Your Life Introduction

A War or Not?
I am saying there is a war, a battle that the earth is missing, and “Your Life” is involved. The earth today 2014 has over 7 billion people and only a few people have the insight to see the war has serious consequences for every person born.
‘What are you talking about?’ You may be saying,  ‘What war! Where does “Your Life” fit in?”
So you say, “As far as I am concerned the only wars I know about is Terrorists, Suicide Bombers. They justify their actions and also the West justify their righteous wars to cut out the evil.”
“No, you are missing the mark, I have to say, that is exactly the problem  what people see is not the real war.”
“I am totally amused, by your statement. Hendrik and I have a feeling you are one of those Religious zealous that most people hate or treat as a nuisance and despise.”
“I am not a zealous and as you follow my arguments you will notice I make a lot of sense.”
“I want you to notice Hendrik you are saying exactly what other groups are saying and they all say you claim to make a lot of sense. You have a truth as others say, that is so important I need to do what I say or I am doomed. It is worthwhile to think about other groups who have for hundreds and probably thousands of years have talked about the doom of the earth. What has happened. Nothing, life just goes on and on. If I was a betting person, the same is going to happen to you my dear Hendrik.”

So I am in trouble before I even start my E-Book “Your Life.” I am an Evangelist chosen by God not Man that is what I am and people think  I am  a wolf crying out  a  conspiracy, not a reality.

So now I need to demolish the conspiracy and show you my thinking is right, and what is even more important is that what I say and pen is what God wants me to speak in my E-Book, “Your Life”. My readers and hearers it is clear to me as I think about my book, ” I will show you there is a war you may not have known and labeling me a conspiracy source is wrong. Wrong people wrong I am talking about the real reality.”

I can  and I guess I am talking about you, maybe others who think I am guilty being a conspiracy thinker.
People say, “Do your best Hendrik. I see a conspiracy thinker a mile away and the religious people are the worst type. I think Hendrik that is you, I can see all the religious material you have on the WEB, so Hendrik you are fertile material to be caught up in all the conspiracy theories in the religious world.”

So my job is now to show you that I am a long way from building conspiracy thinking and my whole life is about using common sense in all areas of people’s life and that includes the Religious World. Even in this complicated Revelation about the future I have always said use common sense when reading Revelation in the Christian Bible. So therefore in my thinking there is no room for conspiracy thinking except to think about life and that includes the Religious World and use common sense. Or you can say, “What makes sense, and remove the magic thinking.”

Let me show you what I mean about using common sense.

  1. It is obvious to me, if you consider about the billions of people who live and die,  billions of people who left the earth and have gone somewhere. Using common sense here you can think about what has happened to them. You can be saying, “Yes, they are gone and like animals.” You can say that and it makes sense because no one came back from the earth to show you. That is they died and  they fronted up to tell you there is life after death.
  2. Let’s look at the Universe, the Earth. The established paradigm  how the Universe came into being is that all things happen by chance. That is it just happened  as natural laws came into being evolved. There is no higher power or person who designed the universe. It happened.
  3. Let’s look at people. The modern paradigm is mankind evolved, starting from the ocean, crawled onto the bank and evolved up to Apes and evolved to what we see today.These three areas we have discussed we have a choice and follow me using common sense. With dieing there is no common sense rule to guide what happens  except we can run with what Mankind’s knowledge tells us and in today’s world. Unfortunately no one can give a definite answer as to what happens when people die. We are left in the air. “No answer.” So people avoid the question of dieing. It is true I have had people in my district of Deepwater  say they never think about what happens in the end.I wonder if this is common sense when we ignore the question of the eventual demise in dieing. Should an answer be found. Common sense tells me we should look for an answer because we are dealing with a universal problem. All people die, there are no exceptions.  So  not looking for an answer is   not using common sense. Common sense is to hunt out the information using all sources and that includes the Christian Bible.

How about the paradigm the formation of the universe.
Quote source
This chapter covers the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe. The theory was proposed by American scientist Edwin Hubble. Today the Big Bang theory is accepted by most astronomers as the best explanation of the origin of the universe.   The Big Bang theory states that the universe was formed about 14 billion years ago as the result of a giant explosion of very dense and hot matter. This matter expanded and started to cool down, going through different transitional phases. The universe has been expanding ever since. According to the Big Bang theory, the solar system was formed from a cloud of space dust and gas that was ‘squeezed’ by a supernova explosion. As the nebula contracted, it spun increasingly rapidly, leading to frequent collisions between dust grains. Gravity pulled the gas and dust together, forming a solar nebula. This solar nebula grew hotter and denser, forming a disk of gas and dust in its centre. Particles of nebula dust started to stick together, forming clumps that eventually formed planets and their satellites. Eventually the hot centre of the solar nebula formed a star – the sun. Different planetary particles left over from this initial explosion can still be found flying around in space. These particles are called meteorites. By studying these meteorites, scientists have found that our solar system is about 4 600 million years old.

The question I have concerning the formation of the universe and planets, sun and earth as we look further into space we find we have not found the end of the universe and we have planets, stars billions of years away and so far we have found only life on the earth. I wonder is it common sense to say the earth happened by chance. Gravity, Atmosphere, Seasons, The sun as its place in allowing life and the laws needed for the Universe not to destroy itself or even for the earth to keep itself in place. Thousands upon thousands of natural laws need to let the universe function.

Common sense in the world today about how the universe was formed is exciting. The only question I have is can all these natural laws that keep the universe from not only forming but also to keep functioning for thousands, millions of years.

Probably I find that using common sense using mankind’s knowledge on how mankind, people evolved  makes the least common sense for a number of reasons.
* When you look at the makeup of a person, nerves, vessels, heart, mind, eyes, arms, legs. Can these things have happened by chance?
*  If we evolve as mankind tries to tell us Darwinism, why is it we have not found stages of evolution of a person, such as half man, half  ape etc.
*  We need to also think about why is it that people can be good in what they do and evil what they do. You would have to wonder why a person can cause misery to each other?
*  We need to also think about whether a person is the same as an animal. Animals live and die. Mankind live and die. Is mankind different to the animal world?
*  We need to think about do we have a body and we are also made up a spirit, soul.

So I have just make a few comments about common sense or not. I find it extremely difficult to believe the Universe, Mankind and Bodies came into being by chance. I believe mankind’s knowledge is deficient  in the areas I have been discussing here.

There is no doubt the world is changing because of research and our knowledge is ever increasing making the world a better place. It is true knowledge is power and every person on the earth are entitled to knowledge that gives them a better life.

So this is how I think, and all I can say to you, “Have a read as I develop my E-Book “Your Life” your life is priceless and you deserve all the knowledge that is available to help you to have a good life and  you will live your life and once you die that needs not be the end of your life.”

I hope you say, ” Ok Hendrik, I will have a read.”


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