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Are you listening, do you have ears that receive what you hear or read?

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No longer Carbon Tax in Australia……. read belowMy desire was to to about the view in Australia and the world that we as a people need to do something to save the Earth we are destroying our world earth. That is, what we are doing with our factories, coal. There is a lot of  passion on the subject, Political Greens, Independents, Labor, Liberal, National Party and when you watch them how they try to show they care with their tears and everything is to save the earth for our children children.Yet there is a larger picture which the world, earth, people, God, Bible,  Jesus and in the Bible we have a book called Revelation and it shows you what will happen to the earth in the future. The last chapter in Revelation chapter 22 we are told by Jesus that these words are true and will happen in the same way as the Bible shows prophecy after prophecy that is fulfilled. So as a race track success the Bible is a sure bet so we should listen to it.The problem clearly is the people on the earth  immediately reject God and people are busy increasing their knowledge and the goal is to show that the universe came into being by some force but not a living God.

Yet there is no future for the Earth and its people if they do not listen to God.

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