will take you to Heaven. So I hope, Ministers, Elders, Leaders, Group Leaders, Congregation, do have a look at Hendrik’s manuscript about, Heaven, God, Jesus, Son of Man, Babylon, Harlot, Angels, Seals, Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets, Seven Plagues, Babylon falls, Harlot is judged, the Marriage Feast, Hell, Hades, Pit. There is so much in Revelation that my manuscripts about Revelation can be understood. Support Hendrik he is a friend  Lakewood Church with the Bible and Revelation

  1. Lakewood Church

    Lakewood Church: Discover the Champion in You – Joel Osteen, Pastor – Houston










Hillsong Church at Castle Hill I did not go into the church but lucky for me Hillsong Church has a WEB site. My interest of course is a manuscript called Revelation you can understand so I always try to find out what Ministers, Pastors, Elders, Congregations think about Revelation, an important book in the Bible which is designed to encourage Christians, Motivate Christians, For Ministers, Elders, Officers of the church such as Hillsong to work harder and be a conqueror. We all must conquer, overcome. I am sure people in Hillsong would like a manuscript that Revelation you can undestand is about. The unity of the book is amazing, The grouping of the plagues, trumpets, sealings has a unity that causes you to gasp in awe. Hillsong, Church with the Bible and Revelation

  1. Hillsong Church

    Contains information about conferences held at the Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia; including the hugely popular Hillsong praise and worship conference








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I thank the Crystal Cathedral Church has a WEB Site so I can visit many times and see what is happening. I hunt around the WEB Site to see teaching and I wonder about Revelation the last book in the Bible. All Christians should be encouraged when they read Revelation and people who are not Christians, non Christians, realize the need to come to Jesus, Revelation is a good book for teaching people that God has a plan. For that reason I have prepared a manuscript called Revelation you can Understand a Layman’s interpretation. Revelation has an amazing unity, Seven Churches, Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets, Seven Plagues, Harlot, Babylon, Marriage of the Lamb, New Heaven and Earth. Wow! Hendrik’s Revelation that you can understand a layman’s interpretation will excite you.  Crystal Cathedral Church with the Bible and Revelation

  1. Crystal Cathedral Ministries : Welcome

    The Crystal Cathedral, located in Garden Grove, California, is the home base for the international Crystal Cathedral Ministries, including a congregation of
    On Television Read the Daily Devotions Press Releases Visitors –








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I have been following New Life Church since they came my attention with trials that came their way and since the New life Church has regular visits from me. It is good the sermons are there to listen. since I took an interest in Revelation I have been looking for information New Life and understanding Revelation which is designed to encourage Christians. I am sure Revelation is there somewhere so I have my Revelation you can Understand and will look at what New Life thinks about the Bible Revelation. I thank you New Life for having a user friendly WEB Site. I am sure there are thousands upon thousands of genuine Christians in New Life Church. My understanding of Revelation is easy to follow so I hope many people in New Life to read this manuscript  you are supporting my work in preaching the Gospel. I know that Brady Boyd the Senior Minister and  I followed Brady Boyd’s induction and how things have continued honoring God in such a large Denomination and looking after the members of New Life in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs has been Blessed the New Life exists in the Community. New life church with the Bible and Revelation

  1. New Life Church

    Official site of New Life Church, a large, non-denominational

More next time.


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