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Location of my E-Book “Your Life is here simply click.  “Your Life is on the WEB so that any person can read.  “Your Life” came into being from Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, so consequently the info has to be available freely to all people. You can help with my mission so read here.  You helping me needs to be from Jesus Christ and that help will come as you read “Your Life” and you can look at my Religious Site . Cheers Hendrik Evangelist chosen by God not man.

There is no reason  for you to believe you cannot read and understand your Bible.
There is no reason for you to not read your Bible at home.
There is no reason for you to not ask the Holy Spirit to help you.
There is no reason to believe that your Bible will not will change your life.
There is no reason to doubt the Bible will transform your heart.
There is no reason to believe the Bible is not God’s Word.

 Faith is interesting. Goals, Targets and How you can help me in my work with Jesus Christ even though I live in Deepwater, NSW Australia.

This is where I live with Ann.

Jesus My Walk, How about Your Walk with Jesus
How about Your Goals, Targets and can be my Goals as well
we can work in the Kingdom of God together. God has no time or space
whether you live in America, England, Holland, Africa, Israel, Fiji, anywhere.
To God Time. Space is irrelevant we are together.
So we can work together and with the WEB we are close in a real time.

Goals, Goals, Targets, Targets and more Goals. Your Goal.

So I have a Goal and a Target and you can help and my suggestion is for you to send $2 so read further down to see what  what has been with me for a number of years and as an Evangelist. I hope you have had a look at Revelation You Can Understand.  and read my Introduction which tells you about my life  and you need to decide whether I am called by God, Jesus or whether I am a False Prophet. I think it is important for you to read and I am sure you will see I have been called by God. Not called by man, but by God himself. I have always known I am an Evangelist and that is why I have this WEB Site. You Must Repent. . With the Add to Cart if you wish to pay more simply as an example change the 1 to 10 that means $20.

Click here to see more and the button where you can pay the $2,
You have 3 options,
Paypal Account.
Credit Card through Paypal
Direct Deposit .
To pay you need to go onto my God’s Traits so click here  then on the site

Simply click the

it not the Add to Cart left but the Add to Cart above is clicked will then refresh automatically and the Shopping Cart turns up and you will pay through Paypal. If you have no Paypal Account you can pay by Credit Card securely through Paypal, Also you can use a direct deposit so click here on my Web Site Hendrik and Trading.You might decide you want to Donate more you can here using Paypal .

Click image below
With PayPal three Emails can be used.  or  or
So which ever is on the PayPal invoice does not matter. All go to the same place. Cheers, Hendrik

Well! Let us run together and achieve, the Harvest is Ready and for us to run in the Power of the Living God .

“I’m all ears.” was your statement Hope  and I like it and it could be a statement that become a signature few words because Jews had ears, they heard, but they did not obey God and that is the difference with  you Hope and me, Hendrik I am determined to hear God’s Word and I know you are the same.
“I wonder Hendrik what sort of Goals I should have. ” Hope was wondering the difference between his Goals and Jesus Goals, so he added, “How can I know my Goals are Jesus’ Goals?”
“A wonderful few thoughts from you Hope.” I was thinking,   I was impressed for his perception because there is a difference with Hopes own Goals and Jesus Goals, probably. Maybe not, but most cases Jesus would have Goals for Hope he had not thought about, because God knows the future, and sets Goals that prepare him for the future.
 ” I am happy you said that because now you would realise why having a close walk with Jesus is critical. Not an addition but a must because the better you know Jesus the more likely are you setting Goals that come to your mind. Goals set by Jesus himself. If Jesus’ Goals  are your goals you can see immediately you will succeed because Jesus will help you and more then that Jesus travels ahead of you and removes obstacles.

So you had three options.
The first option to simply click away and not bother reading.
The second option to take the free reading of “Your Life.” one month delay in new material.
The third option $2 given  if you  have taken,  I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart.

Because you paid the $2 this E-Book, “Your Life” is free to use in any way, except to sell the material. It has been designed to help Christians to develop a close walk with Jesus Christ and “Your Life” is the result of 55 years living as a Christian. So this E-Book is being developed now and chapters are added every week. Any new material I will send you a link so you can read it immediately, rather then wait till the first week each month when new material is published. make sure I have your Email.

So you decided to pay the $2 and I am sure you looked around to see if I was genuine Evangelist chosen by God and not man, which is true.

I need to show you what I am trying to do, so here it is I have always known I was an Evangelist. Even while I was at school I was making myself a nuisance always asking people to come to Jesus. I went overboard and would not repeat how I acted. I was a pest. Having said that, I had a good friend from Melbourne rang me , who rang me thirty years ago to say the reason he is a Christian is because at school I said to him he Must Repent. Great, it shows even though at school I was too zealous, yet God used me bringing my friend to the Cross.

Therefore I am an Evangelist.

An Evangelist  in Deepwater, Glen Innes, other towns, for many years I have had Evangelistic meetings in our local hall and meetings in my house. I have always made a rule if I did not have the money to Hire the local hall or to help people during the meetings I would not have the meetings.

So now for many years I have been thinking about Evangelist meetings in Glen Innes to focus on older people . There is a need for older people who are at the end of their lives to have hope instead of the darkness not knowing about everlasting life through Jesus Christ . The harvest is ready.

Through the Web thousands of people go onto my Religious sites and something like 1600 people spend an hour reading material and then about another 1500 spend 30 minutes. These figures are for November 2014. As I add material the visitors simply go up and up which is good.

So now even though I am reasonably old my Goal is to also hold meetings in Glen Innes. Being older I thought it would be great to hold Evangelistic meeting and this vision has been for many years. so now I am planning to run as money arrives through the means of my E-Book.
“Your Life”

So now you know how you can help through the $2. The more the better and what I do depends on the amount of money I receive. Thank you for helping and you are supporting an Evangelistic effort in Glen Innes for older people.

What is the plan?
. * The meeting place depends on money available.
* Worship Meetings is a highlight and people would be paid. How many involved depends on money received.
* People will be organized to visit retirement homes and transport would be organized to come to the meetings, we know many will need help to even walk
* People will visit Churches, again focusing on older people and the meetings I held will not clash with other church meetings. A simple plan of what is to happen and you will make it happen as people pay their $2.

If people wish to pay more their is a PayPal button next to $2 PayPal button. I am sure you will find “Your Life” an excellent resource and should help Christian people. Cheers Hendrik Evangelistic chosen by God, not man



Our goal,
your goal
my goal
is to be an athlete in the Kingdom of God
and run the race that Jesus has given us to do. Knowledge is a key.


Next time.  Hendrik

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