No God, yes or no

I am not making fun of the atheist voice it is for you to sort out the weeds from the wheat, there is no easy way.

He is the friendly  atheist and I am the friendly servant of the living God that mankind says does not exist.

We all have the choice and we have the freedom to make our own decision  about God.

I have put the atheist voice for you to look at and no doubt you will make your own decision. You think about life and then you make a decision according to what you believe.

Two Videos below

Easy, 22 Reasons to STOP Believing in God also adds

7 reasons for believing god exists making fun.

Published on Mar 29, 2014

7 Things That Prove God is Real

Hemant Mehta (, 7 Things That Prove God is Real:… Thunderstorms:… Flowers:… You might also like … 9 Things Atheists Should Stop Saying… Top 5 Books on Atheism… 15 Things Christians Say to Atheists (And Shouldn’t)…



Hemant Mehta (, , 20 Reasons to STOP Believing in God If God knows everything we’re going to do in the future, we don’t have free will. but we do. If God doesn’t know everything we’re going to do in the future, He’s not really omniscient. God couldn’t stop a murder when there were only 4 people on Earth! If we’re supposed to be God’s special creatures, then the universe is full of a lot of wasted space. The myth of a great flood and a virgin birth were around long before Jesus. Maybe those elements just make for a good story. Virgins can’t get pregnant. Not without modern medicine, anyway. Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin? Christian. Barney Frank? Not a Christian. Isn’t it weird that God seems to agree with you about everything? And isn’t it weirder that God seems to agree with Christians who disagree with you about everything? If you ever wrote a book with that many contradictions in it, your publishers would have to pull it from the shelves. If God made us in His image, why do we have vestigial body parts and organs that often fail? 99.9% of all the species God created are extinct. How many do-overs does God need? God doesn’t exist because I said so. What, you don’t like that reason? Because that’s pretty much the same reason pastors and parents give to kids to convince them that God *does* exist. The Holocaust The proof people often give relies on their personal experiences — they felt God. God spoke to them. They just *know* God exists. It’s the sort of proof we’d never take seriously if it were applied anywhere else. Too many of God’s followers, using Bible verses to support their actions, have made life worse for other people. No matter what Ray Comfort says, bananas weren’t created to look like this. They evolved this way without God’s help. Every time science and religion battle it out, science wins. You don’t need God to be a good person. So why not just cut out the middleman? People have been saying Jesus will return during their lifetime… for many, many, many generations. He’s not coming back. It’s time to move on. “God works in mysterious ways” is a euphemism for “Stop asking hard questions” Between tornadoes in OK, droughts in TX, and Hurricanes in AL, there are a lot of natural disasters going on in the places God loves. You were made perfect, in God’s image. Except for your foreskin, apparently. You Might Also Like … 7 Things That Prove God is Real… 78 Questions for Christians… 4 Creative Ways to Deal with Preachers.… Join the conversation. Leave your questions and comments below and we’ll try to address them in future videos. Don’t forget to subscribe for more! Also, follow us at ……… The Atheist Voice provides a platform for discussion for atheist leaders, authors, bloggers, activists, and everybody else who is passionate about atheism, and secularism. Join the discussion by commenting under the videos or submitting video responses. If you’d like to collaborate on this channel or if you’d like to appear in our videos please visit our website

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