"Your Life"
is a Draft to be Edited God is alive and active in the World and You.
My name is Hendrik an Evangelist chosen by God not Man I have had to seriously think about, Destiny, Luck.
"Your Life" E-Book Ready for Jan 2016.
Copy Right 2015
The interesting question is whether we have the ears to hear and perceive what comes our way. People hear and talk, but not the walk. Let us change today. Now!
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    Hit us with a bat

    Often we have to be hit & hit again to understand. If it works fine. I have to revise, revise before a concept sink in, me. There are so many lessons for us to learn that can be insights we miss. Be alert not to miss insights that help us. Use "Your Life" to help you.

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    The Bible
    is our

    WE know, if we starve, no food, we injure ourselves. The Bible is our food, to starve here can injure ourselves

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    Be a blessing everywhere
    People happy to meet you

    This is so important to understand we are the light, we bring peace not divisions.