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Hendrik de Jong
65-67 Gough St
Deepwater 2371
Ph  02 67 345 209

Location of my E-Book “Your Life is here simply click.  “Your Life is on the WEB so that any person can read.  “Your Life” came into being from Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, so consequently the info has to be available freely to all people. You can help with my mission so read here.  You helping me needs to be from Jesus Christ and that help will come as you read “Your Life” and you can look at my Religious Site . Cheers Hendrik Evangelist chosen by God not man.

To find information go to:   My Business, Web Site Development for small Business.    A Blog on Static pages. Simply to view.  My personal Web Site   My Christian site Teaching, Items and Videos. . Title of the Site is
God, Jesus, You, Me and focuses on God’s Traits  contrasting  articles World Traits, by people
This Blog and Web Site  I also put articles as well the E-Novel is on this site. “Your Life”. You can respond here, each page has a response page.  is about Revelation and the Introduction on the first page gives a history of my life. It is worth a visit to see what has happened to me as a Christian.

You can send Emails also and
Here information  for you to make a decision whether I am who I claim to be. or use Blogs

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